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  1. I'm guessing it was once owned by a Dead Head.... Nice looking machine!
  2. Really nice work! I would be very interested in the story of saving the convertible with the coupe.
  3. Not being able to send pictures when almost everyone has a phone that can take photos and email them is a pretty thin excuse. I wouldn't trust it. Run away!
  4. Not being able to send pictures when almost everyone has a phone that can take photos and email them is a pretty thin excuse. I wouldn't trust it. Run away!
  5. Whew! Not my cup of tea but especially that '59 Caddy. Yuk!
  6. A trade for something more sane for him might be a good idea if it makes business sense for you. Otherwise, as much as I agree that the guy is a class A moron, I think you have to ask yourself if it's worth the stress on you? Yes, you could drag a lawyer into it but I hardly think that would be a quick solution to getting this out of your hair. Even if you end up losing a little money (no more than $1000), it may well be worth leaving this behind quickly. FWIW, I did drive an MGB in upstate CT as a DD for several years and with good snow tires and a sack of sand in the trunk,
  7. It does have a gas pedal. The broken lever could either be timing adjust or throttle adjust. The one on the left side is timing (which is really on used at start up to retard the timing, one started, it would normally stay in full advance position, up). It is aluminum so if you can weld aluminum, have at it. I don't imagine it would be too difficult to source a good used replacement (Myers)...
  8. Gary, that's a really good example of something that can be adequately modeled just by taking dimensions with a caliper. The 3D scanning is really only necessary if a part is complex with 3D curves, etc. If someone knew they were going to do this many times, it might be worth investing in a copy of AutoCad and learning how to use it.
  9. It's very cool that you have a matching pair (except for the tranny).
  10. I took a close look at the fan from my '25 and although I didn't remove the paint, a close look revealed nothing I could see with a magnifier. I'm still going to Zyglo inspect it. The construction of this fan is different in that a thicker material is used for the hub piece that includes the twist for blade angle and the fan blades are riveted on it. It seems like it would be more crack resistant. I have no way of being sure this is an original design to 25 but if it is, it might be an alternative that can be adapted to the later models. Let me know if anyone would like some dimensions.
  11. What a thorough job you're doing. It looks great! That is an uncommon but beautiful color.
  12. Have you seen the commercial now playing on T.V. where the couple is shown in a car dealership and the salesman dressed as an evil looking clown says "SO YOU WANT TO BUY A CAR!!" And the circus erupts... ? This is why on-line car shopping is appealing to people who don't want that experience. I have only once been able to stomach buying a late model used car from a dealer because they refreshingly didn't try to pressure you or play games (it was a Subaru dealer but I'm sure not all of them are like this). Otherwise, they were always the playing the same old games. Generally, I think buying
  13. Even with the wood sealed, I would expect there to be some movement of things when unconstrained. I think the wood still expands and contracts to some degree with temperature and maybe less due to humidity changes, if sealed. I imagine the wood grain density and other variables in a natural product can affect the expansion rates within a single piece of wood, resulting in some warping/twisting. Nature of the beast I would think. As long as it goes back in place when constrained on the frame I wouldn't worry.
  14. Your Bugatti 35 model is wonderfully detailed. How long did it take you to build?
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