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  1. Do you still have this? Any pictures? If you could strap it to a pallet, there is a Fastenal location in Chilliwack. I'm looking for a different tail housing, mine has a broken piece.
  2. It was weeping on the main water jacket, drivers side about an inch from the top. Must have frozen at some point, but couldn't see anything till water was in it the first time. Really bummed me out at first, but then I realized that I basically had no money into this engine, and it was a placeholder until I get the real one back from the machine shop. Figured I'll just try what I can, and maybe get to drive it before the rebuilt motor is ready. This one will be good to have as a back up, and for any other projects that come along.
  3. Block was weeping bit, so I'm giving it the treatment. Bar's Leak, running from/to the bucket so I don't clog my newly re-cored radiator. Through one temp cycle, it has seemed to work. Probably do it again soon.
  4. I heard it run yesterday! Sounds strong. It was set up in near stock configuration, happened to have a stock carburetor for it and distributor. That's the starter that came with it(cleaned up, new brushes, new rear bushing) turns it really well. The generator is one that I had. Today I made a new battery box for the chassis, as it didn't have on when I got it. I'll try to make a video sometime soon.
  5. Yeah, I think some of those will work too. I was looking at the 2.3 liter from the early 70's(for points type). Clockwise rotation.
  6. This is a little of what I did today. Made a bushing to mount this Volkswagen points distributor. The shaft won't be too hard to adapt to the stock distributor drive shaft. They are similar sizes and I'm planning on making a collar extension to connect the two. Vacuum advance might be nice, but I also have another VW distributor without vacuum hookup. Also pulled the number three rod cap, and found no damage. I'll measure and see if I can adjust the thickness of the shims to get the proper clearance.
  7. Monday I brought it home, freed up the transmission, found no compression, and pulled the head to find out why. The head gasket was blown on the drivers side of no. 4. There was part of the gasket sticking out from the space where the head meet the block. Must have been running like that for quite a while. Some of the valves were sticking open a little because there was a mouse that decided to put everything it could find in the ports and manifold. Tuesday I continued cleaning all of this and went ahead and did a valve job on it. The seats were all good, just needed a little cleanup. some of the valves were worn pretty bad, but they all came out ok with a little bit of an edge above the face. Pulled the starter and it looks really good, no noticeable cracks in the usual places. Today I removed the transmission, then leaned the motor on its side to remove the oil pan. Number three rod has a slight bit of movement, I'll have to pull that cap to see how it looks. I bought this so that I could use it as a mock up in my 27 coupe. Had to fabricate the mounts, because its not a 128 chassis. I'm thinking that I can make this one run and usable in the car before I get the other FF back from the machine shop. Right now I'm trying to come up with an idea for a distributor. Anybody ever used a non stock distributor on one of these?
  8. Fastenal called me Friday, went this morning to pick it up from their location in Braintree. Thanks again David! I'm pleased with what I see so far.
  9. I like that. Since I have disc wheels on the my coupe, I could probably make that work. Of course, I'll also need a spare wheel...
  10. Thanks Jay, I might be interested in that for my coupe, I've got disc wheels on that one. Do you have any pictures?
  11. Cool, thank you. I may end up going this route, but I have one of the mounts installed on the driver's side bed rail, and was really wanting to find the other pieces for that. Anybody have pictures of the side mount kind?
  12. I've been casually looking for a spare tire mount for my 27 pickup. I'm not quite sure what it should look like. Would yours work for this? Anybody else got anything?