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  1. https://www.ebay.com/i/114393673732?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-213727-13078-0&mkcid=2&itemid=114393673732&targetid=4580290572086399&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=&poi=&campaignid=403204655&mkgroupid=1227055191472610&rlsatarget=pla-4580290572086399&abcId=9300377&merchantid=51291&msclkid=114c40707af31d7daf471f02d39a2181 REPRO ONE ON EBAY
  2. So now my friend and I are going to move this car to his house. The owner needs the garage space. We are going to install a new battery and some gas. The last time we ran it I believe it ran out of gas. I am going to drive it the 10 miles or so to put it into storage (I have a "car capsule" that I am loaning my friend). I am still VERY interested in this wagon and now that the owner needs his garage maybe I can get it for a price more in tune with my thoughts. Plus, the car hasn't moved since we last went there - May of 2019
  3. Good for the seller and I hope for the purchaser, too. Maybe it was bought for a really good price as the ad said "HAVE TO SELL". In all honesty if I had some room I would have given it a look, too.
  4. I observed the following: There is overspray in the wheel wells as well as on the rocker panels (inside the front door jambs). It almost looks like the green was sprayed over the white paint. Also, if you look at the inside door area of the rear doors you can see where the green and white paint was taped off and painted green. It does not look like factory applied paint. Not sure if this was originally a 2-tone car. It could very well be. Also, need to see some pictures of the underside.
  5. Here's the link to the P15-D24 procedure: https://p15-d24.com/page/p15d24/tech/brakes.html/
  6. Joe Cocuzza


    Maybe even using a hair dryer to heat them up to make them softer.
  7. Joe Cocuzza


  8. Joe Cocuzza


    You should be able to slide the rubber end caps, the ones on the ends of the wires that go to the distributor cap, over the ends of the wires and then feed the wires through. Then replace the end caps.
  9. "I had several quotes all around the $10k range and a 6 month to 3 year time frame" I tried to warn you (just kidding) I had a feeling it was going to be "crazy" Joe
  10. Nice little car BUT.....it looks good at 1st glance. Can you say - overspray,overspray,overspray There is a bunch of overspray in the engine compartment and on/in the interior , etc. Look closely and it is everywhere - even on the radiator. If someone is going to "freshen" things up at least either mask off the surrounding areas or remove the parts (where possible) that you don't want to get paint on. Seems like the freshening was done in a hurry - which raises my alarm antenna Also, I spotted some rust in the rear wheel wells. If anyone is interested in this car I wou
  11. Thanks vintage1. Olsons made the gaskets for me and they are on their way. Joe
  12. Has the car been sitting for some time? When you rotate the engine does it turn and then stop when it gets to that #6 valve or can you keep turning it? You don't want to force anything if it stops turning. That can cause damage. You may have a stuck valve, too. Be patient!!!!! I see a lot of rust on that lifter and I know it's a tight fit in there but you might try to clean it up as best as you can with a wire brush or ???? Try mixing acetone and transmission fluid and soak that lifter by squirting the mixture directly on it. You probably won't get enough lubrication on it by po
  13. I forgot... I would also be interested in the fuel pump heat shield and the engine block breather down tube - the one under the manifolds. Joe
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