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  1. That little bit of worry on your first long trip just adds to the adventure. I am sure it will go fine but good luck just in case.
  2. Beautiful job on a beautiful car. The grandkids in the rumble seat (with a big kid in the driver's seat) is the whole point isn't it?
  3. It all looks awesome. I am especially envious of the wind wings. It looks like you are getting ready to start your top as well since all the hardware is in place. I wish I had your energy.
  4. Because of the lug bolt pattern they probably share the same hub as my wire wheels. They would have been a possibility if I hadn't been able to save my rims. I bet the steel spoke wheels aren't that easy to find either. Mine take a really unique bolt that I can't find anywhere. I'm brainstorming ways to try to come up with a substitute.
  5. They do look awesome. Ivory was a good choice. I really like the turn table for striping.
  6. Looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing the body color and the pin stripes on the wheels.
  7. Hi Stakeside, In my original post, I was trying to figure out what I had bought. It was on the 21" wire wheels in those original pictures. DWollam identified it as a sports roadster. Since then I found the serial number on the frame and it is definitely made late in 1927. The 21" wire wheels don't seem to be very common. They are on a six lug bolt hub and used a nickel plated ring instead of individual clamps at each of the clamp bolt locations. Thankfully they share the same outer rim as the 21" wood wheels because I was able to purchase a set of the more common wood wheels to get
  8. I'm sure l'm not alone in having too many projects going at one time. I have jeep commando torn apart in the middle of my shop, a garden to get ready for planting, and we've been working on my daughters camper so she has a place to live while she looks for more permanent housing where her new job is about to start. All that without counting my job. So just to gain a little more space in the shop so I can start digging into the DB engine I decided to work on the rims and tires of the DB to get a pile of hardware, a pile of tubes and flaps, a stack of rims, and a stack of tires to combin
  9. Rich, Thank you very much for the feedback.
  10. Thank you for the response. I'm trying to get up the nerve to pull the head to free up two stuck valves and look everything over and drop the pan to clean it and check out the oil pump etc. before trying to get it fired back up. It turns over by hand and the previous owner said the guy he got it from had it running. Anything drastically different from the earlier engines I should know about or be ready for that you would suggest from your experience? I've owned it now for 10 years (shocks me when I see that) and it didn't look like it had run in quite a while when I got what was left of it.
  11. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which edition of the "Book of Information Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles" would be correct for my car. I was lucky enough to find the 18th edition dated June 1926 in a local antique store. It is great to read but does not include my engine. My car was produced in the second half of 1927 after July 1 and has the fast four motor. I'm assuming the 19th edition is the one I need? Any suggestions for where to seek one out, are reprints available? Thanks for any insight.
  12. Thank you very much for the information.
  13. Does anybody know any details about this car? It's an image I found when looking for DB pictures and inspiration. Since my car has been cut up and is not original, I am looking for ideas for how to create some cowl back body work. I like Bob Zetnicks car and I like skiff body type boat tails but this car is pretty good looking as well. Reminds of Dr. Suess's "Go Dog Go" cars. Only problen for me is that it looks like the engine has been move back and I'd prefer to leave mine where it is. Either way, I'm still interested in any information about the car in the attached image. Thanks.
  14. Thanks Stakeside. They are a nice carburetor also and clearly work well. Every DB of similar vintage to mine that I have seen or seen pictures of is running one. I may have a lead on a source for a few Stewarts near me. But since I already have the Winfield (because it came on the car when I got it) I just wanted to see what others experiences have been with one. Thank you.
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