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  1. Four of us went for an island picnic in my leaky 12 ft ceder strip row boat built about 1910 with a beat up 1930s Sea King 2 HP outboard.
  2. Can you shorten the title to just "No Thoughts On Styling"
  3. Your thermometer has the Dodge / Plymouth "SCAT PAC / HEART BEAT" look.
  4. Grab handles just behind the rear doors are a bit different.
  5. International may have used a wheel like that on the heavier small trucks.
  6. I used their acrylic enamel without the hardener and it sprayed fine and is still holding up after 5 years. I think I buffed it after about 3 months.
  7. 180 miles would be a long trip for a fire truck, I hope there were many smiles along the way.
  8. Big unfashionable cars were often coveted for other uses.
  9. Camaro sub frame is the proper term, a front clip is the hood, fenders, and grill assembly.
  10. oily rag

    Need id

    Need the shape for the bumper, side profile photo would help.
  11. oily rag

    Need id

    I have sold at swap meets, no-ID parts, $1 each pile or $12 for the crate to another vendor.
  12. oily rag

    Need id

    Common on wide trailers, older ones had glass lenses.
  13. You should be able to use the old style Ford solenoid,, Can you post a photo of the starter with it's switch ?
  14. Your trim is aftermarket, I would say from some tine in the early to mid '70s. I installed some like your trim on small fiberglass boats and custom vans. They cam in only a few colors.