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  1. Thanks for the info Jeff. I did get the water based wax and grease remover. I've got to get a new primer gun anyway, so will look for a 1.3 tip.
  2. Good to see you are back on the MG Jeff!. But........more tooling for the shop is a good thing too. SPI epoxy primer.........I just ordered some a few weeks back, but have not had a chance to spray anything yet. Any tips or tricks that you have learned?
  3. Sweet car!! What is a comfortable cruising speed?
  4. Are the two dogs part of the deal Matt? 😊
  5. Wow, what a beautiful car!! Can you post a few 'before' pics?
  6. I took a look at the seller's feedback on eBay. They have sold four other collectible vehicles over the last 6 months with good feedback given.
  7. Plus the ad says the interior "needs some love". Not sure what that involves, but if it's a leather interior that could get pretty pricey.
  8. This might be a bargain if you can get it for about $2000: https://sierravista.craigslist.org/cto/d/bisbee-1947-studebaker-champion/6971292631.html From Arizona................
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. I'll find something to use them on, or pass them on to someone who has a need for pads of this configuration.
  10. Got these two pedal pads with some Studebaker parts. I have never seen these oval pads on a postwar Studebaker, but wondered if they may be prewar. Dimensions are 3-1/2" wide and 2-5/8" high. See picture below. Can anyone identify these?
  11. Good score on those engine parts Mike! I would have been pretty upset about the shipper losing those rare flywheels, glad they finally found them.
  12. That hot idle does seem somewhat low, but there may be contributing factors that can be looked at without major work. What SAE weight oil are you running? If you are using a multigrade oil (for example, 10W30 or 10W40), you might consider experimenting with a straight weight oil. Also, if you are having overheating issues, that can make your 'hot' oil pressure lower. What type of oil filter does your engine have - a full flow or a partial flow filter? If a partial flow filter, usually they have some sort of restrictor to maintain a metered oil flow. I know of Studebakers folks who have found that restrictor missing on their filter/lines, and it was lowering their oil pressure at idle. A quick check would be to temporarily disconnect the supply to the filter and plug the port and see if that appreciably improves your idle oil pressure. Keep us informed on what you find. I enjoy your posts on your progress.
  13. Engine bay looks very tidy! Hope you get word on the engine soon.
  14. Nice job on the 'Vette Dale. You sure have some nice vehicles!
  15. What a beauty! Without trying to start a war here.........I've gotta say it looks perfect with the blackwall tires. A set of wide whites would in my opinion ruin the beauty and classy look of this car.