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  1. Yes all the rockers were aftermarket. They went in when the heads were redone in 06. Not sure if I got sold a bill of goods then or not. Gone now. I told Tom to put them in his recycle bin.
  2. To close the loop on this one. Tom Telesco fixed me up with a set of real Buick rockers with about a week or so of turn around time. Put it all back together over the weekend and it appears to be running well. Need to put some more miles on it. With any luck, thats the end of that. By the way- pay attention when you put the rocker cover back on so the gasket doesn't slip out of place. It will leak a lot if it isn't right. I tried to reuse the old gaskets as the ones I got at the local parts store were wrong. The old ones weren't stuck to the rocker well enough
  3. The Green Diamond engine is a sweet runner and tough as nails. Simple to work on, but parts availability is becoming an issue. As you note, it is not big on power which is probably good, given the primitive nature of the suspension and steering in that truck. Making it go fast without upgrading everything else is a good way to have a very scary ride. I had a KB2 project truck for years, which I ultimately decided not to do because it would be a hazard on the road in the area I live in. They top out about 52 MPH. Overdrive might help as might putting a different rear in it.
  4. Looked in the cylinder with a scope. No visible issues with the piston.
  5. Thanks Tom- PM sent. Wondering if I should look for a set of reuildable originals for the long run.
  6. Had a long talk with Carmen Fasso today and learned a bit about nailhead valve geometry. He walked me through looking at things to see what the issue might be. We found a small polished spot on the pushrod where it may have been rubbing on the head where it passes through. We determined that the pushrods are aftermarket as they are thicker than the stock ones, which may account for the contact. They were likely installed by the PO when the cam went in. According to Carmen, that contact may have added enough stress that the rocker may have eventually failed. We also discus
  7. Not sure how to tell if the rockers are original Buick or not. I have a call into Carmen Fasso to see if he has any advice, since he did the rehab on them. Not sure how active he is these days. He was having some health problems when I talked to him a couple years ago. I took a look in the cylinder with a scope and found no indication that the valve had contacted the piston. Thats good news I guess. Hoping Tom Telesco will happen on this string and offer some thoughts.
  8. I neglected to mention that the car has an after market cam, installed by the previous owner between 18K and 20K miles ago. Total miles on the motor is 80K. Specs on the cam are: Duration 268 .05 Duration 212 Cam lift .293 Net valve lift .493 Centerline 108 In 112 Ex According to J&C Parts invoice the max lift is .500. The heads were fully
  9. Was having a great ride in my Riv this afternoon. Went to the Dentist and had a new crown installed, finishing that job. Decided to run a few errands on the way home. Did about a 15 mile run at 70, stopped by my favorite parts store, and about 200 yards out of the parking lot, there arose a clatter under the hood. No, I did not have my foot in it. The sound was exhaust like, clearly back through the carb, and spaced out enough to make me conclude it was a problem in the valve train of a single cylinder. Had the car towed home, popped off the easier valve cover and found a br
  10. Final (I hope) report on this issue. Rebuilt starter installed and working fine. Had the car out on an errand run and stopped and started a half dozen times without issue. Thinking of having the rebuild shop go through the alternator when opportunity permits, to avoid issues there. On to the next thing.
  11. Hernia? Been there done that, not a hell of a lot of fun. Things will turn odd colors which is disconcerting. Careful that that damn oxy. It works, but I am not a fan.
  12. Report back from the rebuild guy is that the armature is damaged from being overspun. The bendix fork was also broken, which likely was the source of it hanging on the ring gear. Estimated total to fix, including the new solenoid I provided, is about $160. Should be back to me tomorrow or Wednesday. Given that this happened exactly once, to my knowledge, its a good thing I pulled it right out. That starter was going to leave me somewhere. Should be back on the road by the weekend, assuming this making a living nonsense doesn't screw up my shop time.
  13. Got a pack of "booster nuts" when I had mine done 20 years ago.
  14. Is it possible to view the for sale forums collectively? Not sure that makes sense, but I enjoyed browsing through the postings and seeing cars I had not seen before and might not have considered as something to be interested in. I do get the "not mine" separation and that works well from what I have seen. An example would be the neat little Studebaker lark a couple weeks back for $5K. Had that been more local, I would have been interested in it. Wasn't looking for one, but enjoy seeing them all. Even the ones I can't afford or have laugher pricing. Can't pleas
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