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  1. That sounds a lot like my world lately. You just try to do one simple task and it just goes down hill, and fast sometimes. I guess as you get older the things you use to be able to do with style and grace just takes more thinking and taking more time to get the same results as them younger years. Don't be hard on yourself. You will get it.
  2. I had some left over 3/8" thick steel plate so I decided to make some hooks for the tractor bucket this past week. Today I swapped out the marker lights on the trailer to LED and they're nice and bright. I also cut some air pressure stickers on the vinyl cutter for the trailer rims. I put some on the tractor rims too.
  3. Well nothing too exciting. Installed my new K&N air filter.............for my house air handler. Comes with a lifetime warranty and it makes the air flow sooooooooooo much faster now. Even came with a sticker.
  4. I like it. Nice body lines and the chrome spokes and red rims really give it style.
  5. You could've used cash and saved yourself a whole .10 cents per gallon. That would be like lotto winnings.
  6. With your talent it shouldn't be an issue for you. We'll all be watching. No pressure.
  7. Looks like a lot of work, but fun work. With all that machine work and pictures I thought I was on the wrong thread.
  8. The company I go to for auto paint does it all the time. Not cheap since it's automotive grade paint. I was quoted $45 a can with a minimum of 3 cans. I would call around like TAKerry suggested for costs.
  9. All done! Next up, changing out the marker lights on my box trailer to LED's. Always something.
  10. Finished up the hitch today. Added the gussets and cleaned it up, primed, and applied a black metallic paint followed up with two coats of clear. Looks so nice I may just put it on a shelf. Tomorrow I will have to see how it looks on the truck.
  11. More work on the hitch today. Just have to cut some gusset pieces and finish it up. Then some paint and clear and ready to tow. I figured up I will have $80 plus time in it. I don't mind the time part since that's the fun of it and it will be a lot better than something made in India, China or some other far off land with sub par materials.
  12. I cleaned up the hitch metal with some Vapo-rust and it came out like new after a day of soaking. I then put the material on the mill and squared off the ends and got to drilling the holes. With the holes all finished and de-burred I have to cut the upper part off and clean it up. I will pick up the rest of the material tomorrow and get it knocked out.
  13. I decided that I needed a new hitch for my truck since the one I have now is one of those adjustable aluminum ones. It's been a good hitch with no towing issues, but I didn't really like how loose it always fit in the receiver and moved around. After spending time surfing the web world and seeing the extremely high prices for a good built adjustable hitch I decided I will just build my own. I bought the ball assembly from Amazing-zon and looked over my steel rack and I found a nice thick wall piece of square tube that will work nicely. I have it soaking in some Evap-o-rust and once it's been de-rusted and sand blasted then it will have a meeting with the Bridgeport. I will have to visit the local steel yard and find me a nice piece of 2.5" square tube and some 5/8" solid stainless steel rod. Will update as I go.
  14. That $10 bed just increased your value on the old White. The way used car prices are climbing you can get big money now.
  15. If he still has the old chain then he can count the pins on that and see.
  16. You'll get it Matt. I would make sure that the tensioner has free movement up and down and the spring is not binding, bent, or worn and is working properly. Check and recheck everything before putting it back together. We all know it's a pain in the a$$, but we're all pulling for you. If we all could be there to turn wrenches and help we would. You got this.
  17. I'm not an expert, but I think they should be lined up. If they were both suppose to be at 12:00 then it's way out of time and probably wouldn't run at all. It ran fine before you tore into it so I would say your just a few teeth off since you were messing with the timing chain and it may have moved. I'm sure an expert will chime in.
  18. Looks like he's driving it like Ed would, like he stole it. Grinding gears and running through the grass.
  19. That does suck!! While you're in there do a good double and triple check of everything.
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