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  1. I am a recent member to the need a cart community . My disability is easier to see then some because ,I live on oxygen 24/7 . I hate to have to use it but without could not make attending worth while . The first year I carried in four o2 bottles and ask a vendor whom I knew if I could store and pull as need . No problem . I soon discovered all it did was allow me to go to another field and have to return almost as quickly . So went the golf cart route for two years inviting another to join as he two was disabled . Two guy one cart , better . This year as I am getting stronger parked the cart and walked sections of isles and used cart as o2 storage . To make better use of also helped a couple guys haul out some heavy iron parts . Good Feeling ! Point is you cannot always see the problem and it is not always extreme . Maybe something a simple as a shuttle to and from the lot . And around perimeter of site . Knocking a 1/2 to a mile off the day for many of the aging would mean a lot . Face it we are stubborn men . And tend not to go for help until to late . So knowing you will always be able to get easily back to your ride will not only allow you to do more years of this but may even bring a few people back . PS ; the new seat stations place thought out did not go unnoticed .
  2. May want to check local marina . Some have non-ethanol in pump with lower octane .
  3. Hubs should be pulled every year or two depending on use . To check brake pad wear and seal leaks on wheel bearing .
  4. Do a search "hub puller" and look at about 2015 dates . Maybe under Dodge forum but a 3 page list was published of all puller sizes and the vehicles they match , in thread . Buick was in it . Good luck . Tom
  5. According to The Carb Shop app guide the '31 SA takes RT-08 ,188 Carter . Which I believe is earlier version of RJH-08 and may not have pump . Jon ( The Carb King ) could better tell you .
  6. Mike , I checked one I saw as male end not female pipe . Sorry
  7. Also fits some of the trucks . Dodge '30-'32 UF-10 takes two . Not to be confused with drive pinion that needs matching gear .
  8. Old piece house siding , that asbestos . Neighbors would miss it .
  9. What is the size ? To me those threads do not look bad . Clean up with a tri side file or the thread file like suggested . Than add sealant during install to prevent leaks if that your worry .
  10. Gothcha , What terminal number are the wires on .when you have it in position try shaking the wires on terminal to see if a loose contact inside can be found . Next would swap with other beam terminal to verify all the rest is ok .
  11. The one beam level on one light has nothing to do with switch then .Both wires ( of same beam ) on the lights tie to same terminal . So look from switch outward .
  12. Drive it . The shoes will keep it clean of rust . Any thing you put on will either come off from heat or friction . Or diminish your braking . Did you ever get the clum switch working ?
  13. No , must still regulate . A diode simply allows power to go only one direction .After it rises enough to overcome the circuit itself (0.7 v.) . There are aftermarket add ons that can eliminate the third brush EVR's (electronic Voltage Regulators ) . Fun Projects and Petersen device are two common ones used in model T-A community .