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  1. Left and Right NOS front parking light lenses for 1951-1952 Chryslers. These fit Windsor & Saratoga models. $75.00 for the pair plus shipping - will get a shipping quote for anyone interested in these Selling as a pair only!!!!! PM me Joe
  2. No update as of yet. We are waiting for the weather conditions to get better. We can't get the car out of the garage because it is "iced" in. The driveway is sloped towards the garage so getting the car out is impossible right now.
  3. Standard tire size was 6.40X15"
  4. You will need a pencil trace of the VIN # for Pa DMV unless you can bring the car to the DMV for VIN verification. That is for out-of-state titles. I know because I live in Pa. and I have bought cars from other states and they require the VIN trace.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I hope I do get a lot of opinions so I can weigh the response(s) and make an informed decision.
  6. Forgot to mention..... Went to car today and took these pics AND jumped the dead battery and got it running. Runs excellent - no smoke,noises, etc. So the car can and has been driven so it is roadworthy.
  7. Here are some pics. The white stuff on the door panels is just mildew which comes right off.
  8. My good friends in law has a 60 Lark Deluxe 4-door wagon he is willing to sell to me. It is ALL original and has what appears to be 21K original miles It is rust & rot free and still wears its original black paint. Has a few small dings here and there. The interior is original (red) and is in very good to excellent condition needing only to be cleaned. It has the 6 cylinder and 3 speed trans. and runs and drives very well. Can someone tell me a ballpark figure as to what to pay for this car. I do not have any pictures - maybe tomorrow. That will help evaluate the cars condition.
  9. Did you you remove the lower clutch pan cover 1st? That and the bell housing are 2 separate pieces and you need to remove the lower pan first. Also, because there are guide pins for the bellhousing sometimes you may need to use a large flathead screwdriver and wedge it between the engine block and the bellhousing and tap the screwdriver in with a hammer (gently) to back the housing off of the guide pins. Also, if you have a jack under the bellhousing you may have to relieve the pressure from the jack on the bellhousing so it is not cocked.
  10. Can't argue that. I usually do it your way but I neglected to mention the soaking part.
  11. That thin walled sleeve houses the throw-out bearing. You will have to have the new throw-out bearing pressed on to that sleeve. It is not "attached" to the transmission. When assembled the bearing end goes towards the clutch and the other end gets attached to the clutch fork. I believe there should be clips that hold the sleeve to the fork. Then the input shaft of the tranny goes through the sleeve/bearing and into the clutch disc/plate. Joe
  12. C Carl is correct. Before you try to turn the engine over or start the car here are a few tips: 1. Drain the oil and drop the oil pan and clean the pick-up and the pan - there is probably a good amount of sludge. Change the oil filter. Refill engine with new oil 2. Drain the radiator and the engine block - flush them out to remove rust and other stuff. Change the thermostat, hoses, etc. Refill with new antifreeze 3. Remove all of the spark plugs (label the wires so you know where they go) and squirt oil/WD 40 into each cylinder. Then turn the engine over - BY HAND - for several revolutions and then do it over again. Do this with the plugs out - it's easier to turn the engine. 4. Either clean the plugs,points,rotor and cap OR better yet just get new ones. 5. You might want to also remove the valve covers and pour some oil over the entire valve train. This will lubricate all of the rockers, etc and avoid them being "dry" when you go to start the car. 6. When all of the above are done and everything is back together you should crank the engine over for about 15-20 seconds or so, with the starter, BEFORE actually trying to get it to start so that you develop some oil pressure - if there is an oil gauge watch it as you are cranking the engine to see if pressure registers. Doing this will get oil to all of the moving parts before starting the car. (HINT - you can do this with the plugs out, too. It is less strain on the battery and starter) 7. Be patient as rushing into things could be - as stated above - VERY costly. BTW, I have some parts for your car - I will send you an email.
  13. Do you have a picture of what you need? Joe