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  1. Actual gauge face diameter is 3 7/8”. Gauge aperture is 2.85 inches
  2. Very nice piece. Not sure of the year, but it came in a large lot of Riviera parts I bought - $50 obo plus shipping from Ohio
  3. Tested and works. Face and lens are really nice with no sun fading. Housing has quite a few pits. $275 plus shipping from Ohio.
  4. Very nice mirror. I believe this is early 60s full-size (larger than Riviera) The stalk is super-clean. The mirror body has a few light scratches in the stainless that will polish out. Glass is good with just some light specks in the mirror. $60 obo plus shipping from Ohio
  5. I believe it is from a Riviera, but I’m not sure. I got it in a small lot of first gen Rivi parts.
  6. Very nice piece - $50 obo plus shipping from Ohio
  7. Not sure of the exact application, but I believe early 60s. NOS, with very slight yellowing. Look really good in natural light. $75 plus shipping from Ohio.
  8. Sorry...was away on holiday Of course I would be happy to make a template. Any other suggestions on how to market these? I’m sure there is someone out there that would love to have them, but not sure how to take them to market. (I hate messing w EBay btw)
  9. Pair of grills. Driver quality...a couple bumps & bruises, but not terrible. Plating is pretty nice - could use some more cleaning / polishing. No broken fins. Screw holes are not broken. $100 plus shipping from Ohio