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  1. OK, what is your location? I really don't want to miss you. It is great when people bring things with the intent of selling. I don't know if I am too tight but some people seem to treat the swap area as their parts show case. Did you check the weather, It looks great. In the future, I guess we will not be able to tell how Hershey 2012 was a real weather challenge.
  2. Can you provide the products name & where you have seen them?
  3. My brother has a home made 'Trailer Aid". It's an old railroad tie 30 inches long cut at a 30 degree angle. It will take the weight of any loaded car trailer. He uses a tilt ramp 22 ft trailer and keeps the block in the back of his open pickup. It is not terribly heavy but no one wants to carry it off. He set it up 6 or 8 years ago. In 2008, we were towing a car to Hearsay and had a flat on the PA Turn Pike 20 miles east of the I-70 interchange. The berm was very narrow, about 8 foot wide, and the flat was on the driver's side. We were near the top of a hill with the road bending to the left. He sent me about 150 feet down the hill to stand on the edge of the road. I was to yell if a vehicle was hugging the edge. He said it was so he could turn to kiss the vehicle as he was hit. I am still surprised how fast he cracked the nuts, backed the trailer on the block of wood, pulled & replaced the tires and nuts. Dropped the trailer & tightened the wheel nuts in just 5 minutes. He was back in the truck by the time by the time I got back. With the exception of one very large motor home, every vehicle moved over at least 1/2 to a full lane on on the 2 lane east bound road.
  4. Monday, Oct 8th is Columbus Day holiday. If you are planning to travel on Tuesday, the banks will be closed Monday. Just a heads up, get your money this week.
  5. Have you researched a 12-volt "Portable Battery Power Pack"? You can purchase them from about 750 to 1150. Not sure what size you will need but you should be able to power a TomTom GPS all day. When you are traveling, you can save the battery in an Iphone or Blackbeary by turning off the WiFi search feature when not on the internet. Sears and others sells them and you can test it by running it all day after you charge it. You can keep that one or purchase a bigger one if needed. This makes it portable between cars but you will need to charge it every night. A club member uses a Portable Battery Power Pack to power their GPS when on tour in their 6-volt car. Are you going across paralleling I-70 or I-80 to Cleveland?
  6. Check your (PM) Personal Message about radiator.
  7. It has been 18 months since your post. Have you done a google search on "Dayton Wire Wheels" They are still in business and maybe able to make them.
  8. Yes, the ones I remember were heavier duty, about 1/2 inch tubes. Black VW is a model not the real thing. Also, the racks were held on by straps to a drip rail with "J" shaped hooks. The suction cups were used to protect the paint on the roof. I have seen the nylon straps and "J" hooks at auto stores, not sure about the suction cups. Cleaned up & painted, it should have value to a collector.
  9. If you are interested in the room, contact me. Wednesday, I will release the room reservation to the hotel.
  10. In the 40's and 560's an aftermarket roof rack for luggage could be purchased at JC Whitney, Western Auto, Montgomery/Ward, or Sears. I believe they were painted silver, gray, or gray with a black fleck finish. They may have been chrome but I doubt they would have spent the additional money. Our neighbor had one on their 55 Ford but the top rail was straight, not curved. Just as a guess, check if yours fits a VW as they were common for traveling. The VW dealerships even sold them.
  11. Just a heads up. My brother lives in Iowa 2 miles south of I-80 but 5 miles out on gravel roads. The enclosed semi would not drive on gravel and required a roll-back pick up the car and deliver it to the shipper on a paved parking lot. The buyer didn't know of the shipper's rule and had to pay extra for the roll-back. Also, the vehicle was a roller. It was shipped to Miami without damage or loss. Best of everything on the transport.
  12. As a non member of the AACA, you should following the rules setup by this web page. go to the 3 rd post on this forum or the link below will take you there directly. Just saying you are in Ohio means little. As example, I am in Ohio but I am closer to Louisville than Cleveland. You are dealing with many indications of SPAMERS posting here.
  13. livlovlafdream, send me your phone number by PM or post it here and I will call you. They are booked up and you must use my name to reserve the room.
  14. A Buick Skylark but how many know of the 1940, 1941 Hupmobile Skylark.
  15. Grampa's Garage If you are coming across Ohio on I-70, there is a NEW FLEA MARKET dedicated to old car items and model trains. They also have several antique cars for sale. It is about a 15 to 30 minute stop as they have only been open since the middle of June. It is located near Springfield OH at exit 59 and the cross highway is route 41. Turn south on 41 and left at Titus Rd, first road to left, and left at first driveway. It is next to the interstate. If you get past the gas station on 41, turn around.
  16. The on you have is a commercial version sold to many different companies. It may have been a very early version but the official Post Office version was a fiberglass body with a cab and box integrated into one unit. The photo is a rough example of the Post Office version. You should contact the Cushman club to establish the value and post it on the Buy/sell forum or on ebay.
  17. Check out if you can't purchase wheels, this company can build your wheels. Dayton Wire Wheels 115 Compark Rd, Dayton Ohio 45459 The following is the link to their web page. Dayton Wire Wheels They are the premier company, in the states, if you want top quality wire wheels. They ship outside of the USA. The are about 3 kilometers from my home, send me a PM with any questions. We are in the Eastern Time Zone, same as New York, you should call between 8:30 AM & 4:00 PM. Jack
  18. In 1960, I drove a Cushman Scooter that looked identical to your photos. The differential is a Crosley and I believe the three speed transmission is also Crosley. I believe the engine is from an Eagle model. I drove the Cushman as an Ice Cream vehicle on the streets. It had an enclosed insulated box about 3 foot high cooled by dry ice. It weighed about 1,000 pounds but would run close to 40 mph. Mine had an electric starter but had a kick starter on the side next to the shifter. I have no idea what it is worth. Post your city & state, a Cushman collector my live close to you.
  19. Go the thread "1927-Huppmobile-6-engine" thread, The torque is indicated as 65 to 70 pounds. Hupmobile used a positive ground system.
  20. It is unfortunate that the Hershey Region defines rules to make the Fall event better and safer but fails to enforce them. The flee market regulations for Fall Hershey can be found at the following link. Hershey Region AACA: Fall Meet Vendors & Registration Item 2. states that all parts and vehicles to be sold must be at least 10 years old. It is not always easy to identify parts that are 9 and not 10 years old. I would think the Club Marshal can recognize a 5 year old car. Item 4. should apply to the sections, usually found in the chocolate fields, used solely for parking vendor cars or Hershey Region member's cars. With my feet hurting, I take it as a personal affront to require people to walk past these spots so a member doesn't need to walk. This especially applies when the vehicles are in violation with rule 2. Item 8. restricts the use of vehicles without being registered and with a very visible registration tag. My interest is heightened by being nearly run into, 2 times in 2011, by non registered vehicles. Usually the problem is driving too fast and weaving in and out around walkers.
  21. Put an ad in the Parts Locator under "Need" to get running boards assistance to make them. My guess is you may have to frabricate them. You can go to & purchase the book: The Hupmobile Story: From Beginning To End [Hardcover] The Hupmobile Story: From Beginning To End (9781932439137): Bill Cuthbert: Books It tells the history the Hupp Co including information on the 1930 Hupmobile. As for color, the 1931 model S came in one of four colors, Black with gray interior, maroon with a rose interior , dark blue with dark blue, or dark green etc, but all came with black fenders. Can someone confirm the 1930 colors? I have a 31 S 4 dr painted black and a previously installed light tan interior. Several years ago I was told all the 6 cyl engines were painted green. Recently, I find out some of the engines were painted Black. If you decide to paint the engine, I have the correct engine color formula for green. I look forward to your progress updates. The good news, if we give you incorrect information, someone will get us corrected. What city & state are you located in?
  22. If you go to and enter "Collingwood" as the last name in Findley OH you will get the names & phone numbers for 12 people. You should get a hit on one of them when you tell them what you are doing.