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  1. As you may imagine, I'm glad that the pump is ready. Such a small part and so complex! I'm pretty sure that it's not a 100% exact replicate of a real one; working with pictures is not quite easy. There is always one picture missing to see this or that detail or the relation between two elements! The first picture is showing the 3 elements for the pump's body. The hole in the center is the "fil rouge" as with an inserted shaft I had at least the correct position of the 3 elements relative to each others. The body on the second picture is ready and on the last two, the pump is installed on t
  2. With different pistons, you will have to balance the crankshaft/pistons assembly. I'm sure you know that!
  3. After a short vacation, the work resumed on the water pump. After the front cover, I began the rear part of the pump which is more or less flat. I silver soldered this plate to the "legs" which are attaching the pump to the block. I did a hole into that plate which is the axis for the impeller; it must be more or less aligned with the one from the generator. Rubber couplings are used at both ends as a solid shaft was not realistic due to the production variation. As I did not know how to continue the rear part, I did the pump's front flange; on the picture, this part is on the floor near the
  4. Yes, it's exactly that: small part, lot or work. The challenge to replicate a car from the thirties with a lot of castings!
  5. Finally, the water pump cover is ready. Maybe not ready for paint, but there will be only cosmetic improvements, if any. The "long" tube was done with a full bar; the end on which the rubber hose will be attached is a short tube silver soldered on the bar. That assembly was then silver soldered on the cover you saw recently. Other small details were soft soldered. It's now the turn to the main body for the pump. Again a battle to get it, but not as bad as the one in the Capitol.
  6. As I wrote earlier, I began the water pump. That damn part is full of curves; almost nothing is straight, with the exception of the attaching brackets to the crankcase. Even if I have many pictures from that element, I had difficulties to begin the work. Finally, I opted for the water pump cover. The base is now done but the pipe coming from the radiator which is casted with the cover is not yet done, because I don't know how to begin it. It has an elbow at its lower part, plus a provision for a petcock. It goes towards the crankcase, rendering it asymmetrical. Maybe I will take a bit of bras
  7. Thanks Mike! I hope that you had a safe beginning of the year 2021 and that your health is not getting worse.
  8. Finally, the valve covers were finished by adding the décor on top. The lines were machined with a very narrow milling tool and the décor soft welded on the cover. The original parts are aluminum, with the décor polished, the remaining surfaces being black. As my parts are made with brass, the covers will be chromed and painted like the original parts. The question I was faced was: with what will I continue? After switching between gear box and water pump, I opted for the water pump and the 3 water tubes, two on the passenger side and one on the left side.
  9. Thanks Neil! Not only on this forum but on others I'm active too, some people are beginning something and disappear. Life is sometimes not kind with illness, job's change, lack of interest/money and so on. I'm grateful that I had not too many set-back in my life. There are period I'm doing nothing, when we are going to our vacation's house. Sometimes a good opportunity to see and do something different!
  10. Impressive restoration. I'm sure the paint from the factory was not as well done as yours. The design of those Pontiac-Olds-Buick always pleased me. Of course, I never saw a Jetfire in Switzerland; I doubt that this model was exported.
  11. I hope everybody had a good start in that year 2021. Good news for the first update from the year. From a scale model forum, I got various suggestions how to do the bosses or ridges; while looking at those ideas I got the right solution: I attached the valve covers to a plate. This set-up allowed putting the assembly in the vice for milling. As the brass in sheets has not the same characteristic than the bulk rods, it’s more difficult to machine, therefore I had to be careful and mill only 0.1mm each pass until I had the 5 slices each side. To have the ridges or bosses perpendicular to th
  12. Even if I'm familiar with GM products, it's not possible to find the original color from the VIN. Is Chrysler different? I doubt. The body plate located on the cowl under the hood has no data about paint and trim.
  13. This will be the last up date for this year. I began the valve covers some days ago by shaping a brass plate as a "U" and silver soldering the shaped ends. As too often, it happen that I did one cover a tad too long! Fortunately, I could reheat one end, push the end cover away, shorten the main body and reattach the end cover. The base plate will be soft soldered because at this stage, silver soldering is too risky with such long parts. Once the main part and base will be soldered, I will have to decide how I will add the ridges allowing (on the real part) the screws to go through and torq
  14. The minor parts in front of the heads are now over. The ventilator pipes are not yet done, because I need the engine on the frame do do them. I don't know exactly at which "altitude" they end, I will find a way to determine that. In any case, they don't go extend further down than the lower frame rail. The oil vapors were sucked between the end of the heads and that "new" part at the crack which can be seen on the second picture. On the real engines, that space was greater because the casting was hollow. The water outlets have a pin at their top. The fluted rubber hoses will be inserted on
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