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  1. In the movie "Palm Springs Weekend", the Hero drove around in a 1957 Mercury convertible with Steer horns on the hood. at the climax of the movie bad kid Robert Conrad runs the Merc off the road. The 1957 Mercury flips over and burns, but n ow it is a 1954 Mercury convertible on its top. Even as a ten year old kid watching the movie, I knew the difference.
  2. Steve, I would agree with Ted, and see if it can be blown out before you take the body off the chassis.
  3. Terry, interesting find. The vent post can be straightened out with a hair dryer, just takes a little practice. The paint on the car be color sanded. It is Rangoon Red, so there is no metallic paint to worry about. Fender ornaments and rear bumper can be found on Ebay. All and all a nice project. John
  4. Don Garlits is a true gentleman, and his museum should be on folks list to visit. Wonderful history, and great displays of race cars, engines, Hot Rods, etc.
  5. Ted, congratulations on your First Place Award at the Grand Nationals. The Viking Helmet is a nice touch. John
  6. That is a nice kit Terry. They also make an assembeled 1955 Buick "Highway Patrol " car from the show of the same name
  7. Skvitt, Welcome to the forum. If your Buick is a running , original car, I would stay away from disc brakes, Chevy motor, etc. Don't get me wrong, it is your car, so do what you want, but there is a lot of fabrication involved when you are changing things from stock., and a lot more expense. John
  8. Terry, you spray booth looks great. I would spray in the garage with the door open. There is usually a vent to pull out the over spray and fumes, but if the garage door is opened, you should be fine. just keep your cars out of the driveway when painting. That could get messy.
  9. 58L-Y8, you are 100% right. I don't know why guys nit pick this car. It is an unchopped '39 Merc, with those one year taillights. Show it some love1
  10. hursst, I agree with Laughing Coyote. You are close, fella. Very close. All your hard work is paying off. It's going to be one nice MGA. John
  11. Just jaw dropping, Roger. Body, or no Body, your work is something else. I have been building for years, and I am just stunned by your craftsmanship !
  12. Luv2Wrench, boy, you do great work. Beautiful paint job. John
  13. Great topic! I would pick 1959, as I started grammar school, and was aware of the cars in my neighborhood. On the corner , an elderly couple owned a 1949 Plymouth, that was always garaged. Even in 1959, the Plymouth looked brand new. Mr. Winney always owned Chevrolets. He had a 1958 Bel Air 4 door sedan, 6 cyl. stick. Mr. Hogan had a 1951 Mercury 4 door. Mr. Johnson just bought a 1956 black Plymouth Savoy 4 door sedan. Mr. Driscoll, owned a 1957 Oldsmobile 88 2 door hardtop. The Augustine family had a 1952 Brown and Tan Bel Air hardtop. The Horton's owned two cars, 1955 Buick Special Hardtop, that Mr. Horton would paint the tires with Blackwall paint to make the tires look new. Their second car was a 1950 Studebaker Champion Convertible. The Meyers had a 1952 Packard, 1956 Oldsmobile, and there son owned a 1939 Packard sedan. The Dyakoff's had a 1953 Desoto 4 door. and that was just one side of the street.
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