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  1. That's a nice top oiler. Just out of curiosity, what didn't you like about the glass jar version (I assume it was an Ampco0?
  2. That is a very comprehensive interior kit! It's too bad that LeBaron Bonney has gone out of business, the old car hobby has lost a significant supplier.
  3. Mike, your wife Jane sure is a trooper! Not only is she willing to take over from you when needed, she also does things that most other spouses wouldn't attempt! Does Jane have a mechanical background? Does she have a sister?
  4. The trials and tribulations of an old car. Eric, you might try using a tie-wrap around the defroster hose as a 'clamp'.
  5. Nice! Those foglights look really classy on the front of that Buick.
  6. Matt, great job on the interior. That's a lot of work in the windlace, headliner, quarter window headers, etc. This car is coming together quickly, you have a very dedicated work ethic.
  7. Also, on these non-coolant recovery systems, when cold the coolant level should be well below the filler neck. Don't fill all the way to the top like a new car. I normally shoot for about an inch below where the filler neck attaches to the tank. When the coolant gets hot and expands, it will just push coolant out of the overflow tube while you are driving if filled too high. I'm probably telling you something you already know, but it bears repeating if there are 'new to the old car hobby' folks reading this thread.
  8. Cricket, could you use a small slide hammer to get the seals out without damaging them? A piece of flatbar with a nut welded to it, maneuver that at an angle thru the seal so it seats on the far side. Hook up the slide hammer (or an improvised slide hammer) and pull the seal out. Maybe rotate the bar a quarter turn each time to minimize any damage to the seal. Just a thought. 😊
  9. Looking forward to the post-rebuild drive report!
  10. Progress! Glad this new harness is working out well.
  11. More great pics! My wife and I have been to many of those sites in western US, but unfortunately not in a cool car like that. This is a trip of a lifetime! Seeing all the pics with y'all sitting and standing on that New Yorker, it drives home the fact that our old cars were make of much thicker sheetmetal! (Don't try this with a new car or pickup folks! ) Is 'the Count' as nice a guy as he seems on the show?
  12. Keep plugging away cevensky! I know it's hard juggling school and fixing up an old car (been there), but you will get thru both.
  13. Wow, great places to visit! Hope you can get back to your trip soon!
  14. Tex, this is a beautiful long roof! Love the C-body Mopars. Had a '66 Plymouth Fury hardtop, and it was the best riding older car I ever had.
  15. Hi Jake, welcome to the Stude part of the AACA forum. Good to have you here. I have learned some things about the really old Studes here; not much discussion about prewars on the SDC forum. I don't post too often, since I don't have experience with the prewar Studes. Again, welcome!