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  1. The heater core looks great! Who did the work on it?
  2. Looks like you are making good progress Eric. What type of paint system will be used for the top coat?
  3. Didn't realize that the block and head were one piece on a Crosley. I knew the OHC was driven by an interesting shaft and bevel gear arrangement, which (to me at least) seems so much simpler than a chain drive with its associated tensioners.
  4. Very nice fab work on the tow bar/hitch.
  5. Very interesting. Give us some feedback on these Air Lifts once you start driving the car. Thanks for posting the link.
  6. 48NWYKR, where did you source the air bags from?
  7. Dale, help us non-Crosley guys out with the engine number meaning. 🙂
  8. Some nice Studebakers there, thanks for posting Eric. Looks like the Arizona weather has recovered from the recent storms. Was just looking at the pics of your parts car leaving. It's amazing, a '52 looks way different when the front grille assembly is removed!
  9. A unique car for minimal entry price, great project if you can do a lot of the work yourself to bring it up to a fun driver. Maybe even update some of the mechanicals. Whoops, I didn't say that here Look at it - a four door hardtop! Very unique, too bad none of the pictures show a side view with all the windows down. A cool cruiser, load it up with a bunch of friends hanging (figuratively) out of the four open windows! In my opinion, a very under-appreciated but very attractive body style.
  10. Oh-oh..............the cars didn't survive long, or the friends didn't survive long?
  11. But.......you know it's there and you know it's cleaned and painted nice - that's what counts! I'm the same way, can't put some dirty part back on a car.
  12. The documentation about the special engine is interesting.
  13. Love the snow pics Martin! (Our son in Scottsdale sent us a few pics of one of the golf courses at Desert Mountain with snow from the same storm......) Still enjoying your reports on the progress of the Merc, keep them coming. Paint is coming out beautiful!
  14. Good progress Eric, looking forward to the finished product!
  15. hursst, be sure to post some pics of those new wire wheels when you get them unpacked. We like pictures of car jewelry. As far as welding tips........if your welder can be used for either flux core or solid wire with gas, switch to the solid wire welding. It works much better on sheet metal in my opinion. The downside is that the surfaces must be clean, but usually that's not too much more work.