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  1. My apologies...this is long gone. Thanks
  2. Hi Brian. I am in Centerville. Would love to see your car.
  3. Steve, I really haven’t driven far enough to be confident. Initial impressions are that it rides pretty decent. It is low though, so it drags over speed bumps and such The headlights are cheap halogen H4 Units. I used a pair of original corner buckets and modified them for adjuster screws. They would not fit behind the clear plastic corner lenses until I ground a slight Chamfer on the edges of the headlights. It’s all very snug.
  4. It’s been about a year since I drove the car. I restored the door panels over the winter, but haven’t been able to do much since it is stored at my parents and I have a couple other projects. Got it out and put some fresh gas in today. Wish I had more time to get it finished.
  5. Super nice mirror! Some very light scratches, but no pits. A 9.5 out of 10. Includes the interior control. $100 plus shipping from Ohio
  6. Good pair of wiper arms FS. $30 plus shipping from Ohio
  7. Actual gauge face diameter is 3 7/8”. Gauge aperture is 2.85 inches
  8. Very nice piece. Not sure of the year, but it came in a large lot of Riviera parts I bought - $50 obo plus shipping from Ohio
  9. Tested and works. Face and lens are really nice with no sun fading. Housing has quite a few pits. $275 plus shipping from Ohio.
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