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  1. Pretty active Model T Facebook group. I belong to it and to the other forums. I still prefer the old forum platforms, look at topics quickly and move on. I think it is easier to search for old post topics, so the same questions don’t get asked over and over. Ill join the AACA page to check it out.
  2. I still have a 56 beetle. We love it. Ive owned a VW pretty much my whole driving life. Too many beetles to count, could change an engine in about an hour by myself in the driveway, always kept a spare. Great video, I think someone was peeling onions when I watched it.... greg
  3. I posted that photo on the MTFCA forum. im sure someone over there will know. Probably someone has one. greg
  4. I guess mine has some. people love it and we drive it often, this was last Christmas Eve,.
  5. Looking for a friend. We are hoping for a rust free original. Must be short bed. Prefer V8. Thanks Greg
  6. I think that might be it Bud. I was told the parts were from a Barker truck. I haven’t seen them yet. Thanks for the help.
  7. Anyone heard of the Barker Motor Company? Made vehicles in the early 20th century. Internet search shows nothing. Thanks greg
  8. I borrowed an enclosed trailer from a friend when I took my beetle to the Grand Nat. last year in Greensburg. I knew he and his parents for many years, all VW enthusiasts, his parent passed away a few years ago. When I picked the empty trailer up he gave me a dime. He said his father would always do this for luck. I took home the trailer, loaded the car, and drove the two hour bumpy drive to the meet. We spent the night and Saturday morning when I opened the drivers door on the beetle, on the center of the drivers seat was a dime. Dont know about a haunted car but maybe a haunted, in a good way, trailer. It must have worked because I did get my Senior award.
  9. Love the license plate.
  10. Thanks all for the response. See you at Hershey. greg
  11. Forgive me for highjacking this thread but I have essentially the same question. I have been thinking about trying the driver participation class myself. I need some honest opinions. My old model T is really a driver. We do about 75-100 a week in it. It is basically an old car that sat in a collection since the 50s' and before that it was just an old car. Brush painted and rusty. I have mechanically made it a great driver, and when I go to shows in it people really love it. Please be honest with me, do you think this car is acceptable to be placed in DPC ? I have a car I show that has reached the Grand National level and I am working on another just miss bringing a car. greg
  12. Thanks to all at the AACA who put much time into this. I would have preferred to have been back in production class but will make the best of it. <o:p></o:p> I guess we will see where I am in a couple weeks at Auburn, looks like back to 27B, '56 beetle, if anyone else is going stop and say hi. greg
  13. I have searched the forums but have not found anything related to incorporating our local club. What experience have others had in this? Some of our members have mentioned if a member should cause an accident all of the club members could be responsible if we were not incorporated. Would being affiliated with AACA make a difference, if we were a chapter-region would we be considered part of the AACA LLC? Thanks
  14. I didnt take my beetle this year because I didnt like where they were parking us in 04B last year. I also sent a letter last year to head of judging asking nicely for an explanation but never recieved a reply. I guess we'll all have to live with it. I thought it was nice to see cars of the same era all together, regardless of size. I'll continue to monitor this thread good points all around. greg kuhnash
  15. I am one affected by this change, and have to say the location at Hershey wasnt the best in my mind. First time I did see the new class in person. I will miss being with the mid 50's cars. I always thought it was a great way to view the vehicles, sort of gave you an idea of what other vehicles were on the road at the same time. greg