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  1. I’m close enough to Vermont where they will register anything with a bill of sale and create a title done that 100 times with other vehicle
  2. Yes I have read all of your post.. I am going to do what you say and I probably will tackle the job just cause of the rare find and the 25$ I spent I don’t mind spending a few years on it and taking my time to do so. It does have the straight 6 in it and also the transmission is there body is pretty solid few patches of rust but for being in New York And not being a complete loss I am definitely gonna take the time on it. I know most everyone is probably thinking I am crazy to do it but it breaks my heart to see such a beautiful car fading away to nothing and I don’t have the money to go buy a “decent” fixer upper because when you do find one around here it’s the frame and seats and they ask 20k for it. So all we have in life is time and memory’s so if I get 10 years keeping my daughter into working on it with me it will be worth every dime and time I put into it. On a second note I will definitely take your advice and not just strip it cause that was my original thought was to strip the interior then the motor then the body and work ground up putting it back together. It did seem like everything was there on it with the exception of a few body parts like driver side head light. But motor seemed whole. Just trying to find someone here with a roll back that will get the car to my house so I can really begin to play with it.again thank you for everyone’s advice
  3. I’d also love to see your restoration
  4. I appreciate all of your advice and talk it makes it that much more fun for the drive to do this. Been a long time dream coming I guess
  5. That is awesome I want to do this with my baby girl she’s a tinkerer also
  6. I can do a lot of the metal work myself welding etc
  7. I live in upstate ny and body pretty sound. Floors are gone found a lot of info when I went to see it today. It is a 66 has the straight 6 my plan is to get it to my house then just strip it apart starting with body and motor work on frame and go from there back yard project but like I said 25$
  8. Thank you for all the info not just you but everyone here I will post pics soon as I can
  9. I’ve not been in the motor yet but my father in law says the original motor is still in it
  10. I don’t have photos yet but will post when I go get it here and no title
  11. It is two door and the is a 66 on tail light. I haven’t been to see it yet just bought it drove past it for about 2 months some guy had it in a pile of scrap metal. My father in law was telling me the things he saw when he stopped to give guy money. Bought it for 25$ lol figured it’s worth that
  12. I just purchased a rambler to restore I think 66 but not 100% sure. Haven’t been able to search for date but my father in law says it has classic 777 on fender what does the 777 mean please?