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  1. I live in a metropolitan area of about 300,000. Not a Fort Worth but we have our share of dangerous drivers also. In January I was hit from behind by a driver (texting I think) while waiting for 7 fire emergency vehicles to go through the intersection in front of me. Fortunately I was in a modern car & not an antique. I always worry about accidents in my old cars. Visibility is a major safety item. I use a 6 volt positive ground 3rd brake led light in the back window. People tend not to look for the brake light in the lower left corner. My car has a yellow brake light. I once had a cop stop me to say the stop lights were not working, actually my turn lights. When driving around dusk, adding two flashing bicycle lights to the rear bumper corners will slow upcoming traffic. You can also add white or yellow bicycle flashing lights to the front. They maybe illegal but the police have never stopped me, maybe just lucky. If you want to practice driving, try driving 35 in a 45 speed zone or drive 10 miles under the speed limit. Almost no one seems to be willing to follow behind an 85 year old car. Even when driving the speed limit, local drivers just have to get in front. I get a large charge driving the old car and am willing to tolerate rude drivers.
  2. A couple of years ago I attended this car show for prewar II vehicles. It was an enjoyable show but other things conflicted with the date. This year, 2016, I was looking forward to attending with my 1931 Hupmobile. I plan to skip this event due to the lawyers desire to get involved. I have attended cruse-ins & car shows for 15 years and the "Release of Liability" requirement is a first & totally unacceptable. I plan to return the registration unsigned stating I will provide my insurance information. I will need to have a waiver for the release of liability or will not be attending. I am in SW Ohio, is this common in other areas of the country? Larger print of previous page
  3. The AACA shows usually require advance notice you are showing a vehicle. This will allow the show parking group to allow a number of spaces for each year or range of years. It can create a nightmare when parking cars because there is never any rime or reason of the sequence of car coming in. When cars do not show up, you will have empty spaces all over the field. I was involved in a show with 200 cars in 29 classes. This required using the previous years count by class to define the spaces by class plus 2 to 5 extra spots per class. It took several hours to mark the grass field to define the parking spaces. It required 5 or 6 people to direct cars to the assigned space. Then you have two cars in different classes wanting to park together. Also, one year the local T-Bird club came unannounced and we had 3 times the normal count. Am I complaining, NO. But, hopefully you can see why cars are usually parked as first come, first parked.
  4. The Springfield, Ohio Swap Meet is well worth going to due to it's size. They have about 2,200 swap spaces and about 700 to 800 vendors. They will have from 800 to 950 cars in the corral based on rain. It is not an AACA meet and there is no age restriction on what they sell. To cover it correctly the first time you go, plan on Fri & Sat. Later years you can do it in one. There are motels nearby at exit 54, RT 72, 5 miles west of the swap meet. Go to the following web page to see additional information. Springfield Swap Meet.pdf
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    I have thwarted scammers in selling modern cars on Craigs List by requiring them to send their reply using the Craigs List email contact. I only accept contact by them providing their phone number & time for me to contact them. I review their request and ignore what I think is a scam. I love the message that starts with "I am very interested in that item you are selling". My finger moves directly to the DELETE key. I advertised a14 year old 6 cyl auto S-10 with 111,000 miles. One of the responses was from a phone number 1,300 miles away. He said he was local but had not changed his phone number. I called him and he was 4 miles away, arrived in 15 minutes, and bought the truck with cash. I have never sold anything with the buyer putting their hands on the item or at least have an agent come to see the car. Keep in mind, I am not good, just lucky to avoid scammers.
  6. It's a ways from FL to OH but try this web page
  7. The 63 Tempest had the engine in the front with a flexible drive shaft to the transmission in the rear between the tires. Notice the length of the cable from the dash to the rear of the car.
  8. Have a friend with a straight 8 flat head. Sometime after an engine rebuild, the car had little power and would not go over 20 MPH. It had an air leak between the intake and exhaust manifold. The unit had a rust hole and was not easily seen. It caused the vacuum leak and it was not getting enough gas to run. He sealed the hole and 10 years later, it is still running fine today. You might check for an air leak on the intake manifold.
  9. Jeff, You don't have to come in an antique car, we will go modern early in the year or even in the summer based on the weather. The prime acquirement in our Southern Ohio Club, SOC, is "You must have an interest in old cars". Owning or driving an old car is secondary. You will also find most spouses attend the monthly tours & events. See you on March 26.
  10. A fellow in New Castle PA has added an inline electric fuel pump with a button under the dash of a 1931 car with over 185,000 miles. He has a problem where the vacuum fuel pump doesn't have enough to pull the gas when he drives in city traffic and is stopped a lot. It also is used to prime the tank and carb when it has been sitting.
  11. In 1962 had a friend had a 59 with a 283, 3 speed, that ran very very hard. Upon blowing up the engine due to high RPM,s, he upgraded to a 348. Six months later he when back to a rebuilt 283 as it would wind out quicker. The Interstate 80 stopped about 60 miles west of Des Moines. He would drive the 700 miles from Des Moines to Denver in 9 hours on 2 lane highways overnight. The interstate speed was 75 MPH and most drove 80 to 85 MPH. Trust me, he usually ran 100 MPH or more. That said, in 1963 four of us rented a house and one of our weekend house guest had a 63 SS Convertible with a 327 4 barrel & 4 speed. The other 3 room mates had 62 Chevrolet convertibles. One had a 327 three speed, the 2nd had a SS 409 4 speed with a 4 barrel carb & hydraulic lifters. The third had a SS with a 3 speed but the motor was a 409 with two 4 barrel carbs and solid lifters. That car was unbelievably quick & the tire millage was terrible. Once on the highway in 3rd gear at 55 MPH, he dropped it into 2nd and floored it to pass a vehicle in a short passing area. There were 4 in the car, top down, and the back end jumped 12 to 18 inches sideways and a took off like a shot. People talk about the 409 but most are the version with hydraulic lifters and they were fast for their day. I believe you had to purchase the SS package to get bucket seats and seat belts were an option.
  12. Try Trim Parts Lebanon, OH They make molded carpet flooring for many cars.
  13. You can substitute the tool with a large screwdriver with a square shaft. Then use a vice grip tool to clamp on to the square shaft. This will give you the leverage to collapse the rim as needed. In 2012 I found the tool your are looking for at Hershey. It doesn't work any better than the screwdriver/vice grip.
  14. 1967 Mustang Coupe, 289, Auto, PS. Factory A/C, Almost everything new or rebuilt. Will be ready summer 2016.
  15. In 2014, a vendor at Hershey in spot OBG 1-5 had your cap. They are 25-30 miles east of Hershey PA Verdone Custom Casting 31 Stricklerstown Loop Rd Newmanstown, PA 17073 - 9156 717 949 3341 (I hope this helps)
  16. Call 717 787 1064 for assistance for your Pennsylvania Tax ID number. You maybe able to apply by phone.
  17. Try the "SNAPPERS BRASS & GAS" club.
  18. Just a heads up about the Southern Ohio Club, we are a social group who like to get out and exercise our vehicles and waste gas. Some clubs will only go to each others house or shop to admire the current project, we seldom do. From Nov through Mar we will get cabin fever and meet at a restaurant. In warm weather, we will drive from 20 miles to 200 to visit something and eat. Four times a year the seven chapters in the Ohio Region will get together for a weekend. The clubs rotate hosting with tours and a Sat banquet. We meet in April, July, October, & January. Oh yes, most of us attend in January without an antique car. The AACA members are involved in Preservation of vehicles. Vehicles that are personalized "Hot Roded / Customized" will have a lower status than an barn find needing painted and a new interior. After all, the car is only original once. We are not purest as many members have both types of cars. Keep in mind, the AACA does not have any judging category for customized cars. In the Driver Participation Class, some customization is permitted if it is period correct. Baby Moon hubcaps are acceptable on a 1960 car but accepted on a 1940 as they were not available till the 1950s. The AACA does not require you have a vehicle to join and be active, only and interest in cars. For me, judging has little interest, I like to tour. There is an antique car parade in Hamilton OH in late July and they insist on no modifications. They are not an AACA club. I met a fellow who was rejected the previous year because he had baby moon hubcaps, that year he had put the originals on and participated. Every group has there own interest. Our club members tour in modern or any car 25 years or older. I drive both, after all a 1990 is considered an antique and is available for judging.
  19. I have never shipped anything or over the pond. Pembrook Marine Services advertised last year at Hershey on page 77. Has anyone used them?
  20. I have new hood for a 1967 Mustang and need the holes drilled for the " F O R D " letters. I am looking for the template indicating where to drill the holes.
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    Oil Filter

    As a suggestion, go to the Hupmobile forum & search for " 1929 Hupmobile project " The link below will take you there directly. He documented the restoration of a 1929 Hupmobile and detailed his solution of problems he encountered. Scroll down to post 18 for a photo of the oil filter. Post 48 & 50 are his approach to the oil filter problem. He did the restoration starting in May of 2008.
  22. I recently missed going to my 55th high school reunion banquet by missing the 5 week cut off date by 3 weeks. Well, I will not miss the next one in 5 years. Actually, the AACA tour organizers always want as many attendees as possible. The organizers are limited by the ability to handle large crowds. Hotel rooms, restaurant availability, restrooms, banquet availability, and locations to visit parking lot size are limiting factors. If you over tax the ability to handle the touring members, it becomes a bad tour. Setting the cut off date always seems long before the tour starts. The catering service always want a count in advance giving time to provide the best price and service. Just setting up the tour book with routes can be a real problem. Several years ago we set up a tour for about 75 cars coming in from over 200 miles. Not a big problem but we had an extensive amount of rain the previous week and a couple of roads were under 8 feet of water. Just for giggles, a county engineer decided to close a road for construction 4 days before the event. So much for planning ahead. It's no fun when we miss a tour and I fell your frustration. Unfortunately, no one has figured a better solution for signing up.
  23. August of 2008, I had the intake & exhaust manifolds coated using their power coating process called "Armor Coating". The exhaust has faded a little as shown in the the photo but the intake is as originally delivered. I have driven the car 8,500 miles in the last 7 years. Aesthers Finishes Inc 1502 S Main St Piqua, Ohio (937) 778-8860
  24. I have a shut off valve very similar but with a different handle. Send me a PM if interested
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    In the late 50's I had a high school friend with a 49 or 50 Ford flat head V8. When we went on a trip of over 100 miles, he would run a mixture of about 3 parts gas to 1 part kerosene. Gas was $.29 and kerosene was $.10. It seemed to run good on the highway but smoked a little and some times it was a little hard to start. I don't remember him ever having engine problems, he probably drove it 30 or 40 thousand miles in 2 years or so. I lost track of him after high school & he could have driven it through college.