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  1. Wow Gunsmoke, that's a cool (although ambitious) project! Looking forward to reports on your progress.
  2. Welcome back! Please do post a pic of the trailer -- maybe one with the trailer hooked up to the New Yorker.
  3. That's the way it always is.........almost a never-ending ordeal! By the way Eric, I'm jealous - such a beautiful Studebaker. I always had a soft spot for '52s although I never had one.
  4. Mike, this thread has overall been very interesting, but this part with you figuring out the engine is great. I don't know anything about V twin engines, so seeing how this is put together has been very enlightening. You are going about this in a very methodical fashion, which is great. Looking forward to what you find.
  5. Isaiah, what is the effect of boiling the m/c in lemon juice (besides the obvious of making it smell better)?
  6. Wow Eric, the wheels and tires really set off that new paint! Beautiful!!
  7. Looking good Eric! Can't wait to see the pics with all the chrome & stainless trim back on.
  8. Looking just pretty good, Dale? No, it's looking GREAT!
  9. You are to the point that I always consider the really enjoyable part of restoring a car - bolting back all the restored parts. (But with that comes some trepidation, at least for me, that a perfect refinished part may get damaged during the reinstall.)
  10. Nice work Mike. I know you sure didn't want to make a new wooden bow!! And sounds like you have a trimmer that really knows his very old cars.
  11. Thanks ed, I'll have to get some of that and try it.
  12. Ed, I've never used Evaporust. Will that attack the bearing surfaces, or the brass/bronze bushings and thrust washers?
  13. Sweet! What has to be done still before the body goes back onto the frame Dale?