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  1. Stellar work, as always Roger. You are a talented fellow with a ton of patience.
  2. Hemmings has fallen victim of the times. Like all other magazines that have gone under in recent years, Hemmings is treading water, and may go 100% digital sooner than later. Print is enjoyed by few , but not by many. I was a subscriber since 1975, but as of last year, I dropped my subscription. It is not the same magazine, that I enjoyed reading. They put too much into the auction, as opposed to ads. When the 1955/1957 Chevrolet section is down to a page and a half, you know times are changing for them and us.
  3. That is a very nice kit by Monogram . The Monogram Company made some very nice models during the 1960's. It doesn't matter if you build a roadster or coupe.The kit is actually worth more if you keep it unbuilt in the box, but as a true modeler, you have to build it! It is a nice find. John
  4. JO BO, The car is a 1948 Ford Promotional model made of slush cast by Master Caster. Other Companies that also made slush cast promos were National Products, and Banthrico. The Ford that you have was available as a regular passenger car in Ford factory colors. They also produced Fords as Fire Chief cars, Taxis, and Police cars. Repro wheels, axles and hubs are available. You have a very rare car , worthy of a a restoration. Thanks. John
  5. Ralsker3, welcome to the forum. Nice solid Chrysler you have there. I would start by picking up a shop manual, and owners manual for your car. Auburnseeker may help you out there. Good luck.
  6. Welcome to the forum Louis. Sorry to hear about father's passing. I am glad you have your Dad's Champion . The first thing to do is join the Studebaker Drivers Club, and pick up a shop manual for your car. Shop manuals are available from literature vendors, or through Ebay. You might want to post pictures of the Studie. There is also a Studebaker Forum available here. The Studebaker Champions from 1947 thru 1952 are great cars. Hope this helps. Thanks. John
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