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  1. Probably hold onto this in hopes of sometime finding out its intended use.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply and identification.
  3. Had this old float sitting around for awhile in hopes I could identify. I believe the tag reads Hudson or Essex. Possibly vacuum tank float looks similar to Stewart Warner 477A tank float. Possibly a gas tank float gauge. Measurements are about 2-3/16" diameter and 3-3/4" height top to bottom. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks for all your thoughts. Hard to disagree with your thoughts.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts. I noticed there is a gasket in the lid.
  6. Thank you for all your replies. The milk delivery cap seems interesting thought and may very well be the correct application. Unless it is suppose to be assembled differently, it only opens up about an inch no matter which way the lever is pushed. The metal brackets that bend over the top keep the lid from swinging all the way out as the lever is in the way. I do not see any way to open it far enough to add fuel. Thanks again for everyone's thoughts.
  7. Thanks, attached is the cap fully open.
  8. Do you still need a tail light?
  9. I am pretty lost on this one. It appears to be some sort of quick opening water release cap possibly on a fire truck. Possibly a gas or fuel cap, just not sure as it doesn't open very far how you would use. Any help ID would be greatly appreciated. I had a third picture showing how far the cap opens but the system had a maximum size limit.
  10. Have a few unidentified early Mopar parts as tags are to dirty to read part numbers, any help would be appreciated. Stop light switch year? Oil fill cap year? Headlight dimmer switch year? Type of bearing? Some spacer plates? Thanks.
  11. Looking for water pump for same car. Any thoughts please PM.