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  1. Ron, wonderful work on the Kissel. Beautiful car. Thanks, John
  2. Ted, getting closer, That is a nice setup. How big is the spray booth? John
  3. Thanks to everyone for posting photos. John
  4. Martin, busy is good. You're a good man, with all that you are involved with, no wonder the Merc. is on hold. Got my Studebaker back on the road. Now that the nice weather is here, It's great driving it around town. Good luck with everything. John
  5. Domo, the Studebaker in question is a Commander. These Studebaker 4 door sedans are a great bargain. Cars with Overdrive are a plus. John
  6. Ted, I take my hat off to you. Restoring the Olds, or putting in a kitchen, you do top notch work. Thanks. John
  7. Martin, any updates on the Merc? Looking forward to each post. Enjoy the great work you are doing on the Mercury. Thamks, John
  8. Love the wraparound back light on the Studebaker. Interesting body. John
  9. Ted, i was just going to send a text to you ,asking about any new post on the Oldsmobile. It looks spectacular! Thanks for the updates. John
  10. Ron, the work on the Kissel is first rate. What a beautiful restoration. John
  11. Ted, since following the post from the beginning on the Oldsmobile, I'm very impressed with the way the restoration is coming together. Your painter/ bodyman Gillie is doing some really fine work with the Olds. The car is going to be outstanding. Thanks, John