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  1. Zimm63

    1963 Speedo cable

    I will admit to not looking into this yet. Can you pull the cable off the back from the bottom, or by pulling it out the front of the dash?
  2. I have a complete 64 driveshaft here for comparison. The 63 bearing mount is taller than the 64. Wonder if the difference is the spacer that Konga Man refers to. From a diagnosis standpoint, a mechanic's stethascope is a handy device. In my case, with the car on stands and blocked, I ran it in gear while touching the various points. Rear, nice smooth sound, trans was the same. Touched the probe to the bottom of the frame under the bearing mount and BINGO there was the noise.
  3. Zimm63

    1963 Speedo cable

    Not yet. Its one of the things I want to do while waiting for the center bearing mount to come back. 2-3 weeks turn around. I'm a litttle leery of pulling the dash cover in the cold too. Need to think about that.
  4. My bearing made a low pitch whine at low speed, increasing to a high pitch at highway speed. Front/center of the car. I was concerned it might be the trans, but the stethoscope told the tale.. Clearly the bearing,, which was found to be bad upon disassembly.
  5. Shop manual is your friend. My bearing didn't knock, it whined. Upon removal, it clearly is bad. Quick idea, check the bolts that hold the center mount in place. There are other threads on driveshafts out there. Is the sound from the back of the car, or the middle? Could be a bunch of stuff. Taking the drive shaft out was no big deal, but I think a helper might be good when I put it back. I disassembled it using a large crescent wrench for the center nut, a large three jaw puller to take the mount/bearing off the shaft, and a press to remove the bearing from the mount. Need to study up on how to put it back together. I may have to make some correctly sized pieces to put the bearing back in, but have the means to do so. I also plan to replace all three U Joints while its out. One is stiff and they arent' expensive to do.
  6. Thanks, but 63 has a separate listing. Pretty sure its a one year only part as the driveshafts were changed to CV joints in 64. Thats why it takes 2-3 weeks. Has to be rebuilt with new rubber.
  7. My seat covers were installed at the same time as the headliner. I may be having the same issue with the buttons, as one has come apart. How difficult are they to replace? Will it have to go back to the upholstery guy?
  8. I need to replace the bearing and am debating having the mount redone. Picture attached shows some minor cracking on one side. The rest of it looks OK, its not oil soaked, and I got the bearing out without damage. Looking for advice from those who have gone before. Redo or not at this time. I don't want to over fix, but don't want to be stuck a couple hundred miles from home with a failed part that takes 2-3 weeks to turn around.
  9. My Great Grandfather.
  10. Just had a headliner installed that was supplied by Clarks. Excellent product and the guy I hired to do it was a real craftsman. Looks great.
  11. Krauss Auto Co, Allentown, PA
  12. Tom- Do you use one relay for all lights, or two relays- one for high beam, one for low? Interested in making this improvement. Thanks Zimm
  13. Charles Runyan, founder of the Roadster Factory, passed away on Saturday. He has been supplying new and high quality reproduction parts to Triumph and MGB fans since the late 70s. We will miss him and his efforts to support the hobby.
  14. Zimm63

    question- shipping a body US to ENgland

    I think you have to embalm it first.
  15. Zimm63

    Movie The Birds

    I watched the Birds on TV the first time my parents left me home by myself. Might have been the same night. Didn't sleep good after that one.