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  1. Somebody wondered where he got the R12 to charge the AC. That sent us down the rabbit hole. Happens.
  2. Treat this offense with the same penalty as cutting the heads off parking meters in the old days.
  3. For replacement tube, try Inline Tube or Classic Tube. One of them have it, I just forget which one I got mine from at the moment. There are two tubes. One to the choke housing and the other to the vacuum side of the carb. I took the manifold off mine and very carefully drilled out the broken ends. Emphasis on very carefullly. Choke works properly now.
  4. R&M in Cambridge? Picking up a pair of snap on machines in working condition on Monday. They are a bit up the road, but cheap enough to make the trip worthwhile. Worse case, I'm out a couple bucks and some time. Spent some time reading the 609 certification sudy guide and plan to read the manuals very carefully before attempting to use them. I also have a friend who has experience in this area. We'll see how it goes.
  5. R12 recover and recharge machines are cheap. Seen several recently on craigslist. Worrisome thing with R12 going forward is finding a tech with the right equipment to remove the gas for any kind of service/repair to the system. Intentional venting to the air is a huge no no.
  6. Porkeys. Fine piece of cinema.
  7. Transferable title adds value, no question. The wire wheels look to be MG, possibly. The cover on the one pictured on the boot lid is not from a TR3. Not sure where it came from. They may have been picked up in anticipation of converting later. Depending on condition, rebabbing them can be expensive. Big quesiton is what shape are the floors, rockers, trunk floor, and rear apron in? If those need to be replaced, you need to find someone who has the skills to do the work. Paying someone else to fix those problems added up in a hurry to the point that you are far better off simply buying a solid running car if you plan to drive it. That does not take into account the satisfaction value of doing the work yourself.. This from a guy who is about to start in on a TR2 that I purchased in 1986 and drove for 15 years. Needs lots of metal work, but I think that the fun part. Did the whole mess on my 61 TR3 about 20 years ago. Please don't recommend psychiatric help, my wife already suggested that.
  8. I may be able to offer some thoughts on the TR3- been fooling with them since the 70s. Where is it? It may not look rusty, but they will rust out in places not easily seen unless you get the car up in the air and crawl under it. Was it stored in a dry building? That would help a lot. Somebody will want it as a project if its not too far gone.
  9. I have been following the various threads on Bob's AC work and found them very informative. My AC is working, but not well. The control issue I have narrowed down to a vacuum switch, but the level ov cooling is not what it needs to be either. Today, I drove the car about 40 miles early on a very humid morning. I cooled OK, but I noticed condensation on the vents when I slowed down going through a town. What is the likely cause of this? Returning on a 90 degree day, the AC was cool, but not really comfortable. Low charge? Over charge? Thoughts?
  10. Had an 84 with the 4100. Major mistake on my part. Great looking cars, didn't know they had a year with the good engine.
  11. Congrats. Mine is running about 50 degrees at the vents. Did you charge it by eying the bubbles, or with a machine?
  12. I'm fine with Cheapass, which is how my wife describes me.
  13. Spent a few moments with your Bride this evening in Ocean City. Lovely lady. She told me Tom was coming down to see if he can help with your AC. Hope it goes well.
  14. I am going to vist Gene with my little vacuum pump in hand to see if he has a good one.
  15. Guidance as to how to open it up would be welcome. It appears that the plunger end is inserted into the plastic body and retained by tiny lugs. Can it be twisted to remove? I need to set up my big lighted magnifying glass and have a look. Working in a half done shop makes things harder.
  16. Trick is finding a good one. Mine is definitely bad. Can't get any flow through it with the Mity vac.
  17. Will there be on site registration? The meet is almost local for me, but scheduled for days that are problematic for me. My schedule is normally pretty flexible, but there are some days that I simply have to be on site. Trying to figure out how to get there for at least a day.
  18. Any best source for a new cover, or are they all from the same original maker these days?
  19. I would suggest moving this question to the Riviera board. Lots of expertise there.
  20. 63 Riv has three separate vacuum switches. No rotary set up that I can see.
  21. New Mity Vac ordered to replace my crusty old one which does not have a gauge and is missing most of the adaptors. This is a solvable problem. Just going to take some time to work through it.
  22. OK, replacement switch did not cure the problem. First the switch: I can blow 6-56 through the outlet side, exiting the inlet (the direction air would flow under vacuum) but it will not activate the diaphrams. I could not blow liquid through the old switch, so I guess I am better off- but its not operating the diaphrams. Where I sit right now: If I disconnect the inlet side of switch one and connect it to the outlet side (bypassing the switch) the diaphrams move and all air is through the dash vents. In my thinking, this should be the same as if the switch worked properly save any vacuum loss in the switch. I can feel, and hear, strong vacuum on the inlet side, but almost none on the outlet side. Question: Is it possible that my original diaphrams are so stiff that the vacuum loss in the switch is enough to keep things from operating? Figure this out, and then we can talk about whether 60 degrees at the center vent with condensation is correct. I suspect not.
  23. Wow. I have that set up on the shelf and debate whether to put it on my 63. For that $$, I might let it go and stick with the single carb. I also have a new Offenhauser dual quad mainifold, but don't hear people on this board talking about them. Is anybody running one and how does it compare to the stock dual quad?
  24. Mine is still STV. for the moment, I think all that is wroing is the failed switch. The charge may be a bit low, but that can be checked when I lay hands on an R12 machine.
  25. Adjusting the switch presumes the switch is working, which mine is not. Gene is sending me a replacement. With any luck it will be working fine by the weekend.