How to Build a Diode Generator Cut Out Replacement

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Thank you both for the encouraging words. I will monitor the battery and adjust as needed.


On a side not, the generator runs off a flexible disk mounted off of the water pump. 



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I might be going offline here but it is nice to know what to expect. I remember in the old days to quick check if the generator is charging, just use a jumper and ground the field. When I first started my 28 DB the generator was charging 10 amps and the next time it was charging 20 amps steady . I went on this forum and do not remember getting any help. WHY WAS IT CHARGING 20 AMPSTEADY ?  Well the generator burnt out. The restorer , I think A and E offered to restore it for me  No trouble since . The armature was burnt to a crisp and so was the field coil.  The field coil was grounding on the frame. One end of the field coil is attached to the cut out and the other end is attached to the frame through an insulated screw from which the flat brass strip forms the fuse holder. It so happens the  insulator was broken thus grounding the field apart from blowing the fuse. I am happy I had the generator rewired . After so many years the insulation breaks down  and causes lots of headaches. 

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