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  1. Being we are pretty local to each other, where/who is this magical shop? My doors are working fine now, but I am not sure its properly charged.
  2. Yikes. That would have to be a labor of love. Especially if you are paying someone else to do the work. Doesn't appear to be any single thing that will not need to be redone.
  3. Don't them boys work at Wanker County Auto?
  4. What happens when it rains? For a few hundred, they must be using latex house paint.
  5. My Mother bought a 41 Champion in the fall of 1940. She owned it for 10 years and spoke of it often. As previously said, almost all of them were used up decades ago.
  6. Lots of back and forth on this. You need to figure out what you want. From your description you have a solid car that needs a bit of metal work and a nice paint job. My Riviera was a good runner with bad paint and in need of some metal work. I did the metal work (not my first rodeo), stripped the car to bare metal, removed all the trim including the drip rail mouldings. It went to the paint shop in with a coat of variprime. All that was probably several hundred hours of my labor in a well equipped hobby shop by someone who is not a newbee. I am lucky that there are a couple of local shops that will take on a project such as mine. Cost to paint it was $5K in 2012 using PPG base and clear. Its nice, but not in comparison to a $10K or $20K job. I reassembled the car after plating and buffing the shiny stuff. More $$ and more of my labor, as there is a lot of it. I purchased seat covers and a headliner from a reputable source and paid a local shop $3,200 to install everything. Their hourly rate was $80, so that gives you some idea of the time involved. There are still some shiny bits that need doing and the engine compartment has not been detailed yet. Is it perfect? Nope. Do I get lots of complements? Yup. Is it fun to drive? You bet. From an economics standpoint, I have about $20K- $22K into it, starting with a $3,500 purchase price in 1999. Although I have a complete file, I have never added it up. Probably because I don't want to know. The engine has had some work, but not a rebuild. Same with the rest of the drive line. At the moment it has about 80,000 miles on it, which is real. Although I am a CPA, the $$ are not my concern. I completely understand this is not a hobby where you can expect gains, especially if you have to pay someone else to do the work. If I had to pay for all of the labor hours on that car, I would guess I would have close to double the $$ into it, and be upside down bigly. For what its worth.
  7. Very pretty, from the pictures. Wonder what the "full restoration" included. No idea of prewar values. Anyone else curious as to why the car has Indiana plates and is being advertised in NY?
  8. My lift is an older Ben Pearson. The cylinders have been rebuilt and new cables installed. It came with removable steel pads on the ends of the arms. It also came with "pad extenders" that allows the pads to be set higher for trucks etc. While I didn't have the advantage of the lift point chart when I built it, I think its pretty close. The rear pads hit at the front of the control arms and the fronts are just before the frame curves up, if I recall. I will try to take some more pictures next time I have the car on it. Once I figured out the location of the pads, I used a hole saw on a milling machine to cut the right size hole for the pads. The ends were secured with the extenders by the same method, but two hole saws were needed as the extenders are bigger at one end (to accept the pad) than the other, which goes into the arm. Even with all that, I still try not to think about 5,600 pounds of Riv over my head.
  9. C'mon now, getting those trees in there is a lot of work. Worth big $$.
  10. I built this rig some years ago, and it works well. The cross beams are 2 X 4 1/4 wall steel. The lift pads are placed to be in the correct spots when all is adjusted properly. Finally, the cross beams are locked into the arms with lift pad extenders. It took some work with various sizes of holes saws to make. Is it easy to put the car on? Not really, it requires a fair bit of crawling around. But, I can lift the car with confidence that it is supported to the point that an arm cannot kick out and it won't kill me. Thats worth some crawling around in my book.
  11. Do you still need an air cleaner? I have one from a 427 corvette with a quadrajet. Not sure if it was 68 or 69, but think 69. I may actually know where it is, and don't recall it being rusty. Let me know, and I can drag it out. Hasn't been on a car since about 1979.
  12. Shame to lose guys like Dick. He was a great resource all the way back to the ROA mail list days. Always enjoyed his posts. RIP, and condolences to his family.
  13. Gotta love a Woody. Gotta have a bag o cash too.
  14. Very nice indeed. Apparently the old car business has been berry berry good to Matt lately. Glad things are going well. Now, about that #%Q^ Lincoln.
  15. Best line I have seen in an add for a while. (1) Marketplace - 1945 Willys MB Jeep | Facebook
  16. Best line I have seen in an add for a while. (1) Marketplace - 1945 Willys MB Jeep | Facebook
  17. Tom- can you expand on your "one wire system" What is it, how does it work, and do you need the distributor sent to you in order to install it?
  18. Peach of a fella that one, eh. Clearly, he both missed and validated my point.
  19. Marksan: Before somebody else does, let me give you a small piece of advice. When first coming onto a site full of long time members, you might want to read a book titled "How to Win Friends and Influence People" before you start dissing long time members. Especially those who are expert in the subject the site focuses on. If all of your 13 posts are similar to a couple of the ones here, you will not fit well with this crowd and you may wish to simply disappear before a moderator does it for you. Zimm
  20. Has anyone signed up for Managed Pay? Looks like EBay's latest trick is to intercept payment by the buyer, hold it for several days to ensure their fees are collected up front, and then send it to your bank account directly. They want your DOB and last 4 of your ssn to boot, so as to comply with "legal" requirements. Looking at the payout schedule, if you sell an item on a Thursday, with the buyer paying immediately, the earliest EBay will send payment is the following Monday, with a warning that it may take an additional 1-3 days for your bank to credit the account. Thats a week total. Meanwhile, the buyer expects shipping shortly after payment. Nope, don't think so. I am not a business, but have been using EBay to dispose of some unneeded parts that have accumulated over the years. Been doing so for quite a while, with no issues. Now, I will have to remember to add language to each listing informing potential buyers that there will be a 7 day hold on shipment so as to ensure payment is received. Hadn't sold anything for the last several months and have to agree to the new scheme to sell again. Seriously?
  21. Getting ready to do a full tune on on my 63, including replacing he coil. I assume it would an external resistor type, as its fed by a resistor wire. I also want to replace the condenser that is attached to it. What recommendations would you offer? Any specific brand or type people have found to be better? Thanks Zimm
  22. My Mom gave them to me, as did friends of hers. Got my first socket set with Plaid Stamps in about 1970.
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