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  1. First, what ever anyone else or myself tell you, someone will break the rule with success. I pull a 3,000 pound 1931 sedan (driver) on a 2,000 pound open trailer with a 2006 1500 Chevrolet Extended Cab and a 5.3 engine. The 5.3 engine will pull the truck, trailer and car up interstate hills in 3rd gear when needed, normally I run in 4th gear. I use an equalizer hitch to reduce trailer bounce and better stability. I also use a cap on the bed reducing some headwind. I always tow with the "Trailer" button on the end of the shifter pushed in, Changes the shift points but I don't have high mileage. My preference would be to upgrade to a 3/4 ton if I used an enclosed trailer. Car in photo is a friends, not mine. If you run 65 MPH, you can expect around 13 to 14 MPG. I have 52,000 miles on my 2006 and only tow 2,000 to 2,500 miles a year. I normally pull the trailer empty about 500 miles yearly as I store the trailer about 40 miles away. Many people will drive 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year while towing about 3,000 miles. I have been investigating upgrading to a newer truck. I am leaning toward a Ram with a 5.7 gas V8. With coil springs on the back, the empty ride is the best. However, Chevy, Ford, Ram, Nisson, or Toyota should all work. The Nisson is classified as a 5/8 ton and has a harsher ride and the steering seems slow The dealer offered me a 61,500 loaded 2016 Cummings 5.0 V8 diesel truck for 45,000 3 days ago. Way too heavy duty for my needs.
  2. I pull a 3,000 pound car on a 2,000 pound open trailer with an extended cab Chevrolet 1/2 ton (1500). It pulls acceptable but I would upgrade to a 3/4 ton with an enclosed trailer. I know someone who pulls a 24 ft enclosed trailer & a 3,000 pound car with a 1/2 ton F-150 Ford without problems. You will be more comfortable pulling a 24 ft closed trailer. A 20 foot will work but things will be tighter inside. Plan on buying Hold Down Straps. I run the straps from the floor loops to the axels. You can also use ones that go around the wheels. Load the car on the trailer, tie it down, and be sure to tow it down the road before you write the check.
  3. The video appears to show him putting it in 1st gear of a 4 speed trans. My assumption is it also has a limited slip rear end. This works well when one wheel has good traction. If you have ever tried to drive on snow, you will know to keep your foot out of the throttle. My guess is the driver wasn't experienced with driving a manual. At 16, my father required me to release the parking brake slowly and slide the clutch in 1st so the car didn't go forward or backward. It still hurts to watch the video.
  4. Go to Crags List, Nashville TN. As of Feb 5, there are two 1965 Monza Convertibles for sale The red one is a 4 speed.
  5. Don't bother with State Farm even with inside locked storage.. As I was finishing up a 67 Mustang, they would not provide Antique Insurance rate until it was drivable. To get comprehensive Ins, I had to purchase regular insurance.
  6. The Ohio Region consists of seven chapters. Each Chapter usually has a monthly tour from April through October with gatherings at a restaurant some of the other months. Three times a year, April/May, July, & October we have an OHIO Region weekend tour hoisted by a chapter. Attendance at the Region Tours are open to everyone. October of 2016 we met in Logan, OH in the Hocking Hills area. We will be having the May 2017 Region tour the weekend of May 5-7 at Painsville OH at the Quail Hollow Resort. Friday, we will have an early bird tour to Fairport Harbor to visit the Finnish Museum and lighthouse. Saturday, we will be touring Amish country with stops at two car collections, Rothenbuler Cheesemakers, Antique Shop. Saturday evening we will have a banquet with an activity planned. July 21-23 weekend, we will meet in Richmond IN for an early bird visit to the Wayne County Historical Museum. Saturday, we will tour to the Wilber Wright Birth Place, Candle Outlet, Model T Museum, Antique Shopping Mall with an evening banquet.
  7. Find a local shop that relines brakes for fork lifts.
  8. I am 74 & I show a 85 year old car. I must look really old as I get the question "Did You buy it new?" At first I would say no then I would say "Think about it" and now I just smile and reply "Yes". Some people realize my condescending answer to a stock question. Yes, I get pushy people who want to know it's worth by asking what I want for it.. My answer is a value of 5 to 10 thousand above the price. Then I just ignore further inquires. The question of "How do you value an older car?" gets the following answer. The price is close when the seller thinks they are giving it away and the buyer believes the seller is giving them the shaft. Most people smile and reply good answer.
  9. It is unfortunate to have to deal with bureaucrats at the DMV, I wish you the best of luck. Is it possible you may have selected the wrong state to live? There are a few non paved roads in the SE corner but almost all of the state and county roads are paved. Many states assign license plates to a car and expect the owner to in effect, lease the plates from the state. I know of a state where modern plates must be rented each year or put in the DMV storage. If you don't put them in storage for say 4 years, you must pay the current year plus the back years registration fees. Here in Ohio, the plates, for a modern car, are assigned to a person and the plates can be moved from car to car. Last march, I purchased a car and sold the old one only going to DMV to record the new car. I actually have a set of plates that have been on 3 trucks since 1996. Antique plates have a one time charge of about $50.00 and need not be renewed for 40 or 50 years. Five years ago I sold a 1953 car & kept both the antique & year of Manufacture plate. I will need to purchase a new antique plate for the next car but if it is a 1953 year, I can reuse the YOM plate. To convert to a YOM plate, you must keep the antique plate in the car & pay a registration fee of about $5.00. Ohio DMV will randomly send out letters asking for proof of insurance for modern cars but I have never talked with any one requesting information on an antique. Maybe just the lock of the draw.
  10. I am bringing the jig and parts to make the door latches for a 1923 Paige touring. Not sure what other cars or years can use them. Location C4V # 22 close to pole # 33.
  11. We will be at C4V - 22 near light pole # 33 in the North Chocolate field with some Hupmobile Model S parts. Will also have a collection of other things to get out of the garage. Also bringing old copies of the Antique Automobile Magazine priced by the pound with very deep discounts for kids. We expect to arrive after 12 on Tuesday. We will have a chair or so to share but you must say you saw this web page.
  12. I will have it shipped as needed. If anyone is coming near Dayton or Cincinnati. let me know. I was guessing I had a better shot with Hershey.
  13. Is it possible for someone to pickup the dash in Fayetteville, Ga and meet me at the Hershey Swap Meet? It is a 4 foot Dash similar to the one below. Fayetteville is south of the Atlanta. It is 12 miles south of I-285 by pass and between I-75 & I-85. It is 5 miles east of I-85 and 15 miles west of I-75 I will be in the North Chocolate field near light pole 33. I will be more than happy to come to your location to pick it up. Jack 937 287-8466
  14. Is it possable for someone to pickup the dash in Fayetteville, Ga and meet me at the Hershey Swap Meet? It is a 4 foot Dash similar to the one below. Fayetteville is south of the Atlanta. It is 12 miles south of I-285 by pass and between I-75 & I-85. It is 5 miles east of I-85 and 15 miles west of I-75 I will be in the North Chocolate field near light pole 33. I will be more than happy to come to your location to pick it up. Jack 937 287-8466
  15. I have done weddings & receptions but only for friends. I have enjoyed every wedding and will do it again. The difficulty with your request is time and cost. I usually invest 3 to 4 hours total. One hour of driving the car will also include: 30 minutes - Washing and cleaning the car inside and out 2 Hours - Driving to and from event & arriving during wedding 30 Minutes - time for photographer to take photos My car gets 10 MPG and a 75 mile trip will cost $17.00 in gas. At 60 cents a mile expense for 75 miles is $45.00. I only bring this up to caution you about the actual cost to the car owner. Always have a PLAN B as once in a great while, the old car just will not start or run. My auto insurance cost about $115 a year but commercial Insurance will be over $1,000. Insurance companies do not like the liability of paying guests in an accident. This year I chauffeured a couple to prom & I had a great time. This involved picking him up, then his date, then to a meet 3 couples. Then I took them to the restaurant and onto Prom. I didn't wait as they had a car parked to get home. Best of luck in finding a car. Try going to car shows car cruse-ins and asking the owners.
  16. This is not my car, the owner has a shop in Dayton OH doing mechanical & restoration work. Contact Rick at (937) 271-9502 for additional information and photos. If you get his answering machine, leave a message with your phone No and he will contact you. You can also leave your contact info with a text & he will get back to you 1978 Toyota Corona - Luxury Edition, 4 door, Power steering, Power disk brakes, Air Conditioning, & Rear window defroster. 46,700 miles, Runs & drives great. $3,500. (937) 271-9502. The car was in garage storage until he picked it a couple of years ago. .
  17. Do an ebay search on "chair-lock". This is a product to cause wood to swell, it does work on wood spokes. The product was developed to use on wooden kitchen chairs when the wood fitting gets loose.
  18. Thank you for the help & suggestions. As usual, I receive very good information on this web page.
  19. I have a BB-1 Carb on a running car and believe it should be rebuilt over the winter. I believe it will need more than just new gaskets. Looking for shop names that people have used.
  20. Go to the "HOME" page. Select "Regions & Chapters". Scroll down to "Washington St" Contact the state president for a contact. ========================================= Go to the Hemmings Magazine to the "Appraisers & Brokers" Select one in the area. They will charge based on what you want checked & the distance to view the vehicle. =======================================================
  21. In Ohio, RT 30 (Lincoln Hwy )was the prime highway between Pittsburgh and Chicago before I-80 was built and much of it is 4 lane surface road. Rt 40 (National Hwy) goes from Pittsburgh to Columbus to Indianapolis before going to Chicago. Part of Rt 40 is on I-70 and you may have to find an alt route in eastern Ohio. A nice 2 lane road in Ohio is to take the RIVER ROAD along the Ohio River going through Cincinnati. Take RT 7 or 52 on the Ohio side or Rtr 8 or 2 on the Kentucky side. This a southern route and will be further than the previous two and a much more interesting and scenic trip.
  22. Are you in the Hupmobile Cub & what city are you near?
  23. When most people build a garage for their toys, it is usually one car too small. Thank heavens for rental spaces.