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  1. I got my response today as well. Although mine was not as encouraging: “Unfortunately, we do not have build records for this model year in our files. These records were never transferred to the archives and do not exist within the company. “ At least I know now.
  2. Anyone get a response by email yet? I emailed Saturday with just a greeting and stating my intentions to get a card for my ‘26.
  3. Well said. I sent the email. We will see what she says.
  4. Thanks. I will add that I’m willing to take a broken one since I could probably fix it.
  5. Worth a look! Thanks for reply. I’ll PM you.
  6. Hello everyone. I’m looking for a factory am fm radio for my 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. I believe the model number is a Bendix 9FBBCC Thanks
  7. 2 Years later.... I moved the turn signals to the front. I just didn’t like the clutter and all the vacuum line needed to run to the rear. The new wires and vacuum lines run out of the cab through the cowl lights. The cowl lights are now non functioning dummies and I didn’t have to drill any holes in the body. I’ll try to take some close up shots of the wires and vacuum lines soon. To get the vacuum through the small holes of the cowl mounting bolts, I used very thin hobby brass tubing and epoxied them in place. The vacuum line is slipped on to these connections with one set of connections on the inside of the car and the other set outside the car inside the cowl light. These then exit out the back of the cowl lights and run up the windshield channel with clips for a clean install.
  8. Here’s some information I have saved on the subject:
  9. I tapped/chased the threads on the front of my ‘26. They had been smashed in real good. Bought a Chinese tap off of eBay. Worked well. 1 5/8-16 tap.
  10. Hopefully other members here can confirm that for you.
  11. Turns out I have two. One is much worse for wear than the other. And I’m not sure which mounting bracket is correct.
  12. I ended up finding the ammeter Machinist Bill posted a picture of. Currently installed in my Dodge Before I found the black faced ammeter, I ended up picking two white faced ammeters. One with the needle pointing up and another pointing down. My Dodge was built after they switched over to 6 volt, but before they switched to the white gauges. Before the fast four too.
  13. I might have one with the needle pointing down. Let me check my parts cabinet. I’ll get back to you after Tuesday. Possibly Tuesday afternoon. Is that the black faced type?
  14. Saw this on eBay, doesn’t exactly look like the other approved service signs I’ve seen. I believe this one below is genuine, see how the white border is thinner on the first one compared to the genuine sign.
  15. Do you have the width of the shade handy? I need one for my ‘26 Dodge. I’m at work, but in my notes I wrote I need one that is about 26 and 1/2 inches wide.
  16. Thanks everyone. Found. George at ROMAR found one for me.
  17. I had to do a double take when I read the title. I was about to run out and get something for pop. But then I remembered we just had ours. I didn’t know yours was in September. Happy Father’s Day to you Aussies.
  18. Yeah. eBay’s automated formatting of listings is terrible. I sold a few things that ended up going through their Global Shipping Program. I only found out when I got suspicious of the buyers address and Googled it. It was some sort of airport terminal halfway across the USA. The item got there okay, but I’ve heard bad things about it. I proofread very carefully my listings now.
  19. This sounds like the same guy (from Nevada) that tried to scam me about 3 years ago. Same story too. Dad died and left him (In my case) all his NOS Dodge parts. No pictures and money order required.
  20. Thanks for the advice. The picture is not my cap. I found the photo in another discussion on the topic from years ago.
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