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  1. Yeah, no fenders. This car was left to rot for way too long, and there was no chance of going back to stock so I'm going with a period hot rod look with it. I enjoy the open wheels, the change I want to make is to change the cherry bomb to a little bit quieter muffler. Just too much noise.
  2. It came out of hibernation in the last month, and I've had it out a few times. I did replace the tires, everything went well. Runs good and fairly strong.
  3. So, questions for you guys. I'm planning on getting a new set of tires. Does anybody know where to get tubes with the bent stems for these disc wheels? Do I need to use flaps too?
  4. I was just going back through some of my posts and found this one. David, it is getting me down the road very well!
  5. It has been a while since I have posted here. Last week the thing that was holding me back was finally overcome. I got it registered!!! Today I took it for a few drives, no issues. I am very happy. There are still adjustments needed, but it is all little stuff. I'm driving!
  6. Hi, I'm a Dodge Brothers guy, but I came across this Buick axle for free and couldn't pass it up. Anybody out there need any/all of it? Not sure of the year, probably mid 20's. Seems like it was for 21" wheels. It was some sort of trailer or cart and the spindles are brazed to the axle, but should be able to heat and melt the braze away if you want. Or you could just display it like I will until somebody wants it. Bearings are all there and in great shape. No brake parts except the backing plates. Springs are in good shape. I'm in Massachusetts, feel free to message or email me. Moose
  7. Do you still have this? Any pictures? If you could strap it to a pallet, there is a Fastenal location in Chilliwack. I'm looking for a different tail housing, mine has a broken piece.
  8. It was weeping on the main water jacket, drivers side about an inch from the top. Must have frozen at some point, but couldn't see anything till water was in it the first time. Really bummed me out at first, but then I realized that I basically had no money into this engine, and it was a placeholder until I get the real one back from the machine shop. Figured I'll just try what I can, and maybe get to drive it before the rebuilt motor is ready. This one will be good to have as a back up, and for any other projects that come along.
  9. Block was weeping bit, so I'm giving it the treatment. Bar's Leak, running from/to the bucket so I don't clog my newly re-cored radiator. Through one temp cycle, it has seemed to work. Probably do it again soon.
  10. I heard it run yesterday! Sounds strong. It was set up in near stock configuration, happened to have a stock carburetor for it and distributor. That's the starter that came with it(cleaned up, new brushes, new rear bushing) turns it really well. The generator is one that I had. Today I made a new battery box for the chassis, as it didn't have on when I got it. I'll try to make a video sometime soon.
  11. Yeah, I think some of those will work too. I was looking at the 2.3 liter from the early 70's(for points type). Clockwise rotation.
  12. This is a little of what I did today. Made a bushing to mount this Volkswagen points distributor. The shaft won't be too hard to adapt to the stock distributor drive shaft. They are similar sizes and I'm planning on making a collar extension to connect the two. Vacuum advance might be nice, but I also have another VW distributor without vacuum hookup. Also pulled the number three rod cap, and found no damage. I'll measure and see if I can adjust the thickness of the shims to get the proper clearance.
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