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  1. My 2006 Silverado power pin on plug was dead until I added the missing fuse to the box under the hood. All wiring was in place, yes I was surprised GM didn't spend the price for an fuse.
  2. We use State Farm ins on both modern & antique. Our 2 antique cars cost about $115 each. State Farm commercial ins goes up to $1,000 dollars above antique ins. At a wedding, people are milling around and should something happen, they will sue everybody in close. If you get hit on the road, your car is not as safe as current models. My 1931 car is requested for weddings several times a year. I only do weddings for friends with the understanding they can tip me after the event if they Ask about a price. Also, they need a plan B should my car elect to not run.
  3. The dedicated joggers & walkers are out in the single digit weather but the birds & varment are all laying low. Me, I am waiting for better weather.
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words. Your behind in your description. Photos help. Try going to a book store and purchasing the “Old Car Price Guide”. They will have an estimated value based on how you define your cars condition. As a test, compare the books calculated value of your own cars known value.
  5. I believe your best source for parts & information is to join the Hupmobile Club. The membership cost is $31.00 a year. The “Parts Locator” is distributed 6 times a year. The “Hupp Harold” magazine is published quarterly along with a membership roster. Additionally, a “Technical Advisor” who coordinates information on your M is available. The club members get together yearly for a tour where we excercise the cars & waste gas having fun. The 2018 tour is June 4th - 7th in Staunton, VA. Usually about half bring a car, in 2017 a couple flew in from Australia. The tour
  6. It will be a 2 to 3 day event to visit the swap meet + car corral. Un like Hershey, you will find old stuff less than 25 years old. You will also find many of the same commercial vendors. Charlotte is not a clone of Hershey, they are both fun & have great people. I believe it’s a great event to visit.
  7. Hupp Motor Co had minimal changes for the model S from 30 to 31. The temperature gauge was added to the dash. The free wheeling transmission was a major change as indicated with a button at the top of gear shifter. I have been told that some early 1931 Model S cars came without free wheeling. I believe the radiator was changed from 30 to 31. Photos will help.
  8. Chevy Coupe-Truck box for sale at C4V 22, Near light pole # 33 in Choclate field north. Will arrive Tuesday after 1:30. Not sure if it for a 30's or 40's Chevrolet.
  9. Steve, thank you for the clarification. I will unload the car trailer at the hotel & drive the Mustang to the swap field.
  10. I am bringing a car for sale with a swap space sticker on Tuesday about 1:30. My the tow vehicle will not have a sticker. Will there be a problem getting the truck on the field to unload the car & items before removing it to the hotel?
  11. You can find us In the Chocolate North field spaces C4V 22-23 next to the light pole # 33. We will have some 1928 to 1931 Hupmobile and other miscellaneous parts from the garage. Jack
  12. As a 17 year old in 1959, my summer job was driving a Cushman Truckster with a 4 ft sq by 30 in high freezer box. It was cooled by dry ice blocks lasting about 12 hours. It was a great tool for picking up girls & the money was good. This was years before the post office scooters. My scooter did not have cab and the front looked like a late 40s vintage including a handle bar. The engine was under the seat and the shifter was on the right side. Later models used a steering wheel with the shifter on the column. Meater maids used the later versions. The ice cream
  13. Please identify the state(s) involved and if the cars are the same value or one is greater in value by state. If these are private sellers or commercial business involved.
  14. Try going to Hemmings ,Services Offered, Overdrive Page 149 in the September 2017 issue. Contact Loyd Young about installing the overdrive.
  15. Provide us with a towing rule & someone will show us of successfully breaking it. Years ago I pulled a 4,000 pound camping trailer with a 4,400 67 Chrysler. With 87,000 miles, the transmission clutches had to be replaced. I towed slower & was very careful when off pavement. My best advice for towing was to always know how you getting out before you go off pavement. Four wheel drive reduces problems & I believe well worth the cost. I tow an open car trailer with a 2wd 1500 Silverado with an equalizer hitch, sway bars, & trailer brakes no faster than 65 mph. A 3/4 ton 4
  16. An alternate option is to find a tire shop that can work on truck split rims. Look for an older shop in a small town. Many farm communities can handle split rims on older equipment. Take your spreader. I use a large screwdriver with square shaft & use a vice grip to clamp & turn the rim release. I also use the rim spreader in connection with release.
  17. Australia uses the Metric system. 1 inch is 2.54 cm 2 3/8 inches is 6.0325 cm Best of luck getting one.
  18. I am told the car is a right hand drive 1907 White Steam Car. My grandfather never owned this car & was the passenger. The photo was taken between 1907 & 1909 in San Francisco or Los Angles. He worked in San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake but would take the train to L.A. to warm up in the summer. He gave this photo to my grandmother when they were dating about 1909. She was an old maid school teacher in Winslow AZ and spent her summers in Anaheim and Sundays at Long Beach. He was a tall man at 6'6" and about 26, then again my grandmother was 5'9" and 3 years older. He was
  19. Try checking the vacuum line from the fuel pump to the windshield wiper. My car has a 5 inch rubber hose under the dash connecting the two metal lines. The hose was hard and cracked, replacing it cured my problem. I was tipped off by an 85 plus year old mechanic.
  20. Is there a vacuum line from the tank to the vacuum windshield wiper? My car has a metal line to under the dash, a 4 inch rubber line, then a metal line to the wiper. Replacing the rubber line fixed my slow wiper problem. I have converted to a 6 volt electric pump next to the tank in the rear, you will also need a fuel flow regulator.
  21. Try looking for a restoration shop with an "English Wheel", D & D are not close but they will do it correctly. They can build a new fender if needed. They have restored winning cars at Pebble Beach. D&D Classic 2300 Mote Dr. Covington, Ohio 45318 937.473.2229 http://www.ddclassic.com/index.html
  22. The Historical Society in Lebanon, Ohio moved the Shell station and restored it 10 or 15 years ago. They have it set up so you can pull off the street to take photos. When I took this photo, the local cop stopped to watch, waved, and drove on with a smile.
  23. MAC's Auto Parts, Model A Catalog sells the Bendix Starter Drive. You can purchase Spring for 7.95 or the whole starter drive (American) for 39.95, plus shipping. You should be able to pick up the parts at most Model A parts store.
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