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  1. In my county in Ohio we have just had our first case, I still go to the parts store and hardware a couple times a week. I am retired and my wife still works so my routine has changed little. I take care of the house, cook and mess around with my cars. I do miss my daily trip to the VFW for a couple beers with friends but its saving me some money. It bothers me that the wife and her daughter are both nurses. They are both very good at what they do and take every precaution. The wife usually removes her shoes in the garage, strips as she passes the laundry room, and on to the shower in the basement.
  2. In 1985 I was a college student, working full time, just married, with an 88 dollar a month payment on a 1976 VW. Turned down a one owner 1961, 356 Porsche. An older fellow I worked with wanted me to have it. I did maintenance on it for him. Arizona car, no rust. just could not swing 1500,.
  3. I’ve used it on miscellaneous little parts over the years very happy. i was given a couple lightly rusted machinist tools, Starrett brand, a vernier caliper, a scale, and a protractor. I tried evapo rust on them, it worked but left the finish of the tool very dark almost black. Maybe it was the type of metal. I tried polishing but could not get the black off. Maybe I left it on too long.. greg
  4. Pretty active Model T Facebook group. I belong to it and to the other forums. I still prefer the old forum platforms, look at topics quickly and move on. I think it is easier to search for old post topics, so the same questions don’t get asked over and over. Ill join the AACA page to check it out.
  5. I still have a 56 beetle. We love it. Ive owned a VW pretty much my whole driving life. Too many beetles to count, could change an engine in about an hour by myself in the driveway, always kept a spare. Great video, I think someone was peeling onions when I watched it.... greg
  6. I posted that photo on the MTFCA forum. im sure someone over there will know. Probably someone has one. greg
  7. I guess mine has some. people love it and we drive it often, this was last Christmas Eve,.
  8. Looking for a friend. We are hoping for a rust free original. Must be short bed. Prefer V8. Thanks Greg
  9. I think that might be it Bud. I was told the parts were from a Barker truck. I haven’t seen them yet. Thanks for the help.
  10. Anyone heard of the Barker Motor Company? Made vehicles in the early 20th century. Internet search shows nothing. Thanks greg
  11. I borrowed an enclosed trailer from a friend when I took my beetle to the Grand Nat. last year in Greensburg. I knew he and his parents for many years, all VW enthusiasts, his parent passed away a few years ago. When I picked the empty trailer up he gave me a dime. He said his father would always do this for luck. I took home the trailer, loaded the car, and drove the two hour bumpy drive to the meet. We spent the night and Saturday morning when I opened the drivers door on the beetle, on the center of the drivers seat was a dime. Dont know about a haunted car but maybe a haunted, in a good way, trailer. It must have worked because I did get my Senior award.
  12. Love the license plate.
  13. Thanks all for the response. See you at Hershey. greg
  14. Forgive me for highjacking this thread but I have essentially the same question. I have been thinking about trying the driver participation class myself. I need some honest opinions. My old model T is really a driver. We do about 75-100 a week in it. It is basically an old car that sat in a collection since the 50s' and before that it was just an old car. Brush painted and rusty. I have mechanically made it a great driver, and when I go to shows in it people really love it. Please be honest with me, do you think this car is acceptable to be placed in DPC ? I have a car I show that has reached the Grand National level and I am working on another just miss bringing a car. greg