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  1. $5A rebuild roadster make into a pick-up new , paint , new uph. ,running gear redone,run good. in batesville ar., $6800
  2. for sale a 1923 willy overland model 91 three door sedan. all bad wood replaced running gear redone new spokes in wheels new uph. and paint , runs good.call 870 698 4997 before 8 p.m. . $9800 Untitled document (3).gdoc Untitled document (2).gdoc
  3. Hi all, I got the old Willy finish, now I have to sell it .,if you are interested in it call 870 698 4997 before 8 p.m. I can email pictures, Bill
  4. Hi, make sure you don't mix the water glass with antifreeze
  5. Jan, a guy in ohio had a good one he'd had for years and he sold it to me for $50. it runs good now, I'm going to put it up for sale in couple of weeks, Bill
  6. When I did the 25 I used to have I put the motor and tran together and put it in that way. It was just the bare fame when I done it.
  7. I found one ,against-all odds I found one . it is in Ohio. Thanks everybody for helping me look both here and on the willy overland forum. , Bill
  8. Yeah Bill, that is just what I need. I was going to drive it for the first time and it back fired and died. Then I found the flange broke off right below the distributor.If you found one let me know, I found a dist. cap and rotor , Bill
  9. Hi Bill, do you know where I can get a distributor mounting flange for the old willy ? I looked all over ebay with noluck, it is a auto-lite distributor, thanks bill Stewart
  10. anybody know where I can found a distributor mounting flange for 1924 willy overland? it is a auto-lite distributor. thanks Bill email billstewart1942@yahoo.com
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