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  1. Looks like another great project Eric. I enjoy your updates, very detailed, will be following this one! (Maybe it will be enough to convince me to drag my TR3 Triumph out of storage and get started on it?? )
  2. It does sound good! Ready for a long trip!
  3. Yep, that's where I saw it! Cool car, especially enjoyed looking at that big Nash engine.
  4. Saw a very very similar Nash at a cruise-in here in North Carolina about a month ago!
  5. As for the photos, I wouldn't take 'worse' photos. The ad photos should overall flatter the car. If someone local sees it and comes to look at it, then they can see any small "defects" for themselves. But if someone is interested but not within reasonable driving distance, you can send them more detailed photos. Besides a head gasket and exhaust manifold gaskets, you will need a set of intake gaskets if you tackle the job of pulling the head.
  6. Hi Eric, good to hear from you! Yes, I remember the trials of moving to a new house, always something to do, always something the spouse wants changed. Just keep trying on selling the car, the right person will come along. The valuations did take quite a jump, based on what you posted. I always liked the '52 styling, but I know years ago when I got into Studebakers they were considered as not very attractive (some called them 'clam diggers'). But over the years, folks have come to appreciate the styling, especially the hardtops. Plus, a lot of new people in the hobby now that are looking at these cars in a new light. What Studebaker part number bendix are you looking for?
  7. Herman, I would suggest posting your question/needs on the Studebaker/Erskine/Rockne section of the AACA forum. Here is a link: https://forums.aaca.org/forum/21-studebaker-erskine-rockne/ There are many people knowledgeable on Studebaker & Rockne parts availability that frequent that part of the forum. Good luck!
  8. Check out this site, 'Binder Books': https://www.binderbooks.com/196475lightdutyservicemanuals.html
  9. It already is ..........265 Chevy, so surely the trans has been changed too. Probably also the rear axle. If the dash/gauge modification is any indication of how the drivetrain transplant was done, those mods might be pretty crude.
  10. This thread is 11 years old, and the original poster has unfortunately passed away.
  11. I applaud your perseverance on this project! More pictures please.................
  12. I was able to get right to Don's website. Try this link: https://donsautoparts.com/
  13. He says he is going to save the "cool stuff", but I'm not sure what his definition of "cool stuff" is. Vern was a source of hard to find parts for a long time, but time moves on.
  14. Welcome! Great to have yet another old car enthusiast in North Carolina.
  15. Hi Eric, Just wondering if you still have the Studebaker, and if so how is it doing?
  16. On the subject of radiators - my '64 Studebaker Hawk ran hot from the time I got it. Had the radiator cleaned, no change. Finally took it to the oldest radiator shop in the area and talked to the guy that had been there 50 (!) years. He put it in the tank and flowed water thru it, said it definitely was not clogged up. But he showed me where the copper fins (corrugations) between the tubes were all loose, and said that was the problem with the radiator, no fix except a recore. Put a radiator in from another Studebaker that I had (that had tight fins/corrugations), and presto the cooling problem went away. Anyway, something to look at on your radiator. Probably not the issue, but you have hit the most common potential problems, so time to think somewhat out of the box.
  17. Hi Frank, any progress on the Nash lately?
  18. I'm looking forward to some car shows this year too! Glad you were able to get out with Maude.
  19. Looks like you are moving right along Mike. But that bill for the bearings, wow! 😮
  20. Good work Frank. You have quite the knack for determining a fix and getting it done quickly. And, in a lot of cases, inexpensively too!
  21. It's ALIVE!! Great news Frank. And the video looks fine.
  22. cevensky, I'll admit that I've never liked fender skirts................but your car looks really really good with the skirts on! It accentuates the long low look of the car. 👍
  23. Sounds like it's time to sit down with the parts manual(s) and do some comparisons!
  24. Listed on Facebook Marketplace in the Albany NY area by "Packard Guy": 1920s to early 1930s Studebaker Engines, 6 and 8 cylinder, Also transmission, front ends and rear ends Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/157391632763814/ DISCLAIMER: I don't know 'Packard Guy', I'm not the one who has these parts, don't know anything more about them then is in the ad. I can't answer any questions about these parts.
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