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  1. Newfoundland was last place(did not join CAnada TIL 1949) in North America to switch from driving on left to right side of road in 1947. I assume there were would have been plenty of right hand drive cars.
  2. Why my 25 Touring(Canadian) is Positive ground and my buddy's 24 DB Touring(USA) is Negative ground? My manual Dodge Brothers Cars Graham Brothers Trucks shows the diagram as Positive Ground. His diagram from a different manual(I assume USA)shows Negative ground. Does it matter which way you ground? Fred
  3. Are these the 2 nuts? The one of left is tight. right one is a little loose.
  4. Starter side works OK. How do I test output voltage? Can i adjust voltage. It appears low.
  5. Starter side works OK. How do I test output voltage? Can i adjust voltage. It appears low.
  6. Does the choke lever assembly at the dash have a bearing inside it? Possibly to hold choke in place when pulled out. Fred
  7. from the pics I am pretty sure the motor is a early 26 motor and not the fast Four which came out later in 1926. The fast four motor has the distributor mounted in the top/middle of the head like the Ford Model A. I had a cracked Fast four motor for a while and is total different that yours. Your is identical to my 26 motor. go to http://www.fastfourspecial.com/engine.html and scan down and you will see a Fast Four original motor. I still have the tranny and clutch assemble out of that motor in good working condition.
  8. I have the vacuum tank but I switched to 6V pump as the tank was not working.
  9. Just bought a 25 DB Touring and need to sell my Sedan. No rust. fresh engine(maybe 500mi on it) what is the value?
  10. Were the original running boards metal or wood? The ones on mine are metal. anyone have pictures? Fred
  11. I have a Fast Four Tranny(including clutch and flywheel. Can someone tell me what it is worth? It looks like a bolt on and go. shifts easy and well lubricated. It's located i ChilliwACK bc. Pickup yourself or arrange shipping. Fred
  12. I have a 1926 motor(seperate starter and Generator). I know the yoke is different because of the starter. Can I us the motor and yoke in from my 26 and put it in my 25 Touring?
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