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  1. Did some more work on the hood today. I was able to get the brazed nut off and everything cleaned up. I made a new nut out of some 1/2" square bar stock. After getting everything all straightened back out it was time to weld it all back together. I have to get my other welder out to finish the welds up. My shop welder doesn't like the thin metal even on the lowest setting.
  2. These cars are pretty cool and all hand built. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/research/arizona-man-makes-dwarf-cars-out-of-refrigerators/ar-BB1fYzNV?li=BBnbfcL
  3. As I said, the fun just started. After a break I was closely looking at the hood bolt mount areas and they didn't look factory to me. There was brazing all around one threaded hole and the ones on the other side look about the same. Sure enough someone did some repair work on the hood mounts. Why? don't know. I have one hole that is factory so I will have to go with that and fix all the others to match. And I wounder why the hood never sat right.
  4. Since my neighbor went to Ohio to see family for a while I washed my tractor this morning and parked it in his shop. That freed up some room for me to work on hood. After digging the hood out of my trailer I started by removing most of the hood insulation. Still have more in the front to remove. There are some spots where it's stuck good still. The fun part is removing the black tar stuff. It's a mess to remove. I also was looking it over and found a lot of things that need attention. The hood mount on the passenger side is pretty messed up so that will take some work to straighten out. The fu
  5. I think we have a bigger problem than a gas shortage. It's more a common sense shortage.
  6. Didn't you make a tool that can make a radius? Couldn't you use some hex stock and turn down one end and thread it and radius the other? Leave some hex under the ball so you can wrench it into the casting. Cut the old ball off the casting and thread it. Could even jamb nut it for some adjustment. Just an idea.
  7. Don't get down on the slow progress. You're chipping away a little at a time. You will get there. I get slowed down all the time on my progress too because life gets in the way.
  8. Good job Chistech. Love it when it all works out.
  9. Neat looking car. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/cto/d/paulden-marmon-roosevelt/7311369361.html 1929 Roosevelt built by Marmon Motor Co. This car was made in honor of Theodore Roosevelt. Porcelain badge in the radiator shell is image of Roosevelt. An older restoration that could use some upgrading. 201 cubic inch straight eight engine. Runs and drives. To many cars and getting to the age that some need to go. This is a rare car. I have been told that the Marmon Club knows of about 100 left. Some critter damage to sides of front seat cushion.Price is $12000 firm. Call Monte
  10. Here is a nice one out in the SW. $6000 https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/tucson-1963-cheverolet-corvair/7305949793.html
  11. Thanks for answering my question. I'm sure they will turn up. Think of the place where you would put them so they wouldn't get lost when you took it apart.
  12. Question for you Chistech. Is there a filler panel that goes under the front grill screen? The lower part of the grill?
  13. I could be. When ever you get time maybe you can PM me pictures and specifics. Thanks Dave.
  14. Could it have an eccentric ring or lobe that moves the chain assy as you loosen or tighten the bolt?
  15. Looks like it was set up for some snow removal. That will be a fun when it's done. Be the way, what's the story on the black Ford Falcon in the foreground Dave?
  16. The amount of paint and clear I used today to paint the Merc's roof I could've painted your pieces like 6 times over. Looking good Jeff, you will be done in no time.
  17. Thanks Bleach! The over spray on the rear quarters will be sanded and covered with at least two more heavy coats of primer to get the imperfections fixed. Plenty to do yet.
  18. After a long pause of not working on the Mercury due to weather, the business, and several home projects I got to work on it today. I decided to paint the roof. since there wasn't much to do and I have the paint. I did the final sand with 600 and got it done. It came out pretty nice. Is it a perfect pebble beach paint job? Well no, but it's a nice local car show and driver paint job. The little things I see should come out once I cut and buff. After the car is done I planning on driving the wheels off it. Feels good to get something done. I think the next thing is the hood so I can get the
  19. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/d/scottsdale-1923-reo-6-door-convertible/7307674240.html 1923 REO T-6 4 door convertible Phaeton touring, very complete except interior, 6 cylinder overhead valve engine 3 speed floor shift, does not run. Body is very solidhas surface rust but not rusted out. Most of the interior wood has been replaced along with new running boards. A very good car for yard art or could be restored. Sold with bill of sale as is where is with no tires, located in Scottsdale.Price $3,800.00Calls preferred Jim
  20. dei, can you get the transmission off of the engine? I would find a plastic tub to put the engine in, rig up a misting system with pvc tubing and misters. Then get a little fountain pump and hook it up the tubing system. Then fill it with enough evapo-rust and cover it with plastic sheeting. (like a tent). Then let it run for a few days and see if it eats away enough rust to free it up. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but you never know. You may save it enough to rebuild it some day.
  21. Looks like vintage ET slotted mags.
  22. Last weekend it was removing 4 tons of gravel from the back yard with a shovel and wheel barrow. Then adding 2 tons of 1/4 minus back into it and compacting it. I couldn't use the tractor so it was a fun time no less. This weekend I started to put in my new green carpet. I will be taking a day off to let the old body recover some before finishing the last little bit. Fun times.
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