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  1. He must have decided $8900 was too low. Reposted at $9200.
  2. parkertom

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    Thank you!
  3. parkertom

    BOD Candidates

    Thank you. They could even be posted in the members area on the BCA site and members can provide input via email. The bigger issue is figuring out how to get the minutes approved in a more timely manner. Inquiring minds want to know what the Board has been up to since August. Thanks again and thanks for taking on the Secretary role.
  4. parkertom

    BOD Candidates

    Your explanation on the other thread really shed light on the difficulties before the Secretary and it certainly isn’t your fault that a basic approval of minutes can’t be handled for months at a time. The membership really has little information on what the Board is doing or considering without meeting agendas being posted or minutes approved in a timely manner. Makes it hard for this to be more than an expensive magazine subscription for those of us interested in supporting the BCA.
  5. parkertom

    Gone...Buick mirror

    My 62 Skylark has one of these. I always thought maybe it started in 61?
  6. parkertom

    BOD Candidates

    If anyone wants to run on a platform of getting the Board operating more efficiently to at least have minutes published in a timely manner, they get my vote. Maybe publish agendas in advance so that members can provide input to the elected Board before a decision is made?
  7. parkertom

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    Thank you for asking, the lag in minutes makes it very difficult for the membership to keep informed on the actions of the Board. Perhaps a suggestion that we revise the regulation regarding the posting of minutes to a time certain instead of “as soon as possible” that is currently stated. We are likely 3 months since the next meeting to be posted...we don’t know because I am not aware of anywhere a schedule of these meetings is posted.
  8. parkertom

    1953 BUICK PORT HOLES oem driver quality

    Did you ever sell these?
  9. parkertom

    The Grinch

    I look for these too. Although last time I was in the market for a car, I was having a hard locating one. Ended up getting a formerly leased Enclave that was 3 years old. Dealerships like Carmax are full of these former lease cars.
  10. parkertom

    Off topic- but Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving today!
  11. parkertom

    1972 LeSabre Custom Convertible

    Same link and email appear to be active. No phone number listed.
  12. parkertom

    1962 Electra

    Not mine, on Craigslist: Buick Electra 225, 95k miles will go up as I drive as weather permits. Factory air condition and all power options, switches all work but needs some attention on seat cables. Very solid, still undercoat on undercarriage, no holes or weak spots anywhere. A few very small spots of surface rust. 401 4 barrel runs really nice, dynaflow trans is perfect. Newer tires, battery, wheel cylinders, drums and dual exhaust. Has been converted to internal regulator. I believe gas gauge has a faulty ground and could use a good clean up but overall it's a great ol car. Call or text 5746019851
  13. parkertom

    1972 LeSabre Custom Convertible

    Just noticed this has been lowered to $3500.
  14. parkertom

    1972 Electra 2-dr. in E. Texas, not mine

    Ha! For some reason Facebook Marketplace seems to label a lot of older model cars with incorrect modern model names. Buicks get the Cascada. Not sure if it is user error or FB error.
  15. parkertom

    My clubhouse construction

    That is quite the building. A friend of mine just wrapped up a project that almost took a year, a 6 car plus center shop section that can hold 3 with additional shop space. Certainly took longer and added up to more than originally thought.