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  1. WANTED: 1941 DeSoto 3 Window Businesman's Coupe. Must be stock. No Hot Rods. tom griffith/wisconsin 608-212-8774
  2. 34studepres

    SCAM Alert!!

    Don’t worry I’m not going to do anything stupid. I have the actual person whose identity he has stolen involved and shortly so will the police. We know where he is staying and what he looks like so I will let the authorities take it from there.
  3. 34studepres

    SCAM Alert!!

    I found the actual Alan Albisu and he just called me. I now know where this thief is staying and what he looks like. His days are numbered.
  4. 34studepres

    SCAM Alert!!

    Yes that was exactly what he used on me. Dad had just died. And the money was sent to both New Mexico and Nevada. Claimed his wife was deaf. I’m going to get this guy one way or the other. I have the means and the connections out west to do just that.
  5. 34studepres

    SCAM Alert!!

    Allan Albisu is searching this website for people looking for parts, so watch out.
  6. 34studepres

    SCAM Alert!!

    This guy was very good. Never send money via Western Union. My mistake. Claimed he was in a rural area of New Mexico will no internet service and he had a flip phone so he couldn't send photos. I should have seen the red flags, but with the holiday confusion I fell for it. Other names involved were Pagan Albisu, Michael Convy and Frank Dana. They were all in on it. I pity all of them if I ever find them.
  7. 34studepres

    SCAM Alert!!

    No but that’s where he got my phone number and name and what I was looking for.
  8. 34studepres

    SCAM Alert!!

    If someone contacts you named ALLAN ALBISU and tells you he has the parts you're looking for, HANG UP. He is a scam artist. He took me for $2900.
  9. 34studepres

    3 window coupe WANTED

    Very nice car but I’m looking for a Chrysler product in the 40s. Thanks.
  10. Looking to purchase a 3 window Chrysler/Dodge/Desoto Coupe. STOCK. No hot rods. It must have its original motor. I'm a purist. Will pay top dollar for the right car! Have more than one to sell? Great. Completely original unrestored cars a plus. Overdrive a plus. tom griffith/wisconsin lincoln1955@msn.com 608.212.8774
  11. Looking for an NOS or real nice steering wheel for my '41 Chrysler. tom griffith lincoln1955@msn.com 608-212-8774
  12. 34studepres

    '41 Chrysler Steering wheel needed.

    Looking for an NOS or real nice steering wheel for my '41 Chrysler. tom griffith lincoln1955@msn.com 608-212-8774
  13. Looking for a 41 or 42 Chrysler/Dodge/Desoto 3 window Coupe. Must have it's original motor. Not looking for modified cars. Factory only. Overdrive a plus. Tailpipe cannot smoke and must run excellent. tom griffith/madison, wisc. lincoln1955@msn.com 608-212-8774
  14. 34studepres

    WANTED Aerodynamic Coupe

    Looking for an Aerodynamic Coupe. I do have a rebuilt '36 motor that has never been installed. tom griffith 608-212-8774 lincoln1955@msn.com
  15. 34studepres

    3 window coupe WANTED

    True but what is killing that car for me is that god awful interior and non-stock engine.