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  1. 58L-V8, Thank you, appreciate your interest in the show. John S.
  2. MCHinson, Ted and Michelle are great folks. Have a good time in Philadelphia. John
  3. Congratulations on the National award Ted. It is well deserved. John
  4. Bob, Graham Man, and Steve, thanks for the kind words and interest in our show, "The Antique Road Test". It is greatly appreciated. Thanks, John S.
  5. That is a nice truck. Where is the truck located?
  6. Peter, get in touch with Don Weir, from York, Pa. He has a nice collection of Brewsters. He is very knowledgeable on the cars, and a great fellow to talk to. Thanks, John
  7. Ted, is there anything you can't do? You made a lot of progress in such a short time. The work looks great. John
  8. Sloth, what is the wheelbase on the Cleveland Roadster? Very nice work.
  9. I think Walt is right. There is a young fellow, with a young family, who recently moved on my block. He owns a 1928 Model A, and a 1960 Ford dual wheel flat bed. One day, I went over introduced myself, complimented him on his car and truck, and had a nice afternoon chat. I brought him over few of issues of Hemmings, and became fast friends. You have to bring them into the fold. It is that simple.
  10. Ted, is that your Olds on the lift? Beautiful wood work. John
  11. Ted, I am always amazed at the amount of wood that was used in car and truck bodies.