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  1. The '54 is a scarce Delray model from the 210 series. The Delray featured an up graded color coordinated interior. The fire wall is light green. Nice Chevy.
  2. Peter, for clean metal mounts, I would try Desert Valley Auto Parts , 22213 N. 21st. Ave., Phoenix, Az 85027. Phone number is 1-623-780-8024. A second place to try is Hidden Valley Auto Parts, 53501 W. Jersey Drive, Maricopa, Az. 85139. Phone number is 1-502-568-2945. Closed on Saturday and Sunday. I noticed there were a few early 50's Mopars in the yards. Good luck. John
  3. Peter, thanks for all your hard work, it is always appreciated. John
  4. That is a nice looking Plymouth. I owned a 1953 Plymouth, which is basically the same car as yours. It was one of the most dependable cars that I have owned. Great project. John
  5. Peter, I have dealt with Roberts Motor Parts in the past, and he is very knowledge when it comes to all Mopars. Another fellow also up in Mass. is Andy Bernbaum. Andy also deals with Chrysler products, and carries a large inventory of parts for your Plymouth. Good luck, John
  6. 36 Plymouth 40 Dodge, welcome to the forum. I would check Roberts Motor Parts, 17 Prospect Street, West Newbury, Ma. 01985. Phone # 1-800-231-3180, or 1-978-363-2026. Hope this helps. John
  7. Nothing is perfect, but striving for perfection, should be the goal. There is a lot of love and dedication in what we do, and if one project doesn't get the nod from us, we try it on the next. It's a learning curve. Look at what Roger Zimmerman does with cars both real and in scale. He takes his work to a new art form. This also includes Ted with the '32 Olds, or anyone else on this forum who shares their work with us. This is a great place for information, and thank God for folks who believe of perfection. It's all good!
  8. Funny to think about, when your Caddy was new, a 40 year old car was a 1940.
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