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  1. 1967 289, auto, ps, A/C restored for touring, not as show car. I drive it in the rain but not snow. Upgrades since 2016 include paint, motor rebuilt, exhaust, brakes. New interior including carpet, seats, headliner, & Factory Air Conditioning. Located north of Cincinnati. $20,500.
  2. If you are a member of the Hupmobile Club? They have the color codes for the engine color. Membership is $31 a year. There is a company in Dayton Ohio who can mix the color, in quart qty, & ship. How soon do you need it? I can deliver paint cans to Hershey for pickup.
  3. Good thought on the China gauge but it will take another 3 to 5 gallons after it over flows but very slowly. It has done this since first got running. I have filled it from 3 gallon cans without any problem.
  4. When filling my 1967 Mustang, the gas explodes out the tank at the 3/4 mark. Still happens when filled very very slow. The Mustang doesn’t use a vented tank. Previous owner passed away before finishing a major restoration including motor & trans rebuild, new interior, repaint including most chrome parts. The tank was already installed when I purchased it. Is it possible the gas tank is partially blocked or am I missing the problem. A new tank is easy to replace not really expensive.
  5. For all those divorced. Ex wife for sale, take over payments.
  6. There is a tour in April 21-24 near Orlando. Check the ad in the Nov. AACA “Antique” magazine. Also check the local clubs for other tours.
  7. In 1967 I was 25, newly married had started my first job out of school. I was interested in my first new car, a Valiant or Buick Skylark. The Buick salesman was bad mouthing the Valiant slant six because the pistons would wear on the down side causing the cyl to become an oval. Said I should buy a Buick. Selected a Mustang V8 auto Coupe, small trunk but a fun car to drive.
  8. There is a 1955 Willys Bermuda advertised on Fort Myers Craig’s list.
  9. There is a 1955 Willys Bermuda Hardtop advertised on Craigslist in Fort Myers Fl as of 11/9/2020.
  10. My 1931 model S, when first started, needs the spark pulled out about 1” along with the choke all the way out & hit the starter. After 5 or 10 seconds I push the choke in as I pump the throttle 2 or 3 times. I pull the choke out & try again. how is the compression? All the cylinders should be about nearly the same about 70 or or so. check the vacuum at the windshield wiper motor to see how close it is at the air intake. My car has a rubber hose under the dash connecting 2 metal lines. Ran better after I replaced it.
  11. When Chrysler Corp. we’re selling cars with the push button gear selector all manual shift cars came with a factory 3 speed floor shift on the floor. In the fall of 1964, I rode in a 1963 2 door Chrysler with the 3 speed floor shift. He was a salesman who drove about 45,000 highway miles yearly. It had been a special order and the kid lost his job & couldn’t get a loan. The dealer was hung with It and made a really good price offer. About a year later, a math professor bought a black 1965 4 door with a manual floor shift.
  12. The Diagonal distance of the fender is 33”. The 4.75/5.00 trailer tire is 28 1/2 “ diagonal. My old set were 5.50 & the car size are 29 1/2 diagonal. In 10 years showing car & trailer, no one has called me on the size difference. Some trailer owners have added a bracket under the trailer for the spare. there is a bracket used to add a 2nd rim/tire to the original in the back.
  13. The rims on both car & trailer is 19”. the car tire size is 5.00/5.50 X 19 The trailer tire size is 4.75/5.00 X 19 The top of the hitch ball is 17” off the ground The trailer tire sits inside the fender With 5 inches of clearance rim & tire are actually front Wheel I use The trailer for car shows & have luggage, tools, portable 78rpm wind up record player. We have about 50 to 75 records and play them. The trailer and everything in it weigh about 500 lbs.
  14. The Mullins Mfg Co used Chevrolet 1936 wheels as default. When you ordered a trailer they would install any wheel you wanted so you could use your tow vehicle spare tire. Original trailers have a verity bolt patterns from 5 to 6 to Ford 9. The default color was Admiral Moffitt Gun Metal, some with red pin stripes. Most trailers were a custom Color at additional cost. Are you aware of the “Mullins Owners Club” & the “Mullins Red Cap Utility” book by Robert Parmelee? Call 870-710-2886 about joining.
  15. It’s all in your perspective. Our Daughter has a Toyota Car & when her 15 year old daughter saw our 1967 Mustang the first time, she commented how big it was. My wife attempted to explain that in the 60s it was a small car. As for parking, It is nice that people usually park away from us.
  16. It’s not a truck but is a trailer & tow vehicle. This 1931 6 cyl Hupmobile has a strong engine. I can easily pull the 500 pound 1937 Mullins trailer at 50 MPR on the interstate. My biggest surprise is I get a thumbs up from most cars & 18 wheelers as they pass me. I show the car & trailer as a unit but tour without the trailer. When on tour, I often get the question what do you tow.
  17. 6/10/2020 @ Indianapolis, Indiana Craigslist a Studebaker roadster Ad was inserted. Also in St Louis Craigslist a roadster was added. take a look!
  18. what make & year is the vehicle. I assume you are working with wood spoked wheel. What is the Diameter of the rim when the tire is installed installed. A rim spreader (3 point) fits inside the split rim. make rim smaller by turning the crank so the rim ends overlap. put the rim strip, inner tube, & tire on rim. Reverse crank direction to enlarge rim. they cost 40 to 60 dollars.
  19. A friend in New England traveling to a Wisconsin for a car tour. Stayed Near Chicago over night & the truck, trailer & antique were gone in the morning. Reported to police, rented a car, bought clothes, etc and went to event. On the way home, a week later, the rig was found. They had a very nice truck & trailer. The thieves had broken into the trailer but didn’t touch the car. Things were taken off the truck & all the wheels were removed. Good things do happen.
  20. You need to add additional information. Type of vehicle; sedan, SUV, convertible, van, etc, price to pay including all warranty cost, how many miles driven per year, max miles on vehicle when you sell it. A certified vehicle is actually a better warranty on a used car from a new car dealer. One son in law uses a national company called CARMAX to buy 2 year old cars having a warranty. They are higher priced than a dealer used car lot but their price is not negotiable. He usually trades at 160,000 miles. A 2nd son in law buys near new cars but about 6 years ago he bought a Toyota SUV with 60,000 miles but it now had 230,000 miles. I like lower mile vehicles and replaced my 2006 truck with 61,000 miles with a 9,200 mile 2015 Dodge. The Dodge is used to tow a trailer & not my primary vehicle, Without a warranty. I am gambling I can afford the repair bills. Clark Howard suggests you purchase a newer used car & drive it 10 years. Check Consumer Reports at your library as a good reference for dependability.
  21. Gossp, your correct, no prom this year, I put the date in. We have two senior grand daughters for 2020. They are missing all senior activities except prom dress & accessories.
  22. Chauffeured a friend’s grandson and his date to dinner and prom in 2018. Had more fun than a wedding.
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