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  1. I see $50 and $75 cars on Craigslist all the time. What confounds me is the number of people who miss key the numbers and put an extra zero in.
  2. Outstanding!! Label ordered. Jim- is that the Buick inspection stamp I see peeking out from the side of the compressor? I am working on getting my rebuilt unit (installed years ago) to look correct. In a fit of dumbness, I allowed the AC guy to replace the compressor instead of having it rebuilt with all the original stuff on it. That was about 20 years ago, and its bugged me ever since. I remember that stamp on my original, but recall it being more on top. If its anything like BSA motorcycle frame numbers, it was all up to the guy doing the stamping. Thanks Zimm
  3. Does anyone have a picture of the labels and their placement on the air conditioning compressor in a 63? I have none, and the original is long gone. Also looking for a source for the labels. CARS? I do have a great picture of a 65, but don't know if they are the same. Thanks Zimm
  4. Can I get in line? Not long after I got my 63, I had the compressor replaced, not rebuilt. It was the original and had the stamps. Its always bothered me that I let that get away. Be nice to correct a screw up from like 20 years ago.
  5. Interesting, but why? TR3 and 4s are very pretty cars as they are.
  6. Your trooper sounds a lot like our County Sheriff. He will talk to people and essentially tell them to knock it off, because if he catches them it won't be good. He is a professional officer who happens to be elected.
  7. Didn't the WWII PT boats use multiple Packard engines?
  8. When I used the term "losing a tire" it was assumed that car guys would understand the possible consequences of such a thing happening at speed. If you are very fortunate, all you have to deal with is replacing the tire(s). From there it becomes more grim beginning at a trashed wheel and ending with dead people.
  9. Drove a 71 for a year as a delivery boy at a local store when I was 16. Tough little cars. That one is a true relic.
  10. I just changed out the tires on my 63 Riv after 8 years and very few miles. I am driving it more and more at speed and really don't want to lose a tire. Same with motorcycle tires. Worn, but still had miles left in them but were getting old. Someone referenced Firestone 500s from the 70s above. Wasn't that the tire that Firestone recalled and replaced regardless of miles? I recall a friend of mine got 5 brand new tires for his Dodge van in the late 70s and it cost him zip.
  11. No pictures of any of the typical rust areas. I can't make out the plate. 4 door, nothing special about it, crappy condition, not running, and critters. I would guess $350 as a parts car. 6 months storage cost and you are upside down bigly, and that assumes the car was free to you.
  12. Gene- is yours scored or marked for the bends, or I need to figure that out on my own? I could ride up to your place, grab them off the driveway, leave a $50 under a brick and wave hello.
  13. Any suggestions as to the best source, or is everyone selling the from the same original manufacturer? Do any of them come with the bends in the right place, or is this figure it out yourself territory? I have a set from a well thought of shop that aren't that great. The good news is that's a big box of stuff emptied. If its trash, its trash, but I'd like to get the trunk put back together. Whats out there?
  14. I've had a few cars that I would have like to do that with...………...
  15. I wonder if there are any cars left with roll up windows. Used to be you could buy basic vehicles. My first truck was s 67 GMC short bed stepside. 6 cylinder, three on the tree, rubber floor mats. No radio. Probably the bottom of the line or very close to it. It was well used when I got it, rusty as could be, and I ran it for 10 years until it finally was just done. Way too far gone to fix. Most simple vehicle I have ever owned. Miss it yet.
  16. MIne went bad some years ago. Couldn't figure out why I was hearing an exhaust leak at the top of the engine. Ed set me straight. Make sure you use top quality gaskets when you put the manifold back on. I didn't and the hole that restricts exhaust flow burned through and caused fuel to boil in the carb. Yes, I had the stainless plate in place. Took a while to figure that out too. Fortunately, R&R the manifold is an easy job.
  17. Interesting. I have one of Tony Gentilcore's bars on back of my 63 along with a Jamco bar on the front per his suggestion. The difference is noticeable and the car definitely stays flatter in the corners. Wondering how this one might compare.
  18. I was able to remove them from my 63 using a paint can opener. The kind they give away with a gallon of paint at the hardware store. It has just the right hook on the non beer can opener end to get up behind and pull. The body manual shows where and how. They snapped right back on when I got the car home from the paint shop. You may have different results with your 73, but I don't think Buick changed that design much over the years.
  19. Some years back I had a conversation with Carmen Fasso (I think) and asked if a 401 could be bored to 425. His response was 63-64 used different castings for the two motors, but 65 could be bored. It makes no sense that. GM would have used different castings, except they did those kinds of things. For what its worth.
  20. Pictures show some wood in the doors. Looks to be an extra zero in the opening bid amount.
  21. Enjoyed it a lot, but it has faded a bit in recent years. Guess we'll never know if the NSU Prinz makes it back onto the road.