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  1. A price and pictures would go much further in helping you sell this car.
  2. Not a Buick. That's an Oldsmobile!
  3. I've had 3, all 1990's, 2 coupes and 1 convertible. I don't have one now and I doubt I'll buy another. The problem with the desirable cars, those with less than 100K miles, is that the economics don't pencil out. Every one I have owned or considered had some issues due to age or miles. Most needed struts, $1,000, all needed AC recharge (which means a complete R134A change and a new compressor, $1000+, and then add in other stuff like ABS issues, new tires, a windshield, or weatherstripping that is not available and you are well into a car over your head. Then there is the issue that most folks don't understand what a unique car the Reatta is. While some are willing to pony up to a slightly inflated purchase price, they find the car either impossible to sell to get their money back when they tire of it or they take a bath and sell at what the market will bear. Even cars that are 1 of 1 because of a unique color combination or equipment don't get an added value because of this. There are some that will eventually become collectibles (like 1991 convertibles or 1990 Select 60's) but even those will be a tough sell. Please understand that I love the Reattas and I was ecstatic when I bought each of mine. Unfortunately they are just an interesting little car with a small cult like following.
  4. First thing you should do before spending a dime more is to get the title issue resolved. Some states are easy and others are impossible. If you can't get it titled/registered it is a parts car. The good news is that you can probably get your $25 back.
  5. Ya done good Lamar. Now get out there and enjoy your retirement. I pick up my RV in a few weeks so maybe I'll see you out there although primarily I am on the west coast. God Bless you Buddy! Greg
  6. I have found Ragg Topp products to work very well when used as directed for convertible top cleaning and maintenance.
  7. "See here, and here, and here? This is why you shouldn't use a hammer to put the hubcap on."
  8. While in this case the area code is correct for where the cars are, with number portability the area code could be anywhere.
  9. It would be nice to know where these cars are.
  10. Wow! Nice hidden headlights!
  11. It is one of the first ABS systems and it is controlled by computer technology from the late 1980's. Add in hard to find parts like accumulators and wear items like wheel sensors make servicing/repair problematic. Not impossible, just problematic.
  12. Actually that part is true. It was the singularly most expensive $300 car I have ever owned. The restoration took place in 2003.
  13. Years ago I was restoring a '69 Riviera. The gas tank had a huge dent in it so I wandered down to my parts car to check the condition of that one. I found someone in the past had removed the trunk inspection plate and the sender but the tank was in good condition. I dropped the tank and walked it back to the shop. As I carried the tank I heard something metallic and heavy rolling inside the trunk. I got out my flexible gripper and fished out the remnants of a locking gas cap someone had pried off. I also saw a piece of what looked like yarn so I grabbed it with my gripper and surprisingly it had some heft to it. To my surprise it was a good sized rat soaked in gasoline. Evidently he climbed through the access hole and couldn't get out. My buddy came out of the shop and observed the rat. He nudged it with his toe and all of a sudden the rat jumped up and ran full tilt to the end of the driveway. We ran to it and again he nudged it with his toe but this time he had no response. "Is he dead?" my friend asked. "Naw" I replied, "He's just run out of gas". Some of this is true!