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  1. Love the neon Indian. John
  2. John S.

    FS: 1955 Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis 

    Beautiful Chrysler. Surprised it is still available.
  3. John S.

    The Lonley Buick

    Welcome to the forum Roadmaster71. Really nice Buick. John
  4. WQ59B is correct about Strang Buick being in business thru 1973. It then became Grand Buick, which lasted until the early Eighties. They were a block away from the old Ideal Toy Company factory.
  5. John S.

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Pretty, almost looks like a movie set. I would cut and buff before you put on the chrome. Really nice work, Martin.
  6. Really sweet, Ted. Really sweet. John
  7. Ted, I can't wait to see this car done. John
  8. Thank you for sharing another project with us. Similar color to your Mark. John
  9. John S.

    Just retired - need some advice

    Just enjoy yourself, no matter what you do. Congratulations , well deserved. John
  10. John S.

    Murphy Color Samples

    MICKTHEDIG, Walt Gosden would have that information for you.
  11. Jim, I stand corrected. I looked through my 1957 Chevrolet accessory and option catalog. Gold was used on the Bel Airs, and the 210 and 150"s had chrome. Thanks, John
  12. John S.

    Studebaker Buyer's Tips

    MurkyBeef, Studebakers are wonderful cars. There are plenty of available parts, and the folks in the Studebaker Club are friendly and very helpful. I own a 1949 Champion with overdrive, and it is a great little car. No matter what model you choose, Avanti, Lark, or any of the earlier models, you will not be disappointed. John
  13. As far as the "V" emblem on the hood and trunk of 1957 Chevrolet, the "V" was used when car came equipped with an eight . I have seen some cars that had engine swaps from six to V-eights, and the Chevrolet script was not changed on the hood and trunk to include the "V". As far as the gold and silver V and script are concerned, the gold was a dress up option, that included grill, ,and emblems. John
  14. AURktman, I owned a 1960 Ventura 2 door hardtop with factory trips. The 60 Pontiacs are great cars. Just get it to where you feel comfortable with it. Once you start driving it on a regular basis, you will be hooked. Great road cars. John