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  1. Does The '31 take woven lining or a soft organic type formed lining . Woven linings ready to install are available from Romar Parts N.Y. You can see them on his web site . They were used on older Dodge for sure .
  2. Brake shoes must be send out and have new soft lining riveted on . Make sure on soft lining , to not damage steel drums .
  3. Your tool can be made of wood easier . Using a wood screw for the fine adjustment . Here is mine , walnut scrap with all thread epoxied in edge .
  4. Look into Marine Stabile Treatment with Vapor Technology . I use with non-ethanol , the vapor tech is to prevent rusting of the top of tanks by gassing off .
  5. Look up Graham AKA Spinneyhill here he can help . Lives in NZ .
  6. On same line of thought . They had to machine out the bore to receive a sleeve . Maybe the cutting fluid used in that process absorbed in casting now bleeding out .
  7. Lonnie , Good Work . The cost for these master mechanic's advice can be offset by some pictures or the car , students and parade . This is what we enjoy ! Tom
  8. The Filling Station Catalog has some different types ,mostly Chevy .
  9. How did you reset the adjusting spring after you cleaned . Did you count number of turns on removal ?
  10. A pic would help a lot . My '31 has what you seem to describe . They are Detroit universals . When you remove the bolts , pull shaft to- ward opposite , it is spring loaded . On assemble only a few tablespoons of grease are added . Will get exact if you need . And bell end is covered with a leather boot to keep out dust and dirt . Did you try thin wall socket on bolts ? I could not get open to work either .
  11. Your welcome . My mechanic says modern cars and truck are not lubed . Doing so may cause them to flex to much and fast and break .
  12. Found this in my 1914-1927 DB/Gb Mechanic's Instr. Manual .
  13. Try cleaning the black with some ammonia or Chorox . Maybe mold not paint . Like the thread your doing here . Keep it up .
  14. I am looking to repo this tail pipe clamp for my '31 Dodge Pickup . Both bracket and strap . Need stock sizes , looks like 1 0r 1-1/4 x 1/8" . Also tail pipe diameter .
  15. Success , after some thought decided to not try flare and changed fitting to compression with sleeve . After all it is vacuum not pressure , and the shut off valve is not a factory thing , but added safety device .