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  2. Got this in the mail today. A battery hold down bracket...compliments of Mr Spencer.It is solid. I will just need to repair one of the metal straps.
  3. I'm sure there are stark differences in the way people respect other people's property in, say, the Midwest and Calif. Wasn't an issue many years ago here in Calif. Last decade or so it has definitely become an issue. I have allowed many people to sit in my cars who have politely asked if they could do so. Having someone climb into the Rickenbacker is not so much an issue as the interior has been redone over the years. The Pierce, however, still has the original '29 interior so I am a little more hesitant to allow people to just jump in. I am always friendly and answer any questions anyone may have. But it is the ten percent or so that ruin it for everyone else.
  4. I have never used grease in that application. Under the hood yes, but not in the instrument panel. JMHO I have had the a similar experience many, many years ago and I found I could press the large connecter on further from under the dash area. It was a pain to get to, but I used a long screwdriver to give it an extra nudge and the problem has not reoccurred in a decade and a half. The original cluster was replaced when I bought the 1990 in 1994 as it died when I went for a test drive, imagine that. The solution above was with the replacement cluster several years after I bought the car.
  5. That is too bad Keith. Although I did not know it was there, then, either. I learned about it after that event.
  6. Thank you Ben. I will make a note of that. You know more about this process than I probably will ever know Mr Willie. However, given my circumstances, this is the best method I can come up with in term of order of operations. Sean, I do plan on getting both of these items at some point. A garage comes first though. Got to get the car out of the weather.
  7. Ronnie

    1990 coupe w/146K

    I think I'm starting to see a pattern here. Maybe the problem is related to the engine reaching operating temperature.
  8. the backs for jump seats for a coupe or convertible 99. pickup 13066 or 08054
  9. In March of 2019 I had a LoJack Vehicle Recovery System installed on my 1939 Cadillac LaSalle Coupe. The service was good. The technician came to my house and installed the system. I have now purchased a 1935 Buick Special 46C and wish to have another LoJack system installed on the car. That is where the problems start. Over the last three days I have left three messages with their sales department (listed on their website) and have not heard back. In addition I have talked to Customer Service three times and have been assured three times that an email has been sent to the sales manager asking him to contact me. Still no response. LoJack's poor customer/sales service does not breed confidence in their ability to quickly follow up if you report your car is stolen. Has anyone else had any experience with LoJack' sales or customer service? Do you have any recommendations for another Vehicle Recovery System? Thanks in advance for your help. John P.
  10. The valve stem will stop in the same clock position only if the distance rolled by THAT wheel is an exact multiple of that wheels circumference (c). However, there are many variables in the driving experience that can influence minute changes in the number of wheel revolutions when compared to the distance rolled (tire pressures, pot holes, turns...its a long list). These variables will certainly mess-up your calculations! Compressible rubber tires on vehicles means that you must measure from the center of the hub to the ground in order to determine the wheels radius (r). For cars, r is not the overall diameter divided by 2 (as with theoretical math). c = 2 π r. π = 3.14 Don't forget to keep all your calculations in the same unit of measure ('inches' for example). This should give you enough ammo to play, and to help you sleep better at night. If your kids ask whey you're laying down in the street with a measuring tape...tell them your doing math.
  11. I watched the video and whoever is behind the camera made it look too easy. I've had the facia off a couple of times but don't remember having to unplug anything from it. Do the two harnesses in the video go to the light switches? If so, the light switches in my '90 are part of the dash and not part of the facia. Just last week, I had the facia off so I could get at the filter that has the colors and names for all of the idiot lights. It had been installed backwards. When the lamp for Low Washer Fluid would light up, I would read Security as if it were in a mirror. Removing that cover to flip the filter took more screws than removing the cluster will take. After cleaning the contacts with some Electrical Contact Cleaner should I put some Dielectic Grease on the terminals? Thanks for the help. I'm hoping this cures my problem. Kind of strange. When getting on the highway this morning and "nailing it" the instrument panel lit up and stayed lit till I got home. Turned off the engine, waited a few seconds before restarting it, and the lights were out again. Ed
  12. I just looked closely at the shop manual. It seems to me that the two terminals on the side of the relay are connected to either end of the same winding which when energized switches in power to the larger starter motor coil. So, the contacts should be continuous with each other at all times. That’s my guess.
  13. Great car, national award winner for AACA and a great member. I add my congratulations!!!
  14. We always invited kids to sit in our car's that went way to far,I love it when they take pictures
  15. There are folks in all walks of life that do not think or do not care, or both. I owned my own Tractor-trailer when I was hauling furniture, moving folks, cross country. I had just bought a new trailer to the tune of around $40,000. A helper placed a set of bed rails against the side. He was not happy when I moved them across the street and placed them against the trunk of his cameo. I showed as much respect for his stuff as he did mine. Ben
  16. Fair enough....although the online renewal is suppose to give the member an acknowledgment. We have already had a discussion internally on how to fix this issue for the future.
  17. It seems that appeals court has a few "loose nuts", too. Paul
  18. I cannot see the condition very well but I believed this sign was cut down from an Oldsmobile sign. I do not know of any factory sign from that era that simply says Olds. However, I am now being thrown a curve by the possibility that the manufacturers name is on the right corner. If this is a real sign it is a first for me. I have had a large collection of Oldsmobile signs over the years. Would love to see a closer picture.
  19. What car? Have plenty of caps.
  20. Today
  21. "Hated" may be a bit harsh for me. I will never own one. Period. Ben
  22. Is a tight lug nut part of rotating tires.
  23. Oh yeah. For a while "in the day" I was spelling my name with a double "d." As in Edd 'Kookie' Burns. Now, without looking it up answer these two questions. 1) Who built the T-bucket that Kookie drove? And 2) what kind of engine powered the car? No peeking or cheating. Ed
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