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  1. First Sunday morning Cars and Coffee of the year. Also, the first outing for my newly acquired Lucerne Green 60 LeSabre sedan.
  2. Wow. My 2013 Enclave has a button that allows me to turn off the power liftgate, same with my wife’s minivan.
  3. I received the following via email this afternoon: A message from the National Meet Committee 2021 DUAL National Meet Cancelled The Buick Club of America Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2021 Dual Meet scheduled for June/July this summer. The National Meet Committee (NMC) held several meetings with the board to review the current public health guidance related to the pandemic and the impact on the event. These guidelines included capacity restrictions and face covering mandates b
  4. That escalated quickly. I think it was still at $6600 this morning. Not sure it has much left in it, but who knows with some of these.
  5. I have never been one to need AC in my classic cars. I also don’t live in Florida, but summers in VA can be pretty bad. I like to roll down the windows and go.
  6. Yeah, there are a few that seem to always have the same listings over and over. Must be selling other things in other places.
  7. I was looking at that listing last night. Appears to be really clean.
  8. There are several dealers on eBay, like this seller, that seem to always have the same vehicles listed over and over again. I wonder how they make any money if they aren’t selling anything.
  9. There is a lot to like about this 57 Super. I would love to drive it, dent and all. It adds character.
  10. That’s a good idea...I have posted things in Facebook Groups so that someone can tear it apart and turn me off on it. Or, maybe someone else just buy it so I don’t!
  11. Maybe a pinned "Reattas For Sale" thread would be a good thing to have. As Mr. Earle said, it seems to work for the Riviera forum.
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