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  1. Sounds like a nice collection. Do you do most of the maintenance yourself? 6 years ago I finally broke down and bought a 2 post lift. I’ll never go back…
  2. I found this post that indicates the magic number is 14 posts. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/363924-cant-create-a-pm-yet/ what cars do you have? What are you working on?
  3. I think there is an administrative forum that can answer that. I’ll check.
  4. Although it has an oil pump, it is not a true pressurized oil system. The pump brings oil to a galley in the block where it then fills pockets in the oil pan baffle that line up with the connecting rods. It’s basically a splash system at that point. That’s why the oil pressure gauge only goes to 4 psi. I use 10W30 and for the first few miles the pressure stays up around 4 but after it fully warms up it’s down in that 1 - 2 range at idle.
  5. I can send you a pdf copy of one (Alemite with strobe light). I’m not sure of the model number but it will probably be relevant to what you have. I’m away from home now and don’t have access to my home computer but if you can wait until 17th, I’ll email then. Please private message me your email.
  6. Are you sure about the 0.003 - 0.004" valve clearance? I thought it was larger but don't have my MIM handy.
  7. It's kind of a variable jet, similar to an SU carb, if you're familiar with those. The tapered needle changes the flow area depending on how far it sticks into the jet.
  8. No worries about scratching paint at that show….
  9. My car had a honey comb radiator when I got it. It would overheat after a few minutes of driving and I tried all kinds of things to unclog it. You just can't 'rod' a clogged HC, unfortunately. I finally had to break down and spend the $$ on re-core (flat tube). Now I use a 160 F in-line thermostat to keep temperature up...
  10. 'Tis a thing of beauty. You're on the home stretch!
  11. I don't see the point of changing AACA rules to older cars than 25 years. Even if you think to yourself "ugh, what is that thing doing here?" when a 1980 Plymouth Reliant shows up at Hershey, you don't have to be rude (nor do you have to visit that section of the field if it bothers you). So what? If they get a kick out of it and it isn't a hot rod, maybe seeing real classics will rub of on him/her and spark the interest to obtain one. Some might argue that this will eventually lead to a field with mostly newer cars and while that is certainly possible, it would also suggest that few newcomers are taking an interest in older cars (as present owners go to that big garage in the sky). Further restricting entry doesn't seem like it would help with that...
  12. Unless I had an EDM machine handy, I would never use an EZ-Out. I'm guessing that would mean scrapping the head unless it was something rare and costly to replace.
  13. I'm sure Ed is aware of this car but I thought other readers of this thread would find it interesting. I came across this 1917 Pierce Arrow in very original looking condition at Dragone's open house/car show from a few weeks ago. This is the first time I'd been able to closely examine a cast aluminum body. Patina but no rust! A very impressive machine.
  14. I was under the impression that if the automobile manufacture date pre-dates the use of _____________ (and it can be proven so), and the owner has legally registered it as such, can he/she be fined for things that were not required when it was manufactured? Lot of antiques running out there without catalytic converters or front brakes... I seem to remember the exception is if you want to have children as passengers, there must be seat belts retrofitted. The last one makes sense but I would guess it varies from state to state....
  15. It is fascinating to see how this goes together. You almost make it look easy!
  16. Whenever seeing this kind of thing at Wallyworld or the AutoZone/Discount Auto/O'reilly's, I have to wonder who buys this stuff? Now I know... To be fair, I did put some aftermarket mud flaps on my first car ('67 Mustang) that fit into this category nicely.
  17. It is kind of bizarre that it locks the trans in neutral. I guess they were only trying to prevent someone from hopping in, hot wiring it and taking off.
  18. Welcome GhostDog and congrats on the purchase. Before you start taking things apart, it could be that the previous owner put regular 80W gear oil in the tranny and it will leak more readily that the thick stuff that should be in there. Many people use 600W Steam Cylinder oil or something similarly thick (some use STP oil treatment). There are many threads that focus on this subject in this forum. The thicker oil is much less prone to leaking out and even if it does, it will be a much smaller leak. Maybe I'm lucky but my car has no tranny or engine rear oil seal leaks (knock on wood). The rear axle does leak though, from the brake rod holes (the rods that pivot when lever arm is pulled by brake pedal rods). Post some photos of your car when you get a chance...
  19. This thread should help with the transmission lock. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/168906-transmission-lock/?tab=comments#comment-824554 Congrats on the purchase. It looks like it will clean up well. Luckily, carbs and vacuum tanks are not too hard to source. There are two vendors that specialize in the early Dodge parts; Myers Early Dodge and Romar. Just google 'em.
  20. Great Gatsby anyone? For what it's worth Matt, I agree with your decision. Getting an ulcer or heart attack over prolonging a stressful situation is not something I would do, even if I lost a little money in the process.
  21. I guess I've been lucky that I've had no problems and am using the original vacuum tank and carb (which are not on the same side of engine as the exhaust).
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