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  1. Best line I have seen in an add for a while. (1) Marketplace - 1945 Willys MB Jeep | Facebook
  2. Best line I have seen in an add for a while. (1) Marketplace - 1945 Willys MB Jeep | Facebook
  3. Tom- can you expand on your "one wire system" What is it, how does it work, and do you need the distributor sent to you in order to install it?
  4. Peach of a fella that one, eh. Clearly, he both missed and validated my point.
  5. Marksan: Before somebody else does, let me give you a small piece of advice. When first coming onto a site full of long time members, you might want to read a book titled "How to Win Friends and Influence People" before you start dissing long time members. Especially those who are expert in the subject the site focuses on. If all of your 13 posts are similar to a couple of the ones here, you will not fit well with this crowd and you may wish to simply disappear before a moderator does it for you. Zimm
  6. Has anyone signed up for Managed Pay? Looks like EBay's latest trick is to intercept payment by the buyer, hold it for several days to ensure their fees are collected up front, and then send it to your bank account directly. They want your DOB and last 4 of your ssn to boot, so as to comply with "legal" requirements. Looking at the payout schedule, if you sell an item on a Thursday, with the buyer paying immediately, the earliest EBay will send payment is the following Monday, with a warning that it may take an additional 1-3 days for your bank to credit the account. Thats a
  7. Getting ready to do a full tune on on my 63, including replacing he coil. I assume it would an external resistor type, as its fed by a resistor wire. I also want to replace the condenser that is attached to it. What recommendations would you offer? Any specific brand or type people have found to be better? Thanks Zimm
  8. My Mom gave them to me, as did friends of hers. Got my first socket set with Plaid Stamps in about 1970.
  9. 63 Riv was traveling the Land of Pleasant living yesterday.
  10. This is an interesting thread to me, as I am in the market to replace my 30 year old CH 5hp with 60 gallon tank. Its noisy and I could use more air to run the pressure blaster. A couple things I have not seen mentioned. One is current requirements. When I built my new shop, I installed a 10GU circuit with the idea that 220 volts at 30 amps would be enough. The old CH runs on 20. Wondering if that was enough. The second is location. If painting, most of us do not have a proper booth. How much of a concern is painting in the same space as the compressor? Don'
  11. Are you sure its the switch and not the cable, or adjustment? Cable problems are more common on tilt wheels, though. Look at the Buick Riviera board below. Lots of information on turn signal problems there.
  12. This reminds me of a story about a country boy who was admitted to Harvard. He was walking across campus on his first day, and stops an upper classman to ask "Can you tell me where the Library is at?" The upper classman stands up straight, and replies "young man, you are at Harvard University. We do not end sentences with a preposition here". The new guy thinks a minute, and replies "OK, can you tell me where the Library is at, a$$hole?" Did you ask the guy where he went to college?
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