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  1. Nice original Ford 4 barrel air cleaner with what appears to be original gold paint. Don't know exactly what it came off of. FE SBF? Not beat up. Some surface rust on the inside. $100 plus shipping
  2. Mystery Pines Winterfront grille have no idea what it fits. I would guess something in the 1920s given the size and shape. In really good shape. Thermostat still works and adjusts the bars accordingly. There is a "750" stamped on back part number maybe? $100 plus shipping
  3. Original set of 1951-52 Pontiac accessory bumper grille guards. They are very good for the age with a couple of dings but no major damage. Chrome is driver quality with a decent shine but could be rechromed easily. $300
  4. Original 1955 1956 Chevy 210 Del Ray steering wheel. Would have came on a wagon 2 or 4 door post or 2 door Hard top without Bel Air trim. Nice unrestored wheel. Maybe a few blemishes but absolutely no cracks. Chrome on horn button shows it's age and would need rechromed for show. It is black in color. $160 plus shipping
  5. 1946 1947 1948 Pontiac glove box lid/door and clock. I assume the clock needs restoration I have no way to test it. $50 plus shipping Welcome to call or text me 865-755-3114 I work nights (usually easier to reach me before noon or after 8p)
  6. Here's a butt load of 1941 Buick dash panels and gauges. These were extra parts from my Dad's best friends Dad's 1941 Buick that he still drove till about 20 years ago before he passed away. God he loved that Buick. I would consider almost everything for parts or restoration. Here's what I have: dash panel with all gauges speedo turns water temperature bulb uncut and registers but face on gauge has had it. 2 empty gauge/dash inserts. 2 speedometers the best looking one is stuck the worst looking one works with drill and speedo cable (really a shame cause it only shows about 8 miles on the odometer was probably not at one time). 1 gas/oil pressure gauge. And 1 clock that looks excellent maybe not but I have no way to test it. I have no idea what to price them I don't need them. Make me a respectable offer (not $5 or $10 a piece) on the whole lot or by the individual piece. May be right for other years like 1942 1946 1947 1948 Welcome to call or text me 865-755-3114 I work nights (usually easier to reach me before noon or after 8p)
  7. Sold Set of Oldsmobile "flipper" hubcaps plus 1. This is a nice set of 4 and 1 very beat up extra (top hubcap in first pic). These take the special wheel with clips to mount I don't have any of that just the hubcaps. I've seen them called 15s or 14s to clear any confusion up mine would fit on the 15 inch wheels on my truck providing they would mount and to be safe I measured them with a tape across and they came in a little under 16 inches in diameter. So I'm going to call these 15s. They aren't perfect but have minimal dents or dings. In my opinion the best 2 are the lower 2 in the first pic and the other 2 are where most of the minimal flaws are. I'm not even taking into consideration the shape of the extra it's basically free for a wall hanger or for an extra spinner if you need it. On a scale of 1-10 I would call these a strong 8 or 8.5. $150 shipped in the lower 48 States. Welcome to call or text me 865-755-3114 I work nights (usually easier to reach me before noon or after 8p)
  8. 1936 Pontiac dash insert panel speedometer and gauge cluster. Faces are in pretty good shape considering they are over 80 years old. I have no way of testing the fuel and oil pressure gauge. On the other hand the water temperature gauge retains it's original tubing and sender bulb (99% of the time these are broke or cut off) and appears to be in working order I tested it by holding a cigarette lighter for a few seconds under the bulb. I also tested the speedometer with a cable and drill. The speedometer isn't stuck and does register I had it as high as 85 mph but when letting off the drill it does want to stick a little around 10-20 mph. I put a little graphite into the input but haven't messed with it anymore fearing I might damage something. It could just need a service/good cleaning as it's possible the sticking might be attributed to the fact that it probably hasn't seen use in who knows how long probably decades. $165 shipped in the lower 48 States. Welcome to call or text me 865-755-3114 I work nights (usually easier to reach me before noon or after 8p)
  9. Hudson or Hupmobile threaded hubcaps. Not sure which brand they are got to be one of the two unless there was an obscure another car maker that started with a H. Appears to be nickel plated brass. Some marks and a couple of dings. Need restoration. Threads look great on the back. $100 and I will pay the shipping
  10. Thanks for the input keiser and your opinion George that's why it says obo behind the the price. I'm open offers. To who ever needs it I would say they would have a tough time finding one this nice that isn't on a car.
  11. Talked to one guy who told me it is Packard but he couldn't tell me exact year. Here's a couple of more pics
  12. Here's a mystery rumble seat lid I picked up I've tried to figure out what it is and the closest thing I've come up with was a 1929 (might have been 1928 can't remember) Chrysler that was really close as far as the wood inner structure and handle hole main difference was the hinges that we're similar to this one. It's metal bent and nailed on to a wood inner. I really don't know what it is exactly not a Ford obviously I'm thinking Chrysler DeSoto Plymouth Dodge or Buick Cadillac LaSalle Pontiac Chevy REO Oldsmobile. Then again could be Packard or something obscure. Anyway really nice piece no rust out appears to be original paint. Maybe some minor pitting starting across the bottom area. Wood is in phenomenal shape and usable. Not beat up. Missing handle and latch. Measures 38.75 inches wide measuring straight across edge to edge (ignoring the curvature) it's approximately 31.5 as for measuring the length with the curvature I posted a pic of how I measured it and what the tape shows around 35 inches. If anyone can ID it you are welcome to let me know. $1000 obo. I would rather not ship it I'm in Knoxville TN but I can as long as you are paying for shipping. Welcome to call or text me 865-755-3114 I work nights (usually easier to reach me before noon or after 8p)