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  1. How about that Flex-Seal spray or brush on . . You know the guy on the commercial paints a boat/ screen , with it . Available in black and white I think .
  2. The bowl vent hole is on motor side and near inlet . make sure it is not pushing out there . Time to someone help hit starter so you can watch for leak . Also use proper PPE and extinguisher .
  3. Yes, Gunsmoke he had a 1930 DC8 model here is pic . It was built for export so rhd . He was also a avid reader and collector or auto books . Many books on crossover and parts is owned or would access through his club to help answer anyone question . That's how you get over six thousand post here and I am sure many on other forums he belonged . I know also he enjoyed the fine arts with his wife . Talked of many of classical concerts and plays they attended .He him self played instruments as a younger , I know violin and some wind instrument . A very diverse fellow for sure .
  4. That's a good pic kieser31 , yes on upside down , gasket OFF .
  5. Did you get the orange paper gauge he sends from rebuid gasket kit . Should be 11/16" from casting lip to float in inverted position . Can send pic if you do not have .
  6. After yesterday's thread asking where he was . Decided to check and his wife sadly told me he pasted peacefully in hospice on the 16th . A young man at only 64 . He was happy ,he said to have lived most of ten year since his liver transplant . He was still quite active until about six month ago . Even taking class with his wife to learn the New Zealand native language of Maori . When we talked in November he knew what was imminent . He had started palliative care and was getting his house in order . I know it was hard selling off his car and tools . He was fortunate to have his brother and car club friends step up to help finish putting his 1930 Dodge V8 back together and clean up his Studebaker and sell off some thing , all while helping take care of there orchard and homestead . I'll post more later . Tom
  7. Do you have some pics ??? Shoes maybe of interest .
  8. It is good to see the out pouring of love for Graham and his wife . We became regular email/ penpals over last three years . I always enjoy are exchanges on and off the forums . We regularly exchange pic of projects and homestead . Nothing was more fun for both when both speaking English ,would have to explain what in world where talking about . He,s endured many years as a transplant patient and remains optimistic . We Skyped during holidays and was fighting some infection . But enjoyed seeing each other . He is a young man, yet and pray he will recover again , GO Graham !!!!
  9. Is that the car ? Iam looking for some old raty windlass from hood . And some running board pieces of trim .
  10. I added a Electronic Voltage Regulator to mine . Total invisible inside my generator add worked great this past year . No more adjusting third brush or running with headlights on if not needed . There companies making generators with small alternators built inside . Get more amps and stabilization . Although more expensive . See Ply 33 site on Peterson device for one .
  11. They are 1/4" from tank to front in steel . Then change to copper before going in engine bay . At least thats what was on mine . I used two pieces of brake line to get to front and changed to copper by wheel well . You may want to check you BOI to see if fuel pump should be tuned on angle . Would effect running ,just looks .
  12. Your getting every thing . do as works best .
  13. Thanks , me and buddy did them today . First time was two year ago for mine . We used an old crusty auction machine he been storing . Your shop probably has a machine capable . But operator who doesn't know how . Wish I remembered my pic phone to show . We had to do two practice ones . You have to swag out to 1-1/2" id , the use pointed cone to start lip . This being part taking a little practice . Then flip cone over to flat side and finish ,without splitting or over rolling . Then added a kick to match what was on my engine . That angle get tube heading straight down to hole in gravel pan .