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    What is this car?

    Love the license plate.
  2. kuhner

    Driver Participation

    Thanks all for the response. See you at Hershey. greg
  3. kuhner

    Driver Participation

    Forgive me for highjacking this thread but I have essentially the same question. I have been thinking about trying the driver participation class myself. I need some honest opinions. My old model T is really a driver. We do about 75-100 a week in it. It is basically an old car that sat in a collection since the 50s' and before that it was just an old car. Brush painted and rusty. I have mechanically made it a great driver, and when I go to shows in it people really love it. Please be honest with me, do you think this car is acceptable to be placed in DPC ? I have a car I show that has reached the Grand National level and I am working on another just miss bringing a car. greg
  4. kuhner

    Brass Casting

    Can any one reccomend a person/compny who does brass casting? greg
  5. kuhner

    Moved to Class 04B

    Thanks to all at the AACA who put much time into this. I would have preferred to have been back in production class but will make the best of it. <o:p></o:p> I guess we will see where I am in a couple weeks at Auburn, looks like back to 27B, '56 beetle, if anyone else is going stop and say hi. greg
  6. kuhner

    Incorporating a club

    I have searched the forums but have not found anything related to incorporating our local club. What experience have others had in this? Some of our members have mentioned if a member should cause an accident all of the club members could be responsible if we were not incorporated. Would being affiliated with AACA make a difference, if we were a chapter-region would we be considered part of the AACA LLC? Thanks
  7. kuhner

    Ugliest Car?

    Friend just sent this link and photo. I dont know if its the ugliest car as claimed, but its right up there. http://www.rexfeatures.com/features/516925/
  8. kuhner

    Moved to Class 04B

    I didnt take my beetle this year because I didnt like where they were parking us in 04B last year. I also sent a letter last year to head of judging asking nicely for an explanation but never recieved a reply. I guess we'll all have to live with it. I thought it was nice to see cars of the same era all together, regardless of size. I'll continue to monitor this thread good points all around. greg kuhnash
  9. kuhner

    Moved to Class 04B

    I am one affected by this change, and have to say the location at Hershey wasnt the best in my mind. First time I did see the new class in person. I will miss being with the mid 50's cars. I always thought it was a great way to view the vehicles, sort of gave you an idea of what other vehicles were on the road at the same time. greg
  10. kuhner

    Moved to Class 04B

    Bill I know what you mean. Matter of fact I think I have been in the same group with you before. The good part of being in that class is we are always the first ones done shining our cars! Doesnt take long to wipe down a Met or a Beetle. Will be interesting to see what all is in that class. I was invited to a show this past September that had a class for compacts, in it they also included a few micro cars, made the old beetle look big setting beside some of those.
  11. For all you Fordophiles, check this link from Model T Ford club. Very interesting. Model T Ford Forum: 1912 ? model T boattail 6 cyl. one of a kind for sale greg
  12. kuhner

    "Special Award"??

    I found if you do not make it the first time, your car may be nominated again. My car has been nominated three times, and like the earlier two did not make it this year. Still quite an honor just to be nominated. The trophy for the best import is the S.F. Edge trophy ? The cars that beat me every time were well deserving. Think the last time I was nominated the two seat Bugatti from the Nethercutt collection took it. Saw the car at Hershey that year, no problem seeing who should have won!
  13. kuhner

    Car Lovers Flock to Fall Hershey

    Had a great time at Hershey. Been a few years since I had a car in the show. Seeing people comment on how fun it is to watch the cars coming on the field is cool. But driving into the show is really cool. Sort of like a parade, and you can hear people talking about your car, how they had one, how they wiish they had it on and on. Seeing people playing Punch Buggy is one of my favorites. greg
  14. How about this one. Horseless Carriage Club of America, Classified Advertising : For Sale Items
  15. kuhner

    1911 Ford

    Do you know what makes a 1911 rear end a 1911? I have a 6 rivet rear but am not sure what year it is. I presume it is a standard track. Dont know what the differences are through the years greg
  16. kuhner

    National Anthem

    Maybe a little off topic but, who is the guy who makes announcements all day. He certainly has a unique voice, and has been doing it for as long as I can remember. greg
  17. kuhner

    WANTED: Ford Model B motor

    Is a model B motor an aluminum flathead V8? Is that a '32 Ford engine?
  18. I am near Cambridge, about 50 miles due South on I77, if you bring it I down I could take it over for you. I am leaving early Thursday Morning, about 3AM, so anytime before then would work. greg
  19. kuhner

    Missed Meets in 2008

    I have gone to about the same amount of events, but it seems there are more to go to, almost every weeekend. I had a hard time getting a room for Hershey this year, first time for the years I have gone. Finally found a hotel, but not sure how good it will be. That leads me to believe more people are going to Hershey. greg
  20. kuhner

    Hershey Registration

    I registered online for Hershey before the deadline. But, I did not send my registration card in. I forgot and misplaced my card. Is there any way I can find out if the Hershey region has my registration and are waiting got my money? or am I SOL? I have been looking at this site and the Hershey Region site trying to get a name or email address. greg
  21. kuhner

    Hershey Registration

    Thanks. My goof up. Too much going on right now and little things slip through the cracks. greg
  22. kuhner

    Region or Chapter?

    Correction "Classof 53, in Ohio we have two regions. greg
  23. kuhner

    two speed rear axles

    Popular accesory for a Model T, Ruckstell two speed rear end. Ruckstell low was under drive and Ruckstell high was normal factory ratio. Let you run a higher ring - pinion ratio and still have some low eend pulling. greg
  24. kuhner

    U Coat it.

    Try looking through this forum, lots of people post their expiriences. http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/ I used a product called epoxy guard, or epoxy shield, cant remember. I am pleased with it, came as a kit, ortdered on the internet. greg
  25. kuhner

    Antique Auto Insurance

    Has anyone asked the question about others driving the car? If I remember correctly I think my coverage specifically mentions my wife and I are the only ones covered. I just recently bought a model T and I would like to let/teach other drive it. greg