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  1. for some reason you have to copy the link to your browser. I will check the diameter of the rivet and also a spot weld cutter. I never thought of that. I will also check my McMasters catalog. I know that they do not have a counter sink like I need. I will also check out dewalt. I had about a dozen in a can but they all floated away and some archeoligist will find them 100 years from now and wonder what they are. Have a nice weekend. Jan
  2. Here is a link from Dyke's that shows the countersink. http://books.google.com/books?id=BtYbqYNbg0QC&printsec=frontcover&dq=dyke%27s&ei=Yz5mSYeKCo2YMtStvcYD#PPA690,M1 Thanks Jan
  3. Thanks Jack: I have purchased rivets from them in the past but unfornately they do not carry a counter sink to be used on the brake lining. The countersink I need will cut a flat bottemed hole in the lining to allow the rivet to sit below the lining. Jan
  4. I need to buy, beg, borrow or steal a countersink for my 1923 brake linings rivets. I lost all of mine when the flood came through. Thanks for your help. Jan
  5. Where did the rim come from. There was a Model T that had been modified by Ford for their railroad at the National Model T meet this summer. Nice opertion.
  6. Mark: You might try a dropping resistor if you want to use it. I used to use one when I upgraded ford flat heads to 12 volt and want to use the original 6 volt accessories. Jan
  7. Great idea. I will pass the idea along to my other car clubs. Have a Happy New Year. Jan
  8. Richard: If your robe rail is like Dave said I used ends from a hand towel holder and a piece of 3/8 copper tubing for the center piece. Hand towel holders use a smaller diameter tube then bath towl holders. I then glued a piece of upholstery leather using contact cement on the tubing to give me a leather robe rail for my 23 Moon. Put the seam on the bottem. Does the back of your seat have any evidence of the type of robe rail your car had. Merry Christmas, Jan
  9. Richard: Go to a fabric shop and look at their cords for curtains. Also look at their fabic retaining ends and you may fid what you like. I will dig around and see what I can find. Jan
  10. I would not go with a tri power but two single barrels. finding the manifold and linkage will be hard. You will need to relieve the valve and exhaust chambers to take advantage of the breathing but remember this is a flat head. Your bearings are going to be the first to go under the additional strain. If you change the rear end you are going to have to change the front hubs and if you go faster you will need to change the brakes. If you hopp up the engine you may over whelm the radiator. Everything you do will have a cause and effect. 45 years ago I used to haul them out of the junk yards and race them and you will find that you have to look at a old car as a package. Change one thing and you have to change everything. Just one old mans opinion. Jan
  11. Robert: There is a Dodge Forum that you might want to take a look at. You can get the gaskets from Meyers, or romars and they both have other Dodge parts. I have bought from Olsens and he is excellent but restricted to gaskets. Have a nice winter. Jan
  12. Ed: You probably will not wear them out but dry rot will finaly get you. One of the problems with old tires is they do not have a lot of ply and they will fall apart before they wear out. Any old tire you buy will have this problem. Jan
  13. Adam: As Bob says the project is do able if you take your time. I would not even think about painting the irons and bows but go directly to power coating. The one additional thing I would do is get a tripod and movie camera and point it to the area you are working and record every movement you make. This will allow you to see how things came apart when you put it back together, You can edit out dead space on the tape to make it compact. I have about five hours of recording on each car I work on. Go for it. Jan
  14. It is the same material. The only difference is long grain vs short grain and since you have original material you should be able to pick the correct one. Make sure you buy enough to cover the width and include triming. Yu can just buy the material from the companies cited but I would also buy new cotton. Make sure you have heat where you work and that the material is warm and pliable. Jan
  15. I have check peridocally on ebay and not seen the counter sink for the tubular rivet which needs a flat bottom hole. I will keep trying. Jan
  16. I am going to reline my 23 Dodge brakes but I need to find a counter sink for the rivets. I have used a ground off drill bit in the past but they tend to tear out the lining. Anybody have any idea? Thanks Jan
  17. If the rings are bad you will not have any suction which will affect the amount of gas you can suck in. If you have the carb set for an engine with normal compression, good valves when you have poor suction it will run lean. Remember if you have bad ring you will have poor compression on the power stroke and poor suction on the down stroke.
  18. You can also chuck the bolt in a drill and use a file. I have used Devcon to make a bolt look different. Jan
  19. I would start with some thing less aggressive and work up to aircraft stripper. If it says enviromential friendly it is less agressive. Jan
  20. Has anyone attempted to rebuild the corners on a pickup bed. All four of mine are rusted out. I am trying to figure what truck bed I could use for a donor or something that I could use. Since it is formed you can not use a brake. All suggestions welcome. Jan
  21. The charcoal ones burned charcoal and can be dangerous. There is a better way. Go to your local outdoor sporting goods or hunting store and buy several hand warmers. Dump the charcoal and light up the hand warmers and put them in the foot warmer. This has kept my wife warm for several hours and it is safe. No one will know what your have in your heater. Jan
  22. I love the Model T convertibles that are advertised.
  23. I agree Dodge and I might have a pair. Jan
  24. John: Thank you for the part. It arrived yesterday and I believe it is correct. I will have to take it out to my daughters to verify it. Here is what it is going in.
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