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Though Not original, I have to say this doesn't look too bad.


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Too bad there is primer on the cowl or you would swear it was built 70 years ago,  until you raised the hood. 

Not sure how good the underslung principal works for drivability but it was one easy way to lower it without hacking up the frame. 

Looks alot better than all the abominations i have seen on S10 frames. 





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Nearly everyone I know involved in working on model Ts are building speedsters, and a ton of non T builds are in process as well.  Mostly by guys under my age of five and a half decades.

Observations I have are:  this group builds, they aren't into muscle or street rods in the typical sense.  Something, maybe romance of a early motoring, etc. Motivates them.  These cars sometimes stray from strictly speedster but most probably don't consider them rat rods.  They found a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy the hobby, I think its great.  FWIW...  


Maybe artistic license a bit but cool none the less.  🙂

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I'm not really a hot rod guy but I like them both.

I especially like that the 2nd pictured isn't 'over done'.

It has paint and body work that would have been what a backyard guy would have done to create their own speedster back in the day.

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My T is all T or period aftermarket.  Here is a brief rundown of the Drivetrain as built during the complete Pre-Bonneville refit in 2011:



   -1927 T Block, bored .080” over

   -Custom Egge Aluminum Pistons

   -Aluminum 6:1 compression “Z-Head”

   -289/302 Ford Hi-Po Hardened Stainless Valves/seats

   -Full Race T cam shaft

   -12v ignition system w/ Mallory Auto Advance Dizzy

   -1947-’49 Burns 2x2 Model A intake

   -Two Stromberg 81 carburetors

   -Cast Iron High-Flow Model A Header w/’46 Ford Torque Tube exhaust.

   - Chicago Mark-E 3-spd Overdrive Box (made in 1922 Bryan, Ohio)

   - Early Hall-Scott Ruckstell 2-speed Rear axle with 3:1 gears

   - Rocky-Mountain rear wheels brakes



  -Uncut 1926 T frame

  -Unaltered 1926 T front axle.

  -Model A wishbones split and modified to hold the front spring perches (all custom built)

  -Custom rear lowering brackets based on an old Robert Roof design (improved for strength)

  - 19”MWCo. Pin-drive Wire wheels

It has 12 forward speeds and 6 in reverse and id fully capable of speeds in excess of 75mph.



Jay  Leno_ Clayton Paddison 1927_Ford_Model_T.jpg

On the Jersey Shore.JPG

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On 10/17/2019 at 10:22 AM, padgett said:

Could be a "Chrysler Hemi Prototype" but bot sure about full elliptics all around.


Is that a Mitsubishi 4 from the 70s?  My Mother had a Dodge Colt with that motor in it.  Ran well, competitive in C Sedan as an autocrosser.  She didn't know that, but I did.  Only problem was the body dissolved in about 5 years.  


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