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  1. So sorry to hear about the car. I completely understand the heartbreak. I'm heartbroken for you, it is such a beautiful car. I am sure you will get it looking and working just as good. Good Luck.
  2. Thank you. Congratulations on your car. I drool over the pictures frequently. I have been able to find a lot of parts for mine. It must have been very difficult before ebay and craig's list to find parts, but I run searches every day and watch new DB things pop up. I have two kids in college and a wife who isn't so excited about my project so I am trying to do a budget rebuild. It was a fairly rare car. A 1927 Sports Roadster. I bought it with the entire drive train but with a shortened torque tube and frame. The only body parts left were the cowl and hood. I have found a radiator co
  3. I love the car as well. I am working on a 1927 roadster that was cut into a doodle bug. I'm mosting collecting parts to get it back to being a car. The roadster you like is one of my go to's for inspiration. There are more pics and info in it at the two links below. https://news.classiccars.com/pick-day-1924-dodge-brothers-roadster/ http://www.grautogallery.com/vehicles/3710/1924-dodge-brothers-roadster
  4. That's a bummer. i already bought the wheel. But thanks for the info.
  5. Will a steering wheel from a 1926 fit a 1927 fast four? My 1927 has the spark and throttle advance on top of the steering wheel i think the earlier cars had the spark advance below the wheel on the column. Will the '26 wheel fit my '27? Thank you.
  6. I had a great day this past Sunday. I got to meet Loose nut and see his 1926 DB which is ready for the road. It was fun to share information, trade parts, make friends and get motivated to work on my car.
  7. Hi Loose nut, I am no expert. What I know I've learned from others on this forum. But here goes anyway. Yes, the number on your frame (right side near the rear mount of the front spring) is the cars serial number and should be what is on the ID tag. There are posts on this forum that you can find the serial numbers by year. When I purchased my car it was being sold as 1926. However, the engine and other things didn't match with the 1926 year. The serial number confirmed the production date as late 1927. Hope that helps. Good Luck with your car.
  8. Nope. I have not lost interest in it yet. The recent parts purchases have done the exact opposite. I am more fired up now than I have been since I bought it. I'm hoping to get a lot done on it this winter. Thanks for asking though.
  9. They are 21" wire wheels. It was definitely a Model 124 Sports Roadster. It will never get back to original. But the more close to correct parts I get, the more it makes me want to get as close as I can.
  10. Thank you. I did correspond with the DBC tech adviser( thank you Rodger) and with another member of this forum(thank you dwollam). Both individuals provided some great information, insight, and helpful photos. Enough encouraging info that I went ahead and bought a complete set of 21" wooden wheels, rims, and tires. I expect to have them in early October and I will definitely let you all know if it the rims fit.
  11. Haven't posted in a long time. Also haven't done much with the car. I have been collecting parts though. It now has all four fenders, a set of headlights, a speedometer(white face), a pair of 1927 NY licenses plates, a bakelite radiator cap and now a dog bone cap with motometer. Most o the parts have been found at antique fairs here in central New York, but a few have been ebay purchases or from cruising antique stores across the country on family vacations. I have a question about the split rims used on DB cars. My car has the 6 on 6" bolt pattern wire wheels. The tires are 21". Wil
  12. I have a 1927 model 124 with the same front snubbers as Steve showed in his photo. Mine are just the brackets mounted to the front axle. I do not know where the straps would have attached.
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