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  1. Was watching an old horror movie on TCM last week, Spider Baby. The biggest star in it was Lon Chaney, but he was driving a Duesenberg limo. Anyone else catch that, lots of shots of it even on gravel roads. I have to believe someone on the forum would recognize it. Here is a link to the trailer shows it a little.
  2. Just got back. Mostly model T and A, but I did see a few other makes. Beautiful area, nice folks, clean rest rooms. Felt good to be at a swap meet this week. Took about 2.5 hours to check it all out in one lap, but I always go back to see if the stuff I passed on first time around is still there. greg
  3. I have 4 Carter carburetors. Two barrel, 2361, and 2381. I think they are from Chrysler products. I cleaned out my father in laws shed. I really hate to scrap them, does anyone buy them, do they have any value? I am a VW and model T guy. If someone needs them for a project I’ll make them a great deal. Heck I’ll even throw in a crusty old Rochester Quadra Jet. Greg
  4. Can you share his contact info? I think I talked to him at Chickasaw a couple years ago and lost his card. Now I need a puller.
  5. Haven’t taken all the girls a ride yet, probably over the weekend. The clutch was great, takes a bit getting the feel but no problem.
  6. Took about 4 hours but we got it running. Took carb off and cleaned it, checked all fluids and ran great but only on battery. Would not run at all on magneto, don’t know where to start on the mag. Any help would be great, don’t know if it is switch or mag itself. I drove it and can tell you I see now the appeal of a bigger brass car, smooth as silk, power and decent brakes. I’m ready to trade my model Ts. As promised a couple photos.
  7. Well shoot, I made a mistake. I had 1915 on my mind. It really is a 1910, . Sorry for confusion but I think all comments are still applicable. 1910 Cadillac Demi Tonneau.
  8. Thanks for the answers. I really didn’t want to harm a good car. I’m more confident now. I don’t have any photos yet, when I checked it out it was winter and had some blankets and covers on it. I’ll be sure to post a bunch. The body is the Demi tonneau, finished in white, with white leather. I don’t know if the wife is ready to sell it she is more interested in just getting it out of the garage for a drive.
  9. A friend of my wife asked if I would start her fathers (15 ) 10 Cadillac for her and her mother. The car has been restored and it is a nice car. Before her father past 5 years ago he drained the gas, and coolant. The AACA library sent me a copy of the owners manual very helpful. Im a pretty decent mechanic but never worked on anything older than my 17 model T. Whole different animal. I don’t want to hurt the car trying to help out, So I have some questions. The car has a dual ignition so I guess I start on battery and switch to magneto. I see it has priming cups, do I p
  10. The grandson on his way to his first local show. And after the ride home, plum wore out.
  11. In my county in Ohio we have just had our first case, I still go to the parts store and hardware a couple times a week. I am retired and my wife still works so my routine has changed little. I take care of the house, cook and mess around with my cars. I do miss my daily trip to the VFW for a couple beers with friends but its saving me some money. It bothers me that the wife and her daughter are both nurses. They are both very good at what they do and take every precaution. The wife usually removes her shoes in the garage, strips as she passes the laundry room, and on to the shower in
  12. In 1985 I was a college student, working full time, just married, with an 88 dollar a month payment on a 1976 VW. Turned down a one owner 1961, 356 Porsche. An older fellow I worked with wanted me to have it. I did maintenance on it for him. Arizona car, no rust. just could not swing 1500,.
  13. I’ve used it on miscellaneous little parts over the years very happy. i was given a couple lightly rusted machinist tools, Starrett brand, a vernier caliper, a scale, and a protractor. I tried evapo rust on them, it worked but left the finish of the tool very dark almost black. Maybe it was the type of metal. I tried polishing but could not get the black off. Maybe I left it on too long.. greg
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