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  1. That thing is in amazing condition! And really cool with all the law enforcement equipment still in it.
  2. I hope that engine runs as good as it looks!! Congratulations for this big milestone.
  3. Possibly if you heat the piston, and freeze the bushing, and work quickly, that may help the situation. On heating the piston, maybe heating slow in an oven to 200 degrees or so?
  4. Looks like Eric has his Commander up for sale on Craigslist: https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/cortaro-1952-studebaker-commander/7043689739.html Good luck on the sale Eric! You have really done a lot of nice work to this car.
  5. Got a couple of sets of different types of gloves for working on the cars (totally wore out my other ones 😊), a gift certificate to Northern Tool (time for a new 90 degree die grinder), and a cool DeWalt LED light (less battery). Not cool car parts like you got Dale, but tools to help me work on them.
  6. This is an example of why I follow this thread - I'm learning a lot of things! For example, the rough side versus the shiny side of the circlip - didn't know that. Thanks Mike, you posts are very detailed and informative (and entertaining). 😊
  7. Great family picture, 48! Your kids will get a learning experience that few others of their generation will ever get. Safe travels!!
  8. Nice, great start to a project. Are your plans to keep it original?
  9. Wow christech, your woodworking skills are AMAZING! 👍
  10. Thanks Dale for the education and pics. I understand now.........did not realize that the block (with cylinders and head surface) and the crankcase were separate pieces on both the COBRA and CIBA engines. And the crankcase pic you posted shows a good shot of the cam driveshaft. That is such a simple and unique solution to drive an overhead camshaft.
  11. Dale, what material are the 'less desirable' crankshafts made of? Do you have any pictures of the bottom end of a COBRA block? I always wondered how the main bearing caps/webs were handled on the COBRA engines. The line-up of Crosley engines is a cool pic! 😊
  12. Excellent video Keith, enjoyed it. 👍
  13. Plus........it's kind of hard to figure out what the trim pieces are when they are wrapped up, as well as what condition they are in.