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1950 Crosley Farm O Road Restoration and more

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What a wonderful show in Gettysburg today!  Was surprised to get a First Junior and a National Award Nomination!!  Wasn't expecting that.  Thanks to the AACA and all involved for a wonderful meet!  Great to see you Chistech and thanks!!!  Ted, you are a great guy too!!!

Now to get a picture to send in.  Any suggestions???



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19 minutes ago, dalef62 said:

That is not mine.  Belongs to fellow Crosley club and AACA member Jeff Gladden.  But nice article.

I hope both ignition keys are different when they're parked side by side at a show!!



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Taking on a customer's 1948 Chrysler Windsor.  I have had the engine and transmission for several months and now I got the car in today.  I will be installing the drive line and getting it drivable, then send it back to the owner.  It is a one family owned car in very good condition.  

Just a tad bigger than the Crosley FOR.








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