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  1. The upper one looks like late 1920s Dodge.
  2. You may want to put your price and location in your post. Shipping from Jewel City, Soviet Russia to the U.S. would be pricey.
  3. It would be a nice contrast on the show room floor between a 1919 Ford and a 2020 Ferrari.
  4. I do see a radiator and the hood has some large bends on the top right side. A cloth step plate covering a cracked fender. The plate may have 1932 on the far right side. The wife is smiling because her mother can come along. She may be standing on the front porch in front of the car.
  5. Speech platform on the rear, an early campaign bus. Five doors on the right side. The same shield is on the bus and the building.
  6. Price, location, size. numbers ?
  7. I have my Grand Fathers cordless dill (brace) set in a canvas pouch. In it there is a nut driver he made for square nuts.
  8. With a city number (31) not a zip code, it would have been made before mid 1963.
  9. Sitting on the round fuel tank would give you a sensation of a much greater speed.
  10. That is an 8 ply tire designed for light trucks but were often used on cars for longer tread life. Correct me if I am wrong, passenger cars cam with 4 ply tires for a softer ride.
  11. I just did a rough wiring diagram for some guys that were asking about early electric trucks and found this a bit interesting. According to the reporter Anton Wahlman of "THE STREET" " No automaker has managed to make money selling electric cars. Electric car giant Tesla has been a prime example." Never said "modern" so Baker, Detroit Electric etc. must have had very deep pockets if he did his research.
  12. It is a Steven King theme. You don't like it, it knows and waits for the proper time and wham.
  13. 1920s Studebakers had these mounted in the rear of the front seat.
  14. It could be a vent cap for a fuel delivery truck. Size ?1 1/2" - 2"
  15. Check out under "cars for sale' - 1914 Willoughby The doors look about right.
  16. Some times there is a reason to just to get rid of left over paint.
  17. That car has a solid 2 star rating as indicated on the trunk lid.
  18. Four of us went for an island picnic in my leaky 12 ft ceder strip row boat built about 1910 with a beat up 1930s Sea King 2 HP outboard.
  19. Can you shorten the title to just "No Thoughts On Styling"
  20. Your thermometer has the Dodge / Plymouth "SCAT PAC / HEART BEAT" look.
  21. Grab handles just behind the rear doors are a bit different.
  22. International may have used a wheel like that on the heavier small trucks.
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