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  1. As far as the brake and front end parts are concerned... The 6 cylinder suspension and brake stuff will NOT fit an 8 cylinder car. The 8's used a heavier/larger brake/front end setup. Also, the 6 cylinder Town & Country sedans used 8 cylinder components as well. What Jack said about the hood/fenders for 8's & 6's is correct , too.
  2. Hi, These mirrors are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find intact. Most of the time the mirror heads are snapped off. IF you find a decent one it will be quite expensive. There is a guy that is now reproducing these at $1500.00 a pair. I was lucky enough to get a repro pair for $800.00 around 15 years ago. I have NOT put them on my car out of fear of damage occurring. Joe
  3. What about the Morris Woody behind it?
  4. If you think that's expensive a Woody wagon, from the 30's & 40's, with all structural wood can range from $25K to $35K for the wood alone. Even after buying the wood kit it all has to be fitted to the car, which is labor intensive. One size DOES NOT fit all.
  5. This one's gonna get me in trouble...... Boy, I told you NOT to take your sister to the Drive-In. Now look at what you went an dun. I can forgive you what you did to your sister but dammit I ain't a gonna forgive you for denting my Chevy!!!!!!
  6. Yep. Gotta remove the ends.Probably easiest to remove the caps from the distributor side and pull the wires through.
  7. Hi John, I know that you are looking for a pair of original fender skirts but I figured I'd ask anyway. - in case you cannot find originals. Would you be interested in a pair of aftermarket skirts that I have for sale? They can be found on this link: As noted on the box they will fit 42-48 Oldsmobile (except Series 98) Joe
  8. I am looking into buying a 1968 AMX and I would like to know what to look for as far as these cars go. I have ZERO knowledge about them so I need some sage advice. Thanks, Joe
  9. Nice bunch of cars. Annoying music......
  10. Hi Frank, I have a complete set of these support bars for your car in case you wanted spares. I also have the following for your car: NOS taillight lense - I would have to check which side. The 4 chrome strips that go below the taillights - very nice condition Some chrome stainless trim for the rear windows Tailgate window glass Backup light or lights - would need to check I may also have other stuff. I had a 1951 T & C wagon and I bought this stuff but have since sold the car. If you are interested in any of it let me know You can PM me. Joe
  11. Instructions on the bottle said "apply to a non conspicuous area to test the results" OOPS !!!!
  12. "Just what does the other lever do that doesn't shift anything and is quite loose?" That lever, as I stated in my previous post, is activated by the gear shift lever in the car. When going into reverse, the gear shift lever in the car is pulled TOWARDS you and then shifted up into reverse. When the shifter in the car is pulled towards you that activates or moves the other lever on the tranny. As far as your picture goes and what gear position you are in I cannot help you there. Probably best to move things around until you feel you are in neutral.
  13. From my own experience...... You should have the gears in NEUTRAL position when you reinstall the cover and the fork. (note: the levers on the housing should be pointing straight down when installed in the neutral position.) When I put mine back on I did not have the gears in neutral and the tranny would only go in reverse and bog down the engine. When I removed the cover again I made sure the gears were in neutral and reinstalled the cover - end of problem.