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  1. Thank you Steve, and all of the folks from The Hershey region for your hard work to make this happen. John
  2. Ted, I was looking through a list of automotive first, and the 1932 Oldsmobile had the first thermostatic automatic choke in the Industry. Great looking cars.
  3. Hi Ted. The cars look great outside. The Chevy looks bigger than the Olds. We had a few nice weeks of Spring weather on Long Island. I took the Studebaker out for a long ride the other day with no hiccups. Feels great to get out and drive the Champion. Good luck with the Oldsmobile Club National in Lansing. Hope everything goes as planned , and isn't cancelled. Both cars are stunners! John
  4. Congratulations Walt, for starting the post, and thanks to all who have contributed.
  5. Car is coming along nicely. Really great work.
  6. MCHinson, you did an incredible job on the Buick. Wonderful work. Thanks, John
  7. Mike, you have been, and always will be a great inspiration for all of us on the forum. Please know that we are praying for you and Jane. God Bless you and your family always. John
  8. That is a really nice 57. Great colors, and beautiful shape.
  9. My aunt bought one in 1976, and within the year it was staring to rot.
  10. You really don't see too many 1959 Lincoln Premieres for sale. 1958/59/60 Lincolns had great looking steering wheels.
  11. TAKerry, very nice work on the dash, and console. Interesting project.