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  1. When Chrysler Corp. we’re selling cars with the push button gear selector all manual shift cars came with a factory 3 speed floor shift on the floor. In the fall of 1964, I rode in a 1963 2 door Chrysler with the 3 speed floor shift. He was a salesman who drove about 45,000 highway miles yearly. It had been a special order and the kid lost his job & couldn’t get a loan. The dealer was hung with It and made a really good price offer. About a year later, a math professor bought a black 1965 4 door with a manual floor shift.
  2. The Diagonal distance of the fender is 33”. The 4.75/5.00 trailer tire is 28 1/2 “ diagonal. My old set were 5.50 & the car size are 29 1/2 diagonal. In 10 years showing car & trailer, no one has called me on the size difference. Some trailer owners have added a bracket under the trailer for the spare. there is a bracket used to add a 2nd rim/tire to the original in the back.
  3. The rims on both car & trailer is 19”. the car tire size is 5.00/5.50 X 19 The trailer tire size is 4.75/5.00 X 19 The top of the hitch ball is 17” off the ground The trailer tire sits inside the fender With 5 inches of clearance rim & tire are actually front Wheel I use The trailer for car shows & have luggage, tools, portable 78rpm wind up record player. We have about 50 to 75 records and play them. The trailer and everything in it weigh about 500 lbs.
  4. The Mullins Mfg Co used Chevrolet 1936 wheels as default. When you ordered a trailer they would install any wheel you wanted so you could use your tow vehicle spare tire. Original trailers have a verity bolt patterns from 5 to 6 to Ford 9. The default color was Admiral Moffitt Gun Metal, some with red pin stripes. Most trailers were a custom Color at additional cost. Are you aware of the “Mullins Owners Club” & the “Mullins Red Cap Utility” book by Robert Parmelee? Call 870-710-2886 about joining.
  5. It’s all in your perspective. Our Daughter has a Toyota Car & when her 15 year old daughter saw our 1967 Mustang the first time, she commented how big it was. My wife attempted to explain that in the 60s it was a small car. As for parking, It is nice that people usually park away from us.
  6. It’s not a truck but is a trailer & tow vehicle. This 1931 6 cyl Hupmobile has a strong engine. I can easily pull the 500 pound 1937 Mullins trailer at 50 MPR on the interstate. My biggest surprise is I get a thumbs up from most cars & 18 wheelers as they pass me. I show the car & trailer as a unit but tour without the trailer. When on tour, I often get the question what do you tow.
  7. 6/10/2020 @ Indianapolis, Indiana Craigslist a Studebaker roadster Ad was inserted. Also in St Louis Craigslist a roadster was added. take a look!
  8. what make & year is the vehicle. I assume you are working with wood spoked wheel. What is the Diameter of the rim when the tire is installed installed. A rim spreader (3 point) fits inside the split rim. make rim smaller by turning the crank so the rim ends overlap. put the rim strip, inner tube, & tire on rim. Reverse crank direction to enlarge rim. they cost 40 to 60 dollars.
  9. A friend in New England traveling to a Wisconsin for a car tour. Stayed Near Chicago over night & the truck, trailer & antique were gone in the morning. Reported to police, rented a car, bought clothes, etc and went to event. On the way home, a week later, the rig was found. They had a very nice truck & trailer. The thieves had broken into the trailer but didn’t touch the car. Things were taken off the truck & all the wheels were removed. Good things do happen.
  10. You need to add additional information. Type of vehicle; sedan, SUV, convertible, van, etc, price to pay including all warranty cost, how many miles driven per year, max miles on vehicle when you sell it. A certified vehicle is actually a better warranty on a used car from a new car dealer. One son in law uses a national company called CARMAX to buy 2 year old cars having a warranty. They are higher priced than a dealer used car lot but their price is not negotiable. He usually trades at 160,000 miles. A 2nd son in law buys near new cars but about 6 years ago he bought a Toyot
  11. Gossp, your correct, no prom this year, I put the date in. We have two senior grand daughters for 2020. They are missing all senior activities except prom dress & accessories.
  12. Chauffeured a friend’s grandson and his date to dinner and prom in 2018. Had more fun than a wedding.
  13. I have had two problems with loss of power when driving. 1. Shortage of fuel due to a worn out rubber vacuum line under the dash between two copper lines from the vacuum tank & the wiper motor. Strange but it fixed my problem. 2. On a 1953 Willies Aero after about 4 or 5 miles, the car lost power & would not get over 30-40 mph. An 85 year old mechanic recommended the diagnosis. The exhaust valve stem would get hot expanding and not closing the valve. Had a shop do a compression check identifying the valves not closing. A valve adjustment fixed the problem.
  14. Contact the Hupmobile Club. RCH stands for Robert Charles Hupp who previously founded the Hupp Motor Co. & the Hupmobile. There are members building RCH cars.
  15. Check Iowa, I believe you can post a bond to get a temp title & after 2 years, if no one files an appeal of ownership, you get a full title. I haven’t lived there for years, they have changed the law.
  16. I pull a 2,000 Pound trailer but the question is how heavy is your load. My old car is 3,000 pounds, about 400 pounds of miscellaneous stuff plus my wife & I as a minimum. With too light a tow vehicle, you will have less control & you will be pushed by your load. I pull with a 1500 Dodge Ram, model Laramie crew cab, 6’3” box with 5.7 hemi, 8 speed trans & I use an equalizer trailer hitch. I have been told it’s over kill. It drives through W Virginia on I-77 down to I-81 & back with no problems other than gas millage. The Ram has coil springs both front & bac
  17. Craigslist is good & check towns as far as you are willing to travel to drive. you can also look In Facebook market & look for car trailers. Remember, check the tire ages as old tires blowout on the road. An 6 or 8 year old will need new tires. best of luck finding the perfect trailer.
  18. We have had AAA service since 1964. May of 2019, I was informed of limits of service by our SIDNEY OH local AAA service office. Their "AAA Member Handbook" lists several services not covered. Service to boat, horse, light duty, & utility trailers. This includes all car trailers. They will pay to change the tire on your truck but not the trailer. AAA said I could negotiate with the driver, $65.00, to change the tire. They also list anything "Vintage antique vehicles" as "Services not included". .Each AAA office makes a deci
  19. My brother lives in Iowa with corn fields on 3 sides of him. He says to feed your mice outside the garage, not inside. He sets snap traps & peanut butter under 8” to 10” clay pots. He also puts the Tom cat green mouse cubes under the pot. He sets them over small stones with a heavy rock on top. Keeps the cats away from the snap trap. It seems to work for him.
  20. 4 New tires, Brigstone, for my Buick LaCross, mounted balanced, new valve stems, from Cosco were $800. I have 20 inch tires on a 2015 Ram & the tires are at lease double the size of the Buick. I not supprised at $1,800.
  21. I purchased one 5 years ago & installed for better lighting on a 1931 car. The generator & alternator are driven off the timing chain. It has an internal voltage regulator rather than a cut-out. I still charge the battery when it sits for a couple months. Works best on 2 amp over 10 to 18 hours. People who try using 8 volt batteries should use double 00 battery cables & a 6 volt battery This usually happens when they use 12 volt battery cables. The parts store people will not know of using heavier cables with 6 volt systems. Most restoration shops can build the cabl
  22. In 1959 I took drivers training in a Ford V8 automatic. We had a 1956 Chevrolet 6 cyl manual transmission. Dad required me to learn to slide the clutch on a hill to keep the car still without using the breaks. He also taught me to feel the clutch to shift without the clutch. I did it on additional cars with manual transmissions; 53, 40, 49 Chevy, 62 Valiant, 50 Plymouth, & 76 MG Midget. The Midget clutch master or slave unit failed every year of 5 years & I drove home without the clutch each time. The car could be started in 2nd gear if I got caught at a light. howev
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