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  1. I live in Redmond, WA which is next to Kirkland. If legit, (doesn't look like it) I'd be pleased to go look at it for you. PM me and I'll give you my contact info. Greg
  2. ol' yeller

    FS 1965 Corvette Coupe

    It would be nice to know where this beautiful car is.
  3. ol' yeller

    Reatta Forum Moderator

    I'd like to add my voice to those in support of Ronnie. My Reattas have been gone for several years but I still lurk here daily just to see if I can impart some wisdom where needed. They are great cars and having this forum to keep them on the road is wonderful. Ronnie, you are doing a great job as moderator and I support you 100%. Greg
  4. ol' yeller

    1990 Buick Reatta convertible for sale

    Marty, Reatta convertibles didn't come with a hard top. There are some pictures floating of an aftermarket hardtop I think was made by ASC but no one has owned up to actually seeing one. Bill, an ad without a price is like a cake without icing. I won't pursue ads without pricing because I assume that the seller is asking too much and doesn't think I woill notice. It is a nice car but the advice about selling prices is a good one. Reattas typically don't command high prices and less so if they are higher mileage or have problems. The headlight fix is cheap and easy, you would be well advised to get it done rather than discount your price because of it. Good luck with your sale but POST YOUR PRICE!
  5. ol' yeller

    90 Reatta For Sale

    Is this website now charging by the word for car ads? If you really want to sell your car you need to be more specific in your ad. Where is it, is a good starter. The form sticky at the start of this thread is another. What are the car's issues? If you can't do pictures then your option is the thousand words.
  6. ol' yeller

    Brake Lines For '64 Skylark 4-Door Sedan

    The front brake lines should be the same. Also the ones on the rear axle should be the same as well. The only one that might not be the same is the one that runs from front to back. I'm pretty sure the wheelbase is the same on a 2 door as a 4 door but I don't have access to a FSM to be sure. If the wheelbase is the same, then you shouldn't have an issue. The attachment is in the same locations all the way back to the junction block on the rear axle. I highly recommend changing to a dual reservoir for safety. It is easy to do and parts are readily available. If you do that, you will need to get the front lines for a 67 or newer Special/Skylark as they had the dual setup.
  7. ol' yeller

    1964/65 Thunderbird

    Is this car for sale? Where is it located and how much are you asking for it? You're not providing much to go on here.
  8. $4,000 for that car is crazy low. If the rear quarters and floors are in good shape (no rust or damage) it is easily worth well over $10,000. It isn't just a '65 Skylark convertible, it is a '65 Gran Sport convertible. It is a very rare car. Among Buick and the smaller Buick GS population this is a very desirable car. It isn't as valuable as other muscle cars like an SS 396 Chevelle despite being more expensive when new and a much better car overall, go figure. If there is rust, then the price would drop accordingly. The problem is that nobody makes exterior body panels for this model like they do for Chevelles or Mustangs. That raises restoration costs above the return. After all I think the car is in Massachusetts which has its share of rusty cars. If you weren't so far away from me, I'd be a player. Don't modify or dump it. You have something that is very desirable to a select group of folks.
  9. Seems to be missing a firewall...
  10. ol' yeller

    1958 Ford Retractable

    Price? Location?
  11. ol' yeller

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    The Insurance issue is real. It is not an issue IF you can afford the premiums, it is a question of what they will pay if the car is totaled. Regular auto insurance will "cover" the car but seriously devalue it when paying out a claim. You will likely discover that a minor fender bender could give them cause to total your car and pay you peanuts. Yes there is agreed value (or stated value) policies available but most (if not all) require you to have another vehicle to commute in or seriously limit how many miles one can drive. They also have an age limitation and won't insure drivers under the age of 25. I think the OP is 16 or 17. If that all is of no issue to you, then go ahead and enjoy your car.
  12. ol' yeller

    1964 Skylark aluminum v8

    This would be for a 1963 or earlier Skylark/Special. In 1964 the V8 offered in A body was a cast Iron 300 V8 with aluminum heads and intake.
  13. ol' yeller

    71Riviera questions

    You asked for the best way, not the cheapest way. Bondo over a rust hole is a temporary fix at best. It never lasts for very long. It doesn't cost that much to do a repair correctly and you learn a new skill along the way.
  14. ol' yeller

    71Riviera questions

    Best way to get rid of rust spot is to replace the fender. I don't know how hard they are to find. It appears to be in a place where new metal could be welded in or find a donor fender that is good there and cut and weld a patch panel. The unknown is how much rust damage is in the fender supports and cowl. You won't know until you remove the fender.