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  1. Probably NPT maybe 1/4" with inverted flare opposite .
  2. No, ( A. ) your spelling is off . Add a "K" and change "E" . That's the ones your talk'in about ! 🤪
  3. If you have any build cards would say . Dodge from 31 had Goodyear's .
  4. Not only Dodge but all pre war car fan blades. My Pontiac threw a blade 35 years ago but only bent radiator fins. A pinto fan fit perfect just needed to have two holes drilled to match the three bolt hub. This should be posted somewhere so all pre war drivers will know to check their fans. Copy of that post . Quote Report
  5. I finial found that thread again, reading over it . I gave incorrect info . the Pinto fan was for a Pontiac . The Chrysler used a 1950's Chrysler fan . Ebay shows a couple different types of those . No other specifics where given . There where some measurement on the fans . Will have to try and get some from my Dodge to cross . Hope someone come thur with exact info ,too .
  6. Do not know . I think ebay says it fits other Fords and Mercury's . Do mount holes match centers ? Check blade length tip to tip also . Does look like same design .
  7. The ott greases should be right . Double ott NLGI rated is what is used in steering boxes . You can find at your Tractor Supply store , in by the tractor lift and drive shafts . Those look pretty similar to tractor shafts joints .
  8. They talked about using a Pinto / Ford fan in previous fan breakage thread . Had to ream out center I believe . I see used ones on ebay for under 50 . Maybe some other have used .
  9. Yes , those Mopars look correct , but to nice of units to part out . If you find any similar damaged units ,let me know . Thanks .
  10. Go to a site called Kelly Blue Book , WWW. KBB.com . You can plug in infor for current valves in your area .
  11. I guess with all that detailed work if their , where any frame numbers , you would have found them . I know i had you looking previously . Great Work , well above what i would have even considered doing .
  12. Leomara , If your talking about mine just above no it is a Dodge diamond style . Same as DC8 . Core is fine . The bottom was left sit in mud and rusted support off bottom and started up sides this eroded tank bottom gaping hole and outlet is poor . Tank could maybe be pieced back but support would be to much work at this point . I have a later style in truck . But ,it is one thing would like to get back to more original , not necessary pretty . Thanks .
  13. Looking for a lower tank and soldered on side mounts from '30 - 32 Mopars for my Dodge PU . Similar to Ply PA in pic . Here is pic of mine .
  14. Any nos will probably have poor rubber ,from aging . Go to local hydraulic hose build shop with example in hand . Should be able to reproduce .
  15. Do not know what came from . But Free ,for cost of shipping and promise of donation to forum .
  16. Here is pic of Stay-Lube bottle . Made of mineral oil , GLI3and 4 , Not corrosive to coppers . Been doing since 1933 . Also pic of my trucks that uses a car chassis 's lube chart note weight and quantities for rear end same on trans .
  17. Are you taking back to horse drawn or on the Dodge chassis ? Maybe some one in Amish country could shed light . This seems like typical buggy design still built today .
  18. The 600 steam oil seems a little heavy to me . I do not know when WPC made change of trans style but . my 31 Dodge calls for 160 wt . 140 is a common and what I us in both locations . You can get on line or NAPA with a pump for bottle .
  19. On rear , fill to a little below bottom of hole . Should show on end of finger when dipped . On steering fill to hole . Not very critical if a little over .
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