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  1. ArticiferTom

    1930 Plymouth 30U Generator model 943R or 943S

    There is 943B on E-bay now .
  2. ArticiferTom

    What's Going On in Macungie?

    Last year was my first attendance . It is Antique Truck Show and was great . There were classes for military , Fire , construction and freight . Old equipment from early teens that were chain driven to modern displays . I believe I post a few photos here last year .
  3. ArticiferTom

    Graham Brothers Pickup - Not Mine

    I am drooling .
  4. ArticiferTom

    Model of Dodge?

    Were they able to fix you eye focus problem ……. LOL..
  5. ArticiferTom

    Model of Dodge?

    Yes it is TWO BARREL ah aah ah !!! You know .;...…… )lol
  6. ArticiferTom

    DB display at Boyertown museum

    Great Job, Doug ! I didn't realize how unique it was .
  7. ArticiferTom

    Brake leak location

    Has someone maybe changed the wheel cylinders to the wrong diameter . Hence needing more fluid then can be provided with one push . Also make sure apportioning hole is open to let max amount of fluid back in M/C .
  8. ArticiferTom

    Help with finding speedometer cable for 29'DeSoto K

    Some where selling kits to build your own . Come with one factory end , other side crimped on . Guess can be sized in place .
  9. ArticiferTom

    Torque ball leather

    Looks similar to Detroit universal covers .They had wire in end seam to lock in place and eyelets to lace up length . Most factory where black but green/ yellow afterwards . All components are available at a Michael's Craft store . Then time to get the wife involved sewing up .
  10. ArticiferTom

    What is "Crankcase Service"? and done for free

    Just like some current dealerships and service shops. Yes , but now a days they do not offer cabins to stay . Richfield had all bases covered LOL !!!
  11. ArticiferTom

    Brake leak location

    Try bleeding with pressure . IE someone pressing pedal . Sounds like air leaking around cups . Also maybe because of bad flex hoses .
  12. I did not have problem . This was 14+ inches in March 14 2017 , Had pushed off roof , with broom from underneath , before starting to cleanup around . My son shot the pic . Did sag, but pretty strong . Used it two Winters had many of snows on . Also had some wind storms so added additional tie to bumpers . Once ground froze around screw tent anchor was not moving til thaw . What happens with most snow storms the wind causes it to flex and self removes the snow . The long slow one like shown one is where it sticks .
  13. I did not want frame under mine . Knowing it was moving for construction . At one time I had it on asphalt drive way and anchored with 1/4" tap-cons screws . Adding a few extra with two hole electrical straps .
  14. Harbor Freight Co . I think there's are same as shelter logic . Shelter logic used to be available from Northern Hydraulics .
  15. The HF one serviced me fine , in northeast for two years until got garage built . Knock snow off occasionally . Gave to buddy to cover machinery . Cost about 200 on sale 4 years ago . May start to degrade after 3 or 4 years if out in full sun . I upgraded anchoring by getting canopy/tent kit with eight screw type anchors and cheap harbor ratchet straps . Tied straps to upper frame and a zip screw to each tube joint ,throughout .