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  1. Two of the nicest people that I have ever met were Gene Winfield, and Don Garlits . They both are true Gentleman, and very down to earth. Another fellow that I met, who was on a different level was Big Daddy Ed Roth. Just as nice, but very intense. A true character , God Bless him. John
  2. I remember this car also from the WTN magazine. Interesting history. Happy to see it is still around.
  3. One of the great all time driving automobiles from any era. Hudson's are wonderfully built cars, that deserve attention. This Gold Commodore is a beautiful example of the Make. A good solid Hudson at this price is a nice deal. John
  4. Roger, the work is very impressive, really nice to see. The dog is nice to see too.
  5. Martin, a lot of great work is going into the Merc. Coming out real nice.
  6. Roger, incredible work, as always. Always look forward to your post. John
  7. GregLaR, 1957, dual quad headlights were legal in a few States. By the middle of the year, dual quads were legal and available throughout the Country.
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