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  1. Maybe a pinned "Reattas For Sale" thread would be a good thing to have. As Mr. Earle said, it seems to work for the Riviera forum.
  2. I agree that adding the fee shifted a lot away from CL, except dealers. I often found CL horrible with spam responses or people just sending lowball offers. At least with Marketplace, it is a little less anonymous and there are seller ratings, etc.
  3. Thank you, Brian. I enjoy driving it very much, just need to focus on getting through the "to do" list on it. July will be here before I know it!
  4. John, I need to get back in the habit of visiting the forum more frequently. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try the additive route and see how that helps, it had run down to just about empty and I filled the tank with all new fuel. It may also just need some adjustment, seems very cold natured at times, too.
  5. I noticed some activity on this car based on your Instagram postings. Nice to come across this posting and see a bit more.
  6. It seems that any time I am sorting through the lenses of vendors at Hershey and Carlisle, I always see lots of 61 Buick lenses....never any 60 (or 62). Any front end or brake parts that carry over to 63? I have some parts that I acquired from a 63 Electra that I can look through if you know of anything that may be needed. Good luck!
  7. We are preparing to add a new driver to our house in the next several months. I had been trying to decide what to get for another car and whether it would be for me or my daughter. After looking at new vehicles, I decided that there wasn't anything that interested me enough to shell out the big bucks. So, I found a low mileage '97 Riviera that I am currently working to make a few repairs on to become my daily driver. My daughter will drive my '13 Enclave when she gets her license.
  8. Yes, it seems that it had sat a good bit before I bought it and I have only driven it a little locally since I bought it. Mainly because of the carburetor.
  9. I've been meaning to set up a thread on this car for some time now. I purchased in July 2018 from another BCA member, Steve, through a connection made by Brian Laurance. The car has only 48,470 miles on it and is a rare Fire Red color. I have the original sales order from Buckles Motors in Urbana, OH. The dealership closed in 2009, after 53 years in business. It is a highly optioned all original paint, vinyl top, and interior car. All in very good condition. I haven't done too much with the car since it was delivered in 2018. Literally the day the shipper arrived, I helped unload a
  10. I called the number above, 704-455-8200. I had to work through a couple prompts for reservations and was able to reserve with the person that answered. She located the BCA rate and everything. Received an email confirmation right away.
  11. Heacock will also give a club discount. I know for AACA, can't remember if I told them BCA.
  12. If you can get it close to me along the 81 corridor in Virginia, I have a planned trip to N.C. coming up at the end of July.
  13. Thank you. Just called and booked my room for Concord. Plan is to bring the 72 Electra.
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