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  1. I’m a neighbor on Camano Island. No boat yet.
  2. A better heading would also help. Try putting the make, year and model in the heading with the initials FS.
  3. Must be something to the static eliminator as Buick was still using them in 1965 on my Skylark.
  4. I bought a new 1980 4 door for my growing family for the price of $5,400! Mine was an automatic. It did fine for us, pretty underpowered but really never gave us much trouble in the 100,000 miles we had it. It was kind of a throw away car when it hit the end of it’s useful life. I doubt many will attempt a restoration of these.
  5. Hard to believe that a car company that designed the beautiful AMX did this. Of course I’ve also aired my views on the Gremlin in a different post.
  6. Mercury made some very pretty cars in this era. I think much better than Fords of similar years. This one is a very nice example.
  7. I had a green ‘71 Base model I bought new in ‘71. It was the worst car I have ever owned. Mine had the 232 6 with a 3 speed manual. It came from the factory without synchro in first. I second the comment on the vacuum wipers. Seats were abysmal and quality was not present. An example was how the rear Hatch window was held on with 4 spot welds chrome welded to chrome. If the door was closed hard without rolling down a window, the welds would break and render the hatch inoperative. No one would reweld it because the heat would cause the glass to shatter. The shifter would often jam and the only resolution was to crawl under the car and move it back into the last gear used. Granted mine was a base model car and maybe an X had higher quality but My experience was so bad, I have no nostalgia to try again and this was my first new car.
  8. Interesting. The OP was asking a fitment question, not seeking approval. He is also a fairly new guy here with only 4 posts. This is how new folks are driven away.
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