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  1. I don’t have near as much experience as so many others who will likely comment so if I’m wrong thats my excuse, but with that in mind I wouldn’t mess with it. If you greased it well enough (which you did) it will be just fine forever and I think messing with it could do more damage than good. Keep the updates coming
  2. We have a 1948 Chrysler Traveller/ Windsor that is in need of a fuel pump and I am wondering if anyone has had any luck in finding one at a local parts house. If so what part number or vehicle was it listed under? Thanks.
  3. This is kind of off topic but hearing this about Mass sure makes me glad to live in Utah, here you sign up for vintage vehicle plates or even standard issue plates and they just take your money and give you plates. Even getting a title is pretty easy.
  4. I love flatfender jeeps, usually I prefer that people keep the original body when they restore them but I really wouldn’t blame you if you replaced that tub. What engine is in it? F134?
  5. I almost wonder if that engine was run with oil that was lacking in zinc. But that’s just a guess
  6. I feel your pain, I collect early jeeps and often just when you think you’ve gotten all the problems resolved more seem to roll in like oranges. I have no doubt with all the ingenuity and skill you’ve shown that you’ll be cruising around in no time.
  7. This is a shame but definitely not too far gone to be repaired. My father has collected plates for decades and I for at least a decade. There are a few professionals in the business who we have had redo ultra rare plates and have not let us down. If you are interested I can give you his contact
  8. “Just needs a little tlc” or my personal favorite “easy fix”
  9. So what do you use today, I can’t imagine there could be much rocket fluid left if any at all
  10. Beautiful work on those wheels! I can only imagine how long it took to clean them all off.
  11. I bet you are glad you took the time to drop the pan
  12. Nice progress, it’s always a relief when things work out at the DMV
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