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  1. I have the following parts for sale: 1. front axle / spindal really good condition, 1928 2. 1928 six cy. head 3. 1928 exhaust manifold 4. set headlight buckets with glass 1920s 5. 1915-1919 Dodge Brothers headlight 6. 1915 front fender 7. all four wooden wheels with drums for 1928 Dodge Brothers sedan 8. 1917 DB transmission gears Do not have room for more pics so let me know if you are interested on item without pics
  2. Hello, Gentlemen, Since we are on the topic of transmissions. Can anyone tell me if the guts of a 23 Dodge trans fit a 1917 Dodge trans? I eed to find replacement gears for my 1917. Thanks Steve!!
  3. Still working on it, here is the motor getting put together.
  4. Still working on it, here is the motor getting put together.
  5. Sorry to butt in, I have the older brother, 1929 Standard Six which I believe had the same engine. Looking at yours it looks just like mine. Are you having the same problems with the potted metal flaking to pieces? I also plan a full restoration.
  6. Reading the discussions on this site provides allot of info. So many carburetors that fit a variety of cars it really gets confusing. I need something to replace my UX-2. I have read about these being possible substitutes: Allstate 2405, Tillotson-DA6, Zenith 114 1/2, UR-2, OE-2, Carter BB-1A special or BB1D, Zenith 1 model A (28-31), Zenith -2 for 28-31 model A, Tillotson Model X (28-29) model A, Zenith Model 2138016. I'm not a mechanic by trade I'm just a backyard hobbyist. Loved cars all my life, my years were the 50s. Never worked on anything this old. Thanks!!
  7. Yes, I thought 1928-29 6 cyl. all came with hydraulic brakes. But I was surprised to find mechanical brake on all four corners. The carburetor is a UX-2, Stromburg. The motor number is between the exhaust and generator on the passenger side. I'm finding out Dodge didn't stick to anything for too long. I guess it just depended what was on the shelf. The car is in great shape except for the carburetor and distributor, ( Medusa curse). Thanks for the reply.
  8. Sorry to butt in. Always something to learn from reading peoples input. I guess I was lucky to buy a rare car. I just hauled my new addition from Nevada to Texas. A 1929 Dodge Brothers Standard Six. Hearing its a rare model makes me even more excited about returning it back to its glory. My car is titled 1929 but as you all probably know, was actually built in 1928. Frame number is J-46XXX but the engine has J-60XXX. When removing the front bumpers I also noticed a 28 stamped on the bumper bracket. Its in great shape except for the carburetor, and distributor, ( curse of Medusa ) and it has no
  9. Thanks for helping me figure out this numbers question. This is what I have, frame # J-46000, engine # J60000 and firewall # 830, (number is on firewall, pass-side by the coil). I don't know is this number (830) would be considered a body number. Thanks again!!
  10. Thanks for the info. keiser31, I will call them tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
  11. Thanks for your reply. The floor broads have all been replaced. Here are some pictures. The vin or motor # is J60132 making it a 1928-1929 Standard Six. There must be somewhere on the body a number to match the motor to the body.
  12. Here is a pic of the Dash, and the firewall number (830). I don't know what this number represents. Does this help? Why wouldn't the frame number and engine number match? Thanks
  13. Hello everybody, I recently acquired a 1929 Dodge Brothers Standard Six. My problem is locating the body number. I have the motor number, I have the frame number, (they don't match) I have no tag on the dash, and no plate on the floor board. I have sanded all the paint off the pass post, both sides, front and middle post and can not find any numbers. Where else can I look? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  14. db17

    1919 Dodge Tourer

    Nice 1919 Tourer. Mine is still far from finished. I understand you might have a couple of lenses. How much would you let them go for? 210-863-9862Thanks for reponding
  15. Hi I'm Hector also known as db17. I'm looking forward to meeting people and talking about cars.
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