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  1. Thanks. I have found a listing for the just sensor that says it fits 95. Although I see just the sensor for 97 as well. They are about $20-$40 a piece or $100 each for the hub with sensor.
  2. Thinking of going to check out a low mileage 95 Riviera from a local Craigslist post. The post notes that the ABS light is on and just needs a “sensor”. I am assuming this is a wheel speed sensor. Any experience replacing these? Does the hub have to be replaced as well? I have access to a scanner that should read any ABS codes as well and would give me a better idea what the issue is when I get there. Trying to get an idea how much to take off on price to deal with this issue. Thanks
  3. Similar situation to replacing a basic headlight on my 2013 Enclave. Look up in the owner’s manual and it says to take to dealer. You have to basically remove the front wheel well liner to even get your hand up to the headlight area. Luckily Amazon has those black plastic trim clips for fairly inexpensive since they never really go back the same.
  4. I had a shipper come to the house today to pick up a car I had sold. While helping get it loaded up, couldn’t help but notice his other cargo. Interesting ornaments around the window. He said it was headed to Germany.
  5. Called and made my reservation. Because it is still so far out, I had to push 2 at prompt to reach front desk. Otherwise they send new reservations to a centralized place and they won’t book it yet.
  6. Anyone happen to know the price that was asked for the blue 68 or 69 there was a phot of on the door into the vendor area? I thought I snapped a photo, but didn’t save apparently. I think it was a low mileage car. Thanks
  7. On eBay as well:
  8. Not mine, but seems like it could be decent. If it were anywhere close to me, I would check it out. Here I have my 55 Buick Special - 2 door post up for sale.Had it for a couple of years and just do not have time to finish it like I want - so it must go.when I got this car it was in storage for 30 yearsEverything has been gone thru mechanically - I took it to a mechanic shop had them; drop fuel tank clean and seal, blew out the fuel line - new fuel sending unit, new fuel pump, fuel filter, rebuilt carburetor.Removed radiator, flushed and clean, new hose and all new belt, tune up, checked all brakes and lines and repaired as needed, rebuilt master cylinder New Carpet - new side mirrors and rear view mirror.Nail head V8 (264 cu in) motor - runs great, 3 speed on the column - shifts nice and smooth.Brand new tires total of five, new door weather stripping , new door sills, trunk weather stripping.All glass is good except passenger front side window (has crack)all doors open and shut like they should, window roll up and down nicely.all body panels look to be rust free - front pans had rust and have been repair with new sheet metal (welded in place) and heat/sound shield been installed.Interior is originally and all there (needs to be redone) Car starts right up - runs and drives - Clean Nebraska titlemay consider Trades - looking for 2007 - 2011 pickupSelling for $7250.00if interested call Ken 402-689-2207
  9. I made the trip as well. Great venue. The Pontiac Oakland Club will be having their annual meet there next month.
  10. Unfortunately, it seems that most of my photos are too large to post. Even one at a time.
  11. Just a couple. More later, nice setting for a show!
  12. The weather looks perfect for tomorrow’s show. Look forward to getting up to Hershey tomorrow.