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  1. November 30, 2009 Not yet finished… ...and already something to repair? The hub from the front brake rotor is 0.1mm too large for the hole at the wheel center. It can happen when there is not enough precision! I had to remove the caliper to modify the rotor. For practical reasons, I could not enlarge the wheel’s center hole. Now, I have to do the same at the other side! December 01, 2009 The first wheel is ready. I had to modify the inside diameter because there was an interference with the caliper. I just have to finish the 4 other wheels, fabricate the wheelcovers and the tires!
  2. Many years ago, my father was a strong smoker. While driving into the car from my sister, they had an accident. As a consequence, my father had difficulties to breathe. He stop smoking from one day to another.
  3. November 23, 2009 After almost swimming into metal chips, I finished the 5 rims and began to do the wheel’s centers. November 27, 2009 There is a lot of hand held tool work, especially at the rear of the wheel’s centers. I have to be careful with the fingers and with the tool. There are vibrations and, if the tool is not held correctly, it can get stuck into the part to be machined. The secret with this kind of work is to take away a maximum of metal but leaving enough to have a stabile part.
  4. That's true. It's not ecologic nor efficient, but I cannot do differently. You will see again later when I will relate the construction from the fame and engine from the Cadillac V-16!
  5. November 11, 2009 We are continuing with the rim work: I’m now turning the inside diameter. There are bits of brass everywhere ! The machining of the rim is coming well along. On those parts, angles are never at 90°. The small tool is perfect to machine such surfaces at odd angles. They must be recorded to facilitate the work at the other remaining parts. The first rim is completed ; the weight is just 21 grams. For the 5 rims, I began with a 1 kg tube! Yes, there is a lot of waste.
  6. November 10, 2009 Something entirely different… ...but still for the same model: THE WHEELS! Not long ago, I bought some brass to do the rims; unfortunately, there was no tube available at that time, I took a plain stock. That bit of brass is heavy : 1 kg ! The beginning is to reduce the outside diameter from 40mm to 35mm. Due to the nature of the lathe, I cannot take more than 0.5mm each pass. If I’m taking more, there are too many unwanted vibrations. Once the outside diameter done, I will saw 5 slices a bit more than 13mm thick. They will be about 110 grams each. Once each rim will be ready, their weight will be just some grams, but I will have a mountain of metal chips!
  7. October 28, 2009 As I’m waiting small bulbs for my 57 Brougham (scale 1:1), I decided it was a good opportunity to glue the back window. I used instant glue to attach the window to the body; the molding is glued with transparent silicone. As the setting process is rather long, some tape was used to maintain the molding. When set, I will be able to remove the excess silicone; then I will be ready to glue the side emblems and the name plate at the trunk lid. The end is near !
  8. Thanks Paulie! I just noticed that the quality of the last picture is discutable...
  9. October 19, 2009 No, I did not sleep the whole month. Quite the contrary: the assembly from the model is near complete. Obviously some are still not there like the rear window, emblems and headlamp doors. And, of course, the heavy job is still ahead: new wheels, tires and wheelcovers. Here are some latest pictures, the second one with closed side window and the next one with open window.
  10. September 05, 2009 Bumpers installation and other details Once the body is on the frame, it’s time to install elements which could not be installed before this important step. The rear bumper was not an issue. 4 screws and it was done. The original car had more bolts, but not practical to install on the model. Once the back bumper is secured, it’s time to have a look at the front one. 6 bolts and it will be done, a small job. Well, it went not so easy : when I tried to attach the front bumper, it was without the radiator and other minor parts. Without too many difficulties, I could install 2 bolts. The 2 other ones securing the main supports to the frame are near the radiator and the nut must go between the radiator and the frame. On the right side, I had the impression to have more space which was true once the horn was removed. I did a special wrench to maintain the nut for a short time. Fortunately, the nut did bite immediately. For the other side, I had to remove the battery and use a thinner wrench. After a while, the nut was willing to bite. Both screws attaching the bumper ends to the front fenders could be screwed but the torque was not very important because the radiator was in the way, therefore the screwdriver was not square at the screw heads. Time needed for that bumper: about 3 hours! The LH door is just installed for the pictures. I have first to finish the installation of the side windows. It’s now obvious that the wheelcovers are far from mint! Since the previous post, I installed the master cylinder and booster.
  11. Wishing you good luck with the recovery. In your case, smoking is certainly not helping a lot!
  12. It seems that this process is time consuming. When I restored my cars, I did the short way: I gave the hundreds fasteners to a company which sandblasted them and plated them with zink. A few were lost and they were not so well looking than you washers.
  13. How did you remove the rust from the washers?
  14. The drilling hole: the nominal diameter x .8. For M3: 3 x 0.8 = 2.4 mm. With a 2.5mm drill, you were not that bad. In fact, you succeed! Remember, I'm using sometimes M 0.5 but into brass which is a material not as hard as steel. Anyway, when the tap get out without problem, I'm happy!