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  1. Looking great! As it is a British car, I just had to do this partial translation: “. . . Once that is complete I should be able to get the car properly assembled sans bonnet and wings. Once complete I can drive it out and park it in the main garage and then have the whole shop area to do the bonnet, wings, petrol tanks and misc. . .”
  2. My plug-in hybrid has a 12v “auxiliary battery”. It is used for things like the lights when the car is off and to run the computers until the DC-to-DC converter starts up when the car is turned on (12v battery is charged from the DC-DC converter). When the car is off the high voltage batteries are disconnected via a contactor/relay. The 12v battery needs to have enough juice to run the computers and to run the contactor/relay to engage the HV batteries or the car won't start. Since the HV batteries are disconnected when the car is off they don't drain, at least not very much. But if you leave
  3. What would such a "give and take" involve? Given a discussion that is between facts and falsehoods how do you persuade the other side that they are the ones dealing in falsehoods? People can get very entrenched in their views and won't change them even in the face of what an unbiased outside observer will conclude is true given the same information. As a retired engineer, my take is that the best we know about nature is the current scientific consensus. It might be wrong, but it is the best we have. Current scientific consensus is that human caused climate change is occ
  4. On the mobile view getting back to the top to get to the "hamburger menu" to mark everything as read can be a pain. On the desktop view, where it is easy to get to the top of the page, there is a link for that at the bottom. I think it is all in the CSS because if you reduce the size of the window on the desktop version it eventually switches to the mobile view in a way that I associate with CSS (though I haven't actually looked at the HTML, JavaScript or CSS for this site to be sure).
  5. I guess my ad and tracker blocker must block the paywall too. I have no problem accessing that article.
  6. 9 cents per kilowatt hour during the “super off peak” rates that start at midnight. That is if you have the residential time of use rates for EV and plug in hybrid cars. This is in California in the San Diego Gas & Electric service area, one of the more expensive service areas in the state. My plug in hybrid will start charging itself in an hour from now while I am fast asleep and be full up for tomorrow by the time I wake up.
  7. I guess I should have phrased it more like “I haven’t been as worried about operating a nuclear plant safely as with the disposal of the waste.” There is an article today that says battery development is happening at a pace that will make EVs price competitive with fossil fuel based vehicles in 3 to 5 years. That is price competitive without tax or other incentives. That reinforces your “(3-10 years) alternative fuel vehicles (mostly electric cars) will dominate new car sales” prediction. Though I take exception to your statement that gasoline powered cars “will be virt
  8. Despite Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi I have never been too worried about nuclear power plants operating safely. Though I suppose with lessons learned from those disasters, newly designed and built nuclear power plants could operate with less chance of major accidents than current ones. But nobody I’ve heard or read about has a plausible plan to deal with the waste. Waste that will be dangerous for longer in the future than the entire history of civilization. Yet we are creating stuff that will take thousands of years to become safe. Such hubris to think we can
  9. I know someone who has a Toyota Mirai which is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. And I've seen some others on the highway. They exist. I personally have some doubts about the technology, specifically in the area of high pressure storage of hydrogen. But that is a whole different topic about whether they exist or not.
  10. It is the typical thing to do if the car is messed up and hard to start and you don't know how or don't care to fix it properly. First thing to check are the battery cables. Modern 12v cables are too small to carry the current needed for a 6v starter. Next thing, a bit harder to fix, is a worn out starter. A worn out starter can bind on itself. If so then it needs rebuilding. Note: If some PO tossed in an 8v battery they may have also adjusted the voltage regulator. So when putting it back right you should check the charging system and see if it is set up to
  11. An EV or a plug-in hybrid in my area isn't using any coal generated electricity. The most recent document I can find in a quick search is for 2018. At that time my local electrical company claimed the following mix of generation: Renewable: 43% Coal: 0% Large Hydroelectric: 0% Natural Gas: 29% Nuclear: 0% Other: <1% Unspecified: 27% ("Unspecified" is described as meaning "electricity from transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources."). Things vary quite a bit by region, but nationally coal i
  12. Wow, it isn’t taking long for this thread to go off track. From my reading of the article, I think you did. That is where I first saw it the other day. My interpretation of the article is that that plug-in hybrids act like hybrids if they are not plugged in. And when running as a hybrid they get about the same fuel economy as a hybrid. Which is pretty obvious. And, apparently, there are people who will buy a plug-in hybrid even when they don't live where they can plug it in and maybe they never intend to plug it in. This bring
  13. Any idea of the back story on this photo? The clothing style looks very 1920s to me but the cars are much earlier, seems like they would have been considered obsolete if not antique at the time the photo was taken. And it is obviously some sort of event.
  14. The accelerator pedal should be available through the usual vintage Mopar parts suppliers. The engine mount too, though I'd probably get your current one revulcanized instead if I were you. Then and Now Automotive (Antique Auto Parts Cellar) has a revulcanizing service and might have the pedal. Looks like their website is being redone and is currently broken, so a phone call is probably in order. I have a list of vendors I've either used or heard of on my website that might be useful for you.
  15. I used to live in the Santa Monica Mountains and fire was a real concern. Had two big fires go through the area when we lived there. Hard, hard choices. Best of luck to you. One of the fires started while we were away and we couldn't even get back to the house to get things if we wanted. I currently have a hardened (x-ray, water resistant) USB storage device on my key ring with my car keys. On it, in an encrypted file so I don't have to worry if I lose it, are electronic copies of most of my important documents (insurance, wills, trust, password and log in information for all accou
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