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  1. oily rag

    toy cars

    Cars like the yellow on were used in some of the Godzilla movies . I don't think yours was abused by Godzilla but you never know.
  2. I think you have about a dozen hood hinges left, right ? Kind of hard to tell all piled up.
  3. The steering wheel controls could be mid 1920s Studebaker.
  4. The hood covers a good share of the cowl and passenger compartment making it look sleeker. It looks like all the sheet metal work is custom except the radiator shell that is from a late 20s Whippet.
  5. Maybe you need a driver that is 5'4' with a shoe size of 6 1/2 . If you can ride on the left I could do the driving for you (and also store it at my place)
  6. Plain plate glass in those cars no, tinting. I would also get rid of the trophy top on the radiator cap.
  7. Looks like the photo was taken sometime in the great depression and the car was used for farm use. Pumped up tires smooth in the front.
  8. I don't see any brakes or drive chains, belts or rollers on the wheels.
  9. My father's term "speed lines" to mimic speed that wasn't there. That is a bug screen over the grill held on with springs. As a kid I often had the job to clean the bugs off.
  10. About #4 Do you know the the size ? I have one that is labeled "9 IN AUTO"
  11. I think it was painted to look military, colors are off
  12. Oil was often sprayed or drizzled on driveways to keep dust down and kill weeds.
  13. This seems to be a HAMB question. The big thing now is to buy an off the shelf crate engine. As for old engine performance parts, there are some for the Ford Model "T".