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  1. Luv2Wrench, the M.G. has really come a long way. The motor sitting in the chassis is a work of art. Real nice work. Thanks, John
  2. The Calais was an interesting car from Cadillac .At the time, to be able to get a Caddy without power windows and seat was unusual. Cadillac offered a car for people to move up from an Olds 98, Buick 225, Chrysler, or Mercury. Anyway you slice it, it was still a Cadillac. John
  3. I like the trim differences between the Premiere and the Connie . Nice clean 2 door.
  4. Roger, your work is so impressive . I love how the chassis is coming together. I enjoy all your post. John
  5. Ted, did you ever make it to Lansing to the Olds National?
  6. Welcome to the Forum. Good luck with the restoration. Very nice Plymouth.
  7. I owned a 49 Commodore 8 Club Coupe years ago. Step Down's are terrific road cars. The Eights have a cool rumble sound, like a small block with a racing cam. Last year for the Commodore and the Eight.
  8. Very nice Plymouth. Nice to see a 42, and loaded with options. Pretty car.
  9. Nice combination, Breezway and Overdrive.
  10. Any Wide Track Pontiac
  11. Martin, that is a lot of block sanding on the Mercury. Those are long quarters. That is a neat car.
  12. Roger, that was common practice with auto makers in those years to make the quarter r panels in two sections, and weld them together. I owned a 1960 Pontiac that had quarter panels that split along the upper piece of chrome trim that ran from the door to the taillight.
  13. One quote I remember from Tom McCahill was when a Packard Executive said, "We don't like you, but we respect you!' McCahill said that that was the nicest compliment he ever had.
  14. I remember the Hipano Suiza driving around the Queens/Nassau boarder back in the 70's. The owner drove it often.
  15. Roger, I love your attention to detail. Your work is very impressive. John
  16. Yes, John, "My Three Sons" used Pontiacs.
  17. Well, in its defense, despite the extra stuff, spotlight ., fuzzy dice, and aftermarket caps, that is a scarce Oldsmobile. I can't remember when i saw a 1961 Olds 98 hardtop.
  18. The F.B.I., CANNON and BARNABY JONES were Quinn /MARTIN Productions, They used only Fords, Lincolns, and Mercurys. Studebaker sponsored MR. ED. One of the more famous T.V. cars war the Gold Firebird on THE ROCKFORD FILES.
  19. I owned a '56 years ago. It was a great car. Nice to see a clean, solid Custom Royal.
  20. Paulie was whacked in a Packard.