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  1. Support screws when removing , so you do not twist off mica insulation . I reassemble with contact electric grease .
  2. Should have number on it on that arm 4 digits .
  3. 1 14 or 20 tpi is standard for 7/16 . E-Bay or either Restoration Supply co in vendors section .
  4. Per my 1931Dodge manual that describes trans verbatim . Fluid gear lube is SAE 160 summer down to freezing and SAE 110 Winter .I use SAE 140 which is available in most auto store GL4 and Ebay . On right , middle is steering Double OO .
  5. I noticed on mine a reinforced area at one hole of each rim . Looks like a piece of channel stock in there . not sure why mat ride against block in tire rim to prevent slipping . Maybe a option for you to beef up area . noticed you called the wheel rim fellow . Work with wagons do ya ?
  6. No , bought more stuff than needed . Mostly at Hershey . As they say when you see get it . I got DeSoto wheels just for drums . There where not scared near as bad as mine . But found new linings where bonded on and it made no difference in braking . So will leave existing on . Also had lots of plans to fix up truck more then have , but health got in way . So with figure enjoying it and keeping it safe is more my goal now . Do small jobs to keep it in service .
  7. I am more mountain valley area . Most farms are larger or where . . The problem is they disappeared but a few large farmers that use acreage thought out areas from old families that could not keep them going . Lots where dairy and potato . Wise Potato Chip has large factory near . Now anything goes . Hemp even started last year . Ill get a weight and est on postage .
  8. The drums on these can not be cut to much if at all . They do flex and can be shaped some what . They been known to flex during braking when thinned . I have an extra one with some rivet scars in it , i would part with .
  9. Hour north of Allentown. At Jct of 80 and 81 in Drums .
  10. Looks good . I posted wheels on De Soto site as a bump with price reduction . Yes I have a set of dry rot tires to give away . Good enough for work ing on rollers .
  11. Yes ,another common issue . Over tightening . Probably when air gun came out . There was no spacer . The carriage bolts are custom . i have a set of 19" DeSoto wheels for sale if needed . There is thread of my change .
  12. Those tab do not exist on . Look at one title Changing Tire 1929 Nash . More like ours .
  13. You do not need spreader on my rims . It is build in to the hinged lock , I talk about . There was a tool to flip it open , OVER CENTER , to spread it enough to service . Many times these levers are broke or missing had to repair all of mine , but spare . I keep that one locked with a tie wire to prevent show spectator from opening accidentally . If you need pic , can do . Start taking it off the wheel you'll see whats need
  14. Go on you-tube . Watch vids of model A's being done . Same type rims . Your rim may just be shifted out of position . Let air out and remove four clamps . Or vice- versa . PS do not bounce without locking tab in place . Had mine bounce open and pop tube and ruin underwear . LOL. Correction ; Later model T's . With de-mountable rim I believed there called . THXs F&J
  15. Jack up and index edge to see if wheel or the tire/ rim is bend or mounted crooked .
  16. You have excellent memory . Here are pics of some I picked up NORS . Felts would help keep the oil sealed in the hallow reservoir of the pin as it wicks to the taper surface . The grooves on pic should help you gauge wear . I would think they where made of a cast steel ,or maybe a ni-hard mix of iron and steel . You really probable only need pins . W_O_K clubs sells them reasonably .
  17. Pins here https://store.wokr.org/shackle-pins/
  18. Here's some info you need . And there are pins only ,being made by someone . I'll have to search them out . Saw them at Hershey last year . Because of wear most have gone from oil to grease . Sometime decades ago . I have even seen bolts and spring come up on Ebay . https://www.wokr.org/library/Tryon.pdf
  19. 1/8 th NPT is about 3/8 OD of the threads with 1/16th taper . Get brass if you can . Any hardawre with plumbing should have where there flare and compression fitting are .
  20. Sorry my miss interpretation . I just measure mine it is 1/8 NPT not 1/4 . it was forced to deep by PO and cracked so weeps now even with tape .
  21. It is not inverted flare ? Is there any structure in it ?
  22. Here one . https://www.fillingstation.com/shop/?year=All&vehtype=All&search=delco+tags&searchtype=FT
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