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  1. I agree with all the above . Never miss a post . 👍
  2. Maybe this company can help . They make reversing units . http://www.texasindustrialelectric.com/speedo.asp
  3. Loose in place . Lube continuously and drill to turn . Dis assembly is dangerous .. Here is company to make you new cable http://www.texasindustrialelectric.com/speedo.asp . Here is pic of donor unit I took apart . It was severely fractured on start .
  4. Did you mean '33 PC ? I believe PC came out in late 1932 per Ply33 site .
  5. No ,I believe there are three adjustments on your box . It is adjusted similar to others . The Worm adjusting nut 25 , the steering gear adjusting nut trunnion 23 , the worm adjusting lock screw 29 .
  6. Yeah , Believe it said 28000 frames per second . doesn't seem possible . But really show alot about how prewar carbs mostly work . Was surprised by the bowl agitation ,going on .
  7. Speedometer repair kits" ebay . 🙂
  8. Looks great . How's it getting around in the heat out there ?
  9. Delco Remy 7140 , I suspect . Poor translating program I guess . Most would rebuild . Kits available . Or check your local re builder . Anyone you find would probable need it also .
  10. Did me great on sleeving wheel cyl. and rebuilding my '31 brakes . Had them do my master last year . They went above and beyond to match my bleeders .
  11. I would not take 195 as overheating . You are getting cooling of between 25 and 35 degrees . I agree with Nearchoc. flush , maybe thermocure / evaporust to clean .
  12. It is probably for his 32 Studebaker Rockne .
  13. Stakeside you may want to try the Thermocure /Evaporust cleaning first . Most of what you get blocking is rust particles and this dissolves that and engine rust for better heat transfer . Also the DBC web site has sparkplug info for engines ,on the sidebar heading .
  14. Sorry can not help not familiar with that type system . Looks like cotton clothes line .
  15. Pic and model with year would help . Some had none , some had felt , some o-rings . i do not think packing rope would be best . That was used with water produces .
  16. It screams , Speedster And Gary . He can just knock out a couple panels .
  17. Remove horn wire from switch on bottom of column . Loose gland nut there also . Top/ light witch leveler can now be slid up . That give access to bottom of horn button assembly to remove screws .
  18. Conafur tube I believe it is called . Search here on forum . not sure on spelling . Copper look of original and softer to bend than steel . Meets modern spec.s
  19. Does the almost mean it is maybe 7/16 - 20 ,a common in 20'-30s . Do not know on Kissels .
  20. Bob , you may have got duped . I had the the year changed on mine from incorrect 1925 to 1931 when i did transfer . As long as serial / vin matched they made no fuss . Was prepared with documentation to prove . Notary said send nothing extra unless they ask for it . Worked for me in PA .
  21. Noth'in wrong with a little anti- freeze in your beer . After all,, your trying to get pickled .
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