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  1. r1lark

    Speedster Body FOR SALE

    Wow, a lot of work in that, to build the inner structure and then form the body panels. Thanks for the reply Charles.
  2. r1lark

    Speedster Body FOR SALE

    What material was used to make the body? Is there an inner structure, and if so, what is that material?
  3. r1lark

    Disgruntled buyer

    Totally agree!
  4. Cute Jeep Dale. It's a CJ-5, right?
  5. Dale, when you are done it will probably be a lot slicker and straighter than when it came from the factory!
  6. Neat video! Did you already know the rear axle.needed to be rebuilt? Or did you just figure it out on the short test drive?
  7. r1lark

    New yorker 1955 choke

    Once again, what Jack said. ? In the old days, parts stores had choke tube replacement kits available that did essentially the same thing Jack is suggesting.
  8. r1lark

    New yorker 1955 choke

    As Jack says, the riser tube has a hole in it where exhaust is getting in. I"ve had this happen on other makes. Either do what Jack suggests, or...........disconnect at the carb, put your finger over the one end and blow air in the other end and you should be able to tell if there is a 'hidden' hole in the tube.
  9. r1lark

    1955 Packard 400 hardtop for sale $8500

    Has the car been in inside storage during it's no -operable period?
  10. r1lark

    Rear end exchange in Chrysler T&C

    If it's just a flat gasket, one alternative option is to get some bulk gasket material and cut a new one, using the old gasket as a pattern. If the old gasket is gone, can you trace the pattern needed onto a sheet of paper and then transfer the pattern to the gasket material? Is this a rear cover gasket, or the gasket that seals where the 'pumpkin' bolts the rear end housing? I'm not sure what type of rear axle this is...........
  11. r1lark

    1954 Kaiser Special

    Looks like no reserve............
  12. r1lark

    1952 Cadillac Series 75

    Good news on the tranny! Take the trip home kinda slow, and stop to let the car cool off if needed. I know what it's like driving a car that you don't have many miles on.......watching the gauges like a hawk. ?
  13. r1lark

    1955 Willy’s Custom

    Hi, you may also want to put a wanted post here: http://kfclub.com/forum/index.php The K-F forum also has Willys sections.
  14. Matt, good to hear your damage was relatively minor. Unfortunately a lot of people didn't come out so lucky, we are still praying for them..