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  1. Thank you for posting the video, bill. Lots of great shots of the Elevated trains, the Staten Island Ferry., horse drawn wagons, and cars. Streets look a lot cleaner in 1911 than they do now.
  2. Don A485, during production meetings for any television program, the producer , director , and their team will work out details about the logistics of the show. The music is part of the details.
  3. Martin, it's a lot like life. Glad to see you're back on the Merc. John
  4. Thanks to all for the allerts
  5. Steve, Hope you are doing feeling better. Really nice work on the Chevy. Slow is good. John
  6. Trucks are a great part of our hobby. John
  7. The younger generation, by and large, do not work on their cars , so there isn't that connection . We always worked on, washed and waxed and babied them. Today, If they have to go somewhere they have Uber. Automobiles aren't that necessary to this generation. Course, that does not apply to all. I find that the younger folks if they are into older cars, they prefer Hot Rods, or Customs. There is a car club here in the New York Metro area, "THE RUMBLERS", who are of a younger group, that have a strong following with modified cars, and they are a great group of folks. My daughter loves old cars, and wants to buy one down the road. The difference is, she has been around old cars her whole life, going to Hershey, or helping me work on something. She even built a couple of models when she was a kid. I just feel that these are different times, with different interest. Swap meets have dwindled because of the internet. It used to be fun to take the family out to a show, go through the swap area, looking to find parts for projects. A lot of that has faded into history. A car show today has new Mustangs, Challengers, and Camaros., or Tuners. Just be positive, and spread the joy of old cars. When I drive my Studebaker around town, I will get a wave, or a thumbs up. That's fine by me.
  8. Matt, what a beautiful and rare Hudson.
  9. Outstanding Ted. The shot of the interior looks like it came right out a 1932 Oldsmobile sales brochure. Always enjoy your post. Thanks, as always. John
  10. Steve, that car is calling you!