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  1. The 2 pillows I thought was 2 dead pigs. Thanks to both of you for your help it had me stumped. Marv.
  2. What are the three things hanging out the side???????? Marv.
  3. Thanks for your time I hope there is a match. Marv.
  4. paulrhd29nz Send me some pictures of your seats I looked at some pictures of 1925 Hudson's looks like the Hudson seat backs fold down the backs of both seats I have do not fold down. Marv.
  5. Just pick up these bucket seats at a swap meet need help IDing. One seat is stationary the other one the hole seat tips forward not just the back the back is part of the bottom. On the bottom of the seat that tips forward are the hinges and a clip that would snap into a piece on the platform the seat sits on. The seats have a corduroy material on them with a carpeted piece along the bottom that raps around the back of the seats. Thanks for your help!!!! 1-262-392-2989 or mribbich@wi.rr.com Marv.
  6. I got this fender at a swap meet the other day the guy said it fit Chevy Truck 1939 to 1940. Once I got home I googled the years and found that not to be true. Hope you guys can help. Thanks!!!! Marv.
  7. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/am13/amelia-island/lots/r140-1953-allard-k3-roadster/293560
  8. Looking for help on this what I think is a inside door handle. In has 3 five leaf flower pedals on the outer edge at the top. Thanks for your help!!!!!! 1-292-392-2989 or mribbich@wi.rr.com Marv.
  9. I was contacted by someone with a 6 cylinder car and we now think the fenders are for 8 cylinder models. Marv.
  10. I may have the fender you need call me 1-262-392-2989. Marv.
  11. It is not a 1939-46 panel. Marv.
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