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  1. I have found that brake fluid is better for freeing up engines. Marvel oil is used for misting and lubricating when you put the car away. Jan
  2. If you will send me a email I will send you pictures of linkage and I may have some extra pieces. Jan Jan.arnett(**** remove this)@keysol.com
  3. "What linkage are you inquiring about.
  4. I was born on VJ day aug 15, 1945 and my father had to stand on the front bumper to get through the traffic. The car was a 1939 Dodge. I used to own a three door borgward station wagon and I ended up putting the engine in a boat. Have a Happy Easter, Jan
  5. I don't know about the sedans and tourings but my 23 screenside has wooden running boards. Jan
  6. I think a large part of your cost is in leather seats. Most shops do not do leather and it can be very expensive. Lots of luck Jan
  7. Your nuts are incorrect. I can see the comments on this statement. Jan
  8. The front has the single retainer and the rear has the double retainer. Jan
  9. Get a large bolt which will go from top to bottom in length and a nut and two washers. Tighten the nut and it should pull both pushings at the same time. You can put a socket on the bushing so that it fits inside the axle. Jan
  10. Why do you think it is bent. They are pretty well protected unless you took them out and bent them. Jan
  11. There is a ford f 150 site I do believe that I would post on.
  12. One caution I would put on doing it this way is to only back off the nuts enough to allow the head to come loose but not be bent on the studs. Have a nice day. Jan
  13. Thanks: I used to race ford flat heads and if you had an alumnium head it would never come off. I had a set of arden heads that someone busted trying to knock off. I bought them for the valve train but got them off using thin wall tubing. Just file some teeth in the tubing and it will cut real easy. Once you have a couple made up it only takes a few minutes to cut the crud. Have a nice day. Jan
  14. take some thin wall tubing which will fit over the outside of the studs. File some teeth on the end and chuck in a drill. You can cut the crud with them and remove the head. Thanks Jan
  15. Jim: Dodge never made a convertible in 1923 so what body style is it. Touring, roadster or screenside. Thanks Jan
  16. I always put on welding cables and make sure you have no paint or rust where you clamp the cables. I saw a beautiful restoration where they powder coated the frame and then clamped the cables onto the powder coat. It didn't work worth a d***. Jan
  17. That wheel is for a Model T with one Keyway. Jan
  18. James: These cars do not have a VIN number only a serial number.. Jan
  19. The ritets you refer to are to hold the brake drums on. They are called boss bolts and dodge had them up to 1923. Have a nice day. Jan
  20. Here is a better forum for your questions. http://www.hotrodders.com/ I am a regular contributor to this forum (hot rodders) because they have excellent contributors in new techniquess for body work and paint work. What you are envisioning is a project destined for failure with your lack of experience. You will be frustrated, the project will fail and we are left with another cut up car. Trust me I have been there. Here is a list of my Hot rod projects over the years. 1933 Ply (chopped, channeled, sectioned) with a 331 Hemi, 1934 Ford Truck (Blown Flat Head), 34 Ford Vicky (352 Ford Engine), 18 T roadster (1940 Buick straight Eight). Restored cars 1916 T, 1963 Merc Comet Conv., 1966 Galaxie, 1923 Star, 1923 Moon, 1923 Dodge, 1924 Model T, 1929 Model A, 1930 Model A, 1954 Jag, 1954 MG. As I said I have been there and I learned how to do it working on cars but I started with five cars from a junk yard with nothing but bodies. Have a nice day. Jan
  21. I know there are people on this forum that have 24 touring that can answer the question. If not then you will have to do what I am doing on my 1923 Moon. Set the top irons and bows in place and then make a top out of light weight material to build a pattern. Take the pattern and touring to your local trimmer and have them make one for you. Are you a member of the Dodge club as I believe they have a list of suppliers. Lots of luck and if I can help please contact me at Modelt1916 (kill spam) @yahoo.com. Jan
  22. What is a dizzy? I look forward to learning new information everyday. Have a nice weekend
  23. looks like a 1930 Buick but you did not give the depth.