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  1. Dale, that is the Cats Pajamas! What a neat little short. Nice! John
  2. That is one nice Pontiac, and a great price too! Pete and Andy, you find the nicest cars. Thanks. John
  3. Ron, really interesting find. I love your work, and am looking forward to the restoration on you new Kissel .
  4. Roger, your work is amazing. I always enjoy your post, and the work that you do.
  5. Thank you Peter J. i'm glad you enjoyed the show on Hershey. John
  6. Steve, I remember back in 1969, a salesman who worked with my father owned a 1969 Impala 4 door Hardtop. It was Fathom Green with a black interior. That car made an impression with me. Just a good looking, well built car. John
  7. Keiser31, there goes the Jeopardy money!
  8. Terry, you have a cool collection of Dinky cars. Like the Desoto police car.
  9. hursst, the MG is coming along nicely. Great progress. Thanks, John
  10. Steve, Buick had two similar colors judging from the paint charts. Code # 1M-206 was Prince Blue Light, and Code # 246-6325 was Prince Dark Blue. Those colors appear to be what Joe's car was painted. Thanks. John
  11. The color on the Oldsmobile is 1932 Buick Prince Blue Dark