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  1. MikeC5

    1923 Head removal

    Wow! It held the weight of all that for 4 days... Strong stuff! Maybe try some heat? Propane torch around perimeter of head?
  2. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Mine was rusted like that but I was lucky enough to get a decent pair (upper & lower) from Myers.
  3. MikeC5

    4 cylinder engine question

    Some form of dynomomater must have existed back then. The Ford Model T is usually quoted as having 20 hp (from 177 c.i.). Would the 36 c.i. make the difference between 20 and 35 hp? I suspect not but I'm not sure if compression ratios were similar. They're both L-heads and have similar induction. Maybe the advance curve on the Dodge?
  4. These are official Toyota (paper) manuals. In basically un-used shape. Only $20 for the set plus (your choice) shipping.
  5. Ha ha! I like that one...
  6. These cars were built during prohibition... Could be an owner-mod secret access panel for hiding hooch.
  7. MikeC5

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

  8. MikeC5

    1914-26 Water Pump Shafts

    Watching this video closely, It also appears the distributor drive end slot and drive gear slot are more/less aligned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8y0gjGofwU
  9. MikeC5

    1914-26 Water Pump Shafts

    We learn from our mistakes and confession is good for the soul... I did look around the shop to see if I still had the old shaft lying around but I think I machined some rivets from it. I think we can take some educated guesses though. The picture here shows the water pump before I touched it. The clean, un-corroded portion of the shaft must be where it was exposed to oil in the gear drive. The heavily corroded portion must be inside the water pump (rust from water and galvanic action from contact with bronze impeller). If correct, this would mean the right end of the shaft in my original photo was the aft end (I flipped it and re-pasted it here). This suggests that the gear drive slot and the end slot (where rubber coupler goes) should be aligned, although when I look closely there does appear to be some offset between the two... maybe 20 degrees? It's a shame I didn't have that photo in focus. I can't explain why they would have bothered to put the slot in for the fan drive out of alignment with the gear drive though. The moral of the story? You can never take enough photos of tear downs.
  10. MikeC5

    1914-26 Water Pump Shafts

    Hi Tony, The shaft I purchased from Romar had them all in line. Sorry I don't have a photo of the new one here is a (poor) photo of the old one. This is from my '25 which has the combined starter/generator and it appears to show 3 woodruff key slots in-line. The drive gear slot had wallowed out a bit. Hope this helps.
  11. It's great than you had a mentor/good friend to learn those skills from. The anchor is beautiful.
  12. You have put your well equipped shop to good use. Have you only done this kind of work as a hobby or professional?
  13. MikeC5

    1925 DB Car No. plate stamp size ?

    Here's another one. They were clearly not hand stamped.
  14. MikeC5

    Early DB Top help

    Thanks anyway Willie. I've got a lot of other work to do before I worry about the top rests anyway. I got a pair in a box of parts that came with the car but they seem a bit too small to (lengthwise) to grab all 4 top sockets (and that is without the roof fabric getting in the way) so I'm going to wait until I get the top on, then fold it down and measure what's really needed. The real Dodge ones seem to be as rare as can be so I'll probably just make do with a matching pair that are functional but not 'correct'. My car has had a lot of rust repair and won't be winning any trophies so I'm not concerned about that level of authenticity.
  15. You are doing a fine job there Matt. You have some great sheet metal skills. Was all this done with just a roller and brake? Or did you use an English Wheel?