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  1. Don Garlits is a true gentleman, and his museum should be on folks list to visit. Wonderful history, and great displays of race cars, engines, Hot Rods, etc.
  2. Ted, congratulations on your First Place Award at the Grand Nationals. The Viking Helmet is a nice touch. John
  3. That is a nice kit Terry. They also make an assembeled 1955 Buick "Highway Patrol " car from the show of the same name
  4. Skvitt, Welcome to the forum. If your Buick is a running , original car, I would stay away from disc brakes, Chevy motor, etc. Don't get me wrong, it is your car, so do what you want, but there is a lot of fabrication involved when you are changing things from stock., and a lot more expense. John
  5. Terry, you spray booth looks great. I would spray in the garage with the door open. There is usually a vent to pull out the over spray and fumes, but if the garage door is opened, you should be fine. just keep your cars out of the driveway when painting. That could get messy.
  6. 58L-Y8, you are 100% right. I don't know why guys nit pick this car. It is an unchopped '39 Merc, with those one year taillights. Show it some love1
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