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  1. The first set is Plymouth the last one I still need help with. Marv.
  2. The end caps should have 4 digit number and a letter. Marv.
  3. International Trucks to tell you the years I need to know the distance center to center on the fan bolts holes. Could be 2-1/8" or 2-1/2" Marv.
  4. If the pumps are older rebuilt pumps most likely with the tar paper type diaphragms will need to be replaced at the least. Should than be sold as Coors. Marv.
  5. 9415 is the AC number 540 Stude 1941-47 Commander 1812 is AC number 421 Chev 1935-36 1523770 AC number 413 GMC truck 1933-34 and 1937-38 Do Google and Ebay searches with the AC numbers Marv.