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  1. Did you fool with the off choke idle? Is it possible that it needs to be sped up a bit to keep running when you kick off the choke? I can vouch for telriv's work. He did my carb when it just wouldn't cooperate with me. Fixed it right.
  2. Even better, your wife should read this thread over a couple times. Lots of people here with lots of experience. Thats a couple hundred dollar parts car in most areas of the country.
  3. Trusts are useful in keeping minors and irresponsible adult children from doing very stupid things with an interitance. You need a better advisor.
  4. Thank you for your service. Now some Dutch uncle advice from a guy who has been fooling with cars on the low end for 40+ years. First- fund your kid's 529 plans. Greatest legacy you can give them is an educaiton with no debt. Second- fund your retirement plan. Your kids really won't want you lliving in their spare room. Third- fool with old cars, but if you are on a budget you need a space and skills. Skills can be developed (mine have) but you need to have some. I will second others as to inputs/outputs by offering this blunt statement: If your intention is to restore a car to make money, you will not make money. Nope, nada, will lose money. Period. The only real way too make money restoring cars is to have other people pay you to restore theirs. That gets back to skills etc. Sure, every once in a while somebody finds a gem, gets it cheap, and makes a buck. That is rare however, and the car you describe needs everything. If you really have the fever, get a driver as others have recommended. That will give you a taste and still be portable enough that it can move with you as your career takes you to new places.
  5. Fantastic is a great word. According to google, it can mean "extraordinary, good, or attractive". Or it can mean "imaginative or fanciful, remote from reality". You get to pick which applies in this case.
  6. Might be worth a stop in at your nearest PA MVA office to ask them what paperwork you will need.
  7. "runs and drives like someone would expect from such a fantastic restoration" What a great line.
  8. Looking for a source for Sromberg parts. Joe Curtio doesn't have what I need. Any other sources?
  9. Had mine repaired by CJ Lane in North Carolina. 336-922-1873
  10. It would be interesting to put this piece side by side with one of the reproductions available. I got mine from CARS and they are very nice. Way better than my crusty old ones, but wonder how they would compare.
  11. Driving in February around here is a function of dry weather following a rain that washes the salt off the road. Cold isn't an issue as the heater works just fine.
  12. Pulled the file. The lenses actually came from GM Obsolete in Phoenix. Purchase was in October 2012. For what its worth.
  13. Quick update. Center bearing replaced in rebuilt mount from Steele. I used the NAPA bearing per Jim Cannon's recommendation. Changed out the U Joints and discovered a bad yoke. First shop couldn't find the yoke and offered to build a new rear section. Their guy had some health problems, so after 3 weeks pulled the parts back and went to another shop. They had a used yoke and turned the repair around in a day. Balanced and ready to go. Reinstalled the shaft (putting the spacers back under the mount was fun) and all seems to be well. No more bearing noise. No vibration that I can discern. For a bonus, I lubed the speedometer cable while I had it on the lift and was waiting for the mount. Speedometer is much smoother now. Still moves a bit, but less noticible. With about 100 miles on it, I think I can call this problem solved. Lots more little stuff to do.