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  1. Way cool. Perfect for those with limited garage space.
  2. I have good body parts for K-1 to K-3 pickups. Fenders, grill shells, doors, bed, etc. Located in Maryland for pickup. Not free, but I'm not looking to get rich either. Any interest?
  3. Had a 70 with that color combination in about 78. Car was beat when it came to me, left in better shape, but nothing like that. Learned to change clutches and trannys in a couple hours on that car.
  4. The owners manual shown is for a Packard Six as well.
  5. I drove a 69 Impala in college for about a year. 350 250HP with a powerglide. Ran it hard. Spent most of Spring break my senior year replacing the cam and lifters after one collapsed. Had to drop the pan and push the lifters out through the bottom. Put a 300 HP cam in it and it ran well. Month or so later the powerglide packed it in and I sold it to a guy who put the motor in his chevelle. Bought another one for $150 that had some body damage but ran good. Drove that for another year.
  6. I took my drivers test in the 68 version of that car. Gotta say though, you sure are proud of that one. Must be the patina.
  7. Was the Wankerwagon built in Wanker County? Where everyone is a relative?
  8. Generally speaking, the lower the taxes, the lower the service level. Look carefully at road maintenance, medical response, hospital quaility, law enforcement, and especially schools. If the schools suck, that usually means a bunch of young people with few prospects. Few prospects can lead to increased drug use, crime, and general aggravation. Taxes would be low on my list of considerations. Not ignored, but I put quality of life higher and am willing (and thankfully able) to pay for it.
  9. Yes, I searched and read a lot of old posts on this subjec. Curious though, is anyone running 235 70s on 6 inch wheels? If so, do you like them, do they rub on full turn, would you buy them again? Inquiring minds want to know.
  10. Got that thing off the premises as quickly as possible. I got a wife with a frying pan.
  11. I read Purdy in Jr. High from the public library. Loved his stories. Much later, I located a hardback which I still have and pull down to read on occasion.
  12. Do I recall correctly that the hub diameter is different in 63 than 64/65? Are 63 wheels one year only? I am getting ready to swap out my 8 year old tires, even though they have very few miles. When I had them put on, the installer told me that the spare wheel was bent and that I should really look for another one. I did replace a tire a couple years ago and plan to use that for a spare. Have I got this right? If so, does anyone have a straight wheel for a 63 they are willing to let go of? Thanks
  13. Mine is not steady at highway speeds. I cleaned and lubed the cable last winter and it got a litttle better, but not fixed. Thinking of pulling the gear to see if its worn, but haven't gotten to it. Replacement gears are pricey if you are from the chevvy world.