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  1. Hupp Motor Co had minimal changes for the model S from 30 to 31. The temperature gauge was added to the dash. The free wheeling transmission was a major change as indicated with a button at the top of gear shifter. I have been told that some early 1931 Model S cars came without free wheeling. I believe the radiator was changed from 30 to 31. Photos will help.
  2. Chevy Coupe-Truck box for sale at C4V 22, Near light pole # 33 in Choclate field north. Will arrive Tuesday after 1:30. Not sure if it for a 30's or 40's Chevrolet.
  3. Steve, thank you for the clarification. I will unload the car trailer at the hotel & drive the Mustang to the swap field.
  4. I am bringing a car for sale with a swap space sticker on Tuesday about 1:30. My the tow vehicle will not have a sticker. Will there be a problem getting the truck on the field to unload the car & items before removing it to the hotel?
  5. You can find us In the Chocolate North field spaces C4V 22-23 next to the light pole # 33. We will have some 1928 to 1931 Hupmobile and other miscellaneous parts from the garage. Jack
  6. I am told the car is a right hand drive 1907 White Steam Car. My grandfather never owned this car & was the passenger. The photo was taken between 1907 & 1909 in San Francisco or Los Angles. He worked in San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake but would take the train to L.A. to warm up in the summer. He gave this photo to my grandmother when they were dating about 1909. She was an old maid school teacher in Winslow AZ and spent her summers in Anaheim and Sundays at Long Beach. He was a tall man at 6'6" and about 26, then again my grandmother was 5'9" and 3 years older. He was
  7. Go to Crags List, Nashville TN. As of Feb 5, there are two 1965 Monza Convertibles for sale The red one is a 4 speed.
  8. I am bringing the jig and parts to make the door latches for a 1923 Paige touring. Not sure what other cars or years can use them. Location C4V # 22 close to pole # 33.
  9. This is not my car, the owner has a shop in Dayton OH doing mechanical & restoration work. Contact Rick at (937) 271-9502 for additional information and photos. If you get his answering machine, leave a message with your phone No and he will contact you. You can also leave your contact info with a text & he will get back to you 1978 Toyota Corona - Luxury Edition, 4 door, Power steering, Power disk brakes, Air Conditioning, & Rear window defroster. 46,700 miles, Runs & drives great. $3,500. (937) 271-9502. The car was in garage stor
  10. When the HR rate is $50.00 an hour, a 2nd worker's rate will be an additional $50 prorated in 10 or 15 increments. A local shop works in 15 minute increments even if the additional person just holds a fender for 2 minutes or consults on a question.
  11. You haven't indicated why you want a brass car. Is a $400,000 Rolls Royce really worth the money when a new Buick will drive you in similar comfort? The same answer applies to a 100 year old car. It is the desirability of a car model and condition that drives the price. I know of a gray 1913 Stevens Durea that drives very nice available for about $175,000. It is a big car and drives like one. You can also purchase a 1909-1914 Hupmobile Model 20 for $20,000 or so in restored condition. This is a small 2 passenger car that runs about 30 MPR. Keep in mind that most brass cars only have
  12. Our house has the 2 car garage in the back of the house. This requires us to drive up the driveway, make an 180 degree turn to drive into the garage. When the 2nd garage was built, the door is 50 ft from the house at the end of the driveway. It is actually a pole barn design with 4 X 4 posts every 4 feet with outdoor paneling and a cement floor.. It was build 22 years ago and looks as good as new. New roof and repainted as needed. My suggestion is to move the garage at least 35 to 40 feet behind the house if you can.
  13. If you want it, I have the formula for the green paint for your engine. In the restoration forum, several years ago a man documented his restoration of his 1929 Hupmobile. Check out efforts under "1929 Hupmobile" in the restoration forum. Use the following link to get there. http://forums.aaca.org/f190/1929-hupmobile-project-246532.html
  14. December of 1964 I was hitch hiking from Concordia KS to Omaha and caught a ride in 1964 Chrysler Newport 2 door hardtop 3 speed floor shift, PS & air. The owner was looking for a road car made a great deal as the 65's had been out for a couple of months. Seems a man in his early 20's ordered it with a $1,000 deposit and lost his job. June 1965, an instructor at our school ordered a 1965 Chrysler Newport 4 door with a manual shift. I believe it had 3 on the tree with SP, PB, & Air.
  15. It looks like the car on the right is a 1929 or maybe 1930/31 Hupmobile Model S with wire wheels.
  16. A Buick Skylark but how many know of the 1940, 1941 Hupmobile Skylark.
  17. Motor vehicles are the exception as antiques at 25 years. In the ANTIQUE WORLD, an item must be 100 years old to be considered an antique. Until then the item is considered as vintage. There are no known antique TVs but some very very nice vintage TVs. I am lucky enough to have several nice vintage items that I hope will be antiques in my lifetime.
  18. I use a red flashing LED bicycle light attached to the ends of the bumpers using the standard bicycle frame attachment. The bike shop verity have several blinking options. They really work great as dusk approaches. I also use white ones on the front. I have never been stopped by a cop and motorist are accustomed to seeing bicycles on surface streets. On 4 lane highways, they get into the left lane a good 200 feet behind me. I have not used the lights during the day but have not had a problem being seen.
  19. Hupmobile didn't synchronize 2nd & 3rd gear until 1931. My 31 has been known to grind when shifting in to 1st. I have heard 28's grind when put in gear after starting. Also, when you stop at a light and leave it in neutral and then shift into 1st, they will grind a little bit. Double clutching will ease grinding when shifting into gear. You might check to see if it has a high idle. Not sure I have given you a fix but have fun.
  20. <span style="color: #3333FF">I have a MoToR's FACTORY SHOP MANUAL Copywright 1937 that covers 1931 through 1936. I believe the Ross Steering Gear is the same on the 1928 through 1932. The following is the adjustment instructions for a 1931 or 1932. This may help when you are adjusting the reassembled unit. </span> ------------------------------------------- <span style="font-weight: bold">STEERING GEAR, ADJUST S, L C, 214, 218, 221</span> Detach drag link to eliminated possible misalignment and binding of steering gear, loosen bolts housing to frame and loosen steer
  21. I use an electric fuel pump on my 6 cyl Hupmobile and, for looks, direct the gas through the vacuum pump shell. Use a electric pump that is variable or can be reduced to 1 to 3 pounds. Also a flow reducer will work. Too much flow pressure will cause problems in the Carb. We had a member who restored a 1928 Model M 8 cyl Hupmobile over 30 years ago and used the vacuum fuel pump. Over the years, he had problems with the pump sporadically not working. He would drain gas from the gas tank and prime the vacuum can and usually it would start working. By tearing it down and reassembling the va
  22. Information provide me on the 1931 6cyl engine states the valves should be adjusted at 8 thousands when the engine is hot. Hupmobile said you could remove the valve covers, run the engine till hot, adjust the valves by reaching behind the carb, and under the exhaust manifold. Of course, you are at risk of burning yourself on the exhaust. I was also informed by 2 older mechanics that you should set the valves at 11 thousands with the engine cold. Just remove the carb and valve covers. My engine runs well and has a slight valve lifter noise. As you know, too tight will burn the valves and y
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