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  1. Skinned Knuckles magazines available at Hershey I have about 130 magazines from Sept 1983 through April 2008. Most years have from 3 to 10 issues and a few in the 2000 to 2007 range have all 12. Price will be $2.00 till Friday and then $1.00 as we will be leaving about 3:00 PM. First contact, first call back. I have friends in the red & green fields and have no idea where the magazines will be located. I will put them on display Wednesday morning. Send me a PM with your name, phone #, and the best time to contact you.
  2. Skinned Knuckles magazines available at Hershey I have about 130 magazines from Sept 1983 through April 2008. Most years have from 3 to 10 issues and a few in the 2000 to 2007 range have all 12. Price will be $2.00 till Friday and then $1.00 as we will be leaving about 3:00 PM. First contact, first call back. I have friends in the red & green fields and have no idea where the magazines will be located. I will put them on display Wednesday morning. Send me a PM with your name, phone #, and the best time to contact you.
  3. I have about 130 magazines from Sept 1983 through April 2008. Most years have from 3 to 10 issues and a few in the 2000 to 2007 range have all 12. Price will be $2.00 till Friday and then $1.00 as we will be leaving about 3:00 PM. First contact, first call back. I have friends in the red & green fields and have no idea where the magazines will be located. I will put them on display Wednesday morning. Send me a PM with your name, phone #, and the best time to contact you.
  4. There is an incomplete list of Hupmobile Dealers and their address. I am away from home and will be traveling for the next two weeks. I will look to see if any dealers were located in the UK and post here. I would appreciate seeing any dealerships you find. Jack
  5. Put it on ebay with a reserve for the minimum you want and hope for the best. If you are too low, the price will rise to the actual value. Your risk is a buyer will get it to put a Chevy V8 in it. Do an ebay search for 1932 Chevrolet and select all "Completed Listings". As of 9/30/2013 there are 3 unsold units in various states of assembly. The assembled car did not get above 10,000. I have seen very nice cars go for 16,000 to 20,000. Estimate the assembly hours, engine rebuild cost, paint, interior and deduct from finished value. The unassembled car, coupe, bid was less than $1,900. An assembled car cost about 1.25 or so a mile to ship, not sure what a pile of parts will run. You will need to keep in mind, the cost to the buyer to move everything.
  6. Can anyone list the hub size for this 1930 Chrysler? Is the correct size 2 1/2 or 2 9/16?
  7. I am not a Cad person. Does it have vacuum windshield wipers? My car had a vacuum leak which turned out to be a 5 inch rubber hose in the wiper line. It was under the dash and in 70 years the ends were hard and cracked. Had me confused as all the lines and connections under the hood were fine. Does it have any other vacuum driven accessories? Found mine by sealing off the vacume line to the wipers and the vacume was OK.
  8. Just a comment as I live 200 miles south of you and would not make the trip. Try to go to car shows this fall in hopes of finding someone willing to join you. I have 2 to 4 requests yearly and I checked with my INS Co on coverage. If I bill for the car's services, they want to charge a commercial business rate. As an antique the insurance is $110 and the commercial rate is $1,200. The 2 hours you need the car plus an estimated 30 to 60 minutes for travel to and from the church. It would take 30 minutes for cleaning the car before and after plus the cost of gas. My 1931 car gets 10 to 12 MPG and a 100 mile day takes 8 to 10 gallons. If I charge $400 a day, I would have to do 5 to 7 weddings a year to break even. Weddings are usually fun but I only do them for immediate friends or a retaliative. Ask around. it's passable a friend or co-worker has a contact like a neighbor or retaliative. Check them out, you could get lucky and find someone.
  9. The weather can be in the 30's in the mornings or it can be in the high 80's in the afternoon. It may be sunny so bring sun screen. A rain shower is passable but most vendors will shut down in a rain. I started in 2001 & have seen everything but snow and that has happened previously. I have found that an extra pair of socks give some relief in the afternoon. There are kids providing a hauling service when you can find them. Many people use a wagon, with an extended handle for comfort. I use a 2 wheel cart with a crate and a board to sit on when tired. Also makes a great way to haul most treasures back to the cart. It's also a place to put the rain gear, socks, shoes, and store coats as you take them off. The swap field is about 1.2 miles long and a good 1/2 mile wide. There are 10,000 spaces, each 30 X 10 feet. If you are walking past the spaces at 10 feet each, you then have to walk 60 feet to the next isle. And this doesn't include walking the 20 feet from one side to the other. I have seen people list the items wanted on a l card attached to their back. This is the ultimate hunt for treasures, I don't know of anything better. My brother drives in 650 miles and then we drive another 450 miles. The weather is always a challenge but restoring a car and hunting for parts a just a challenge. The main problem with Hershey is you don't want to miss it in the future. Have fun & I will be the one with a Hupmobile ball cap.
  10. I can't tell which one is best. I purchased a cover called "CARJacket" In the winter I drive on the flap and put the cover (bag) over it and zip it up at floor level. It is sealed very well and comes with crystals to dry out the air inside the car bag. I have only used it in my garage. I also have a home made dust cover to put between the cover and the bag. When I use just the dust cover in the garage, it is to avoid dusting the car before driving it. In an unheated garage, when the tempature riases, a cement floor will sweat and cause I have a wooded area behind my garage and I have a problem with mice getting in the garage. Over a period of 4 or 5 years the mice never got inside the bag. However, I was getting from 10 to 20 mice in snap traps plus I put out poison pellets. We had hail damage a couple of years ago and with the better seals around the new door the mouse count has gone down to only one or 2. My car is black, painted 15 years ago, the sap and bird dropping come off easily. It was painted in 1998 and still looks good enough to get a trophy when I show it. I have driven the car 17,000 in the last 13 years, it has spent many a day and maybe 30 nights out without a cover. I purchased my cover at Hershey and was able to look and handle the various products. About 15 years ago, I stored a convertible in a rented barn for 5 months over the winter. He said the doors would be closed but he lied. The wind caused the cover to flap and marred the paint on one door. IF you have the room, have you considered an enclosed car trailer? At different tours, owners will keep their car in the trailer when not using it. Makes a secure place overnight or at your house.
  11. What model number is your car? I purchased a dist cap for my 31 6 cyl Hupmobile from my local NAPA store. They apologized that I would have to wait 2 days till they got in in from the warehouse. I was surprised they knew which one I needed and even had one anywhere in stock. Another source is get a Hemmig's Mag and look for a vendor advertizing dist caps.
  12. According to the NATIONAL SERVICE MANUAL. the 1928 Chandler's were all Positive Ground.
  13. Go to this link for more information: Welcome to There will be 2 or 3 vendors in the mercantile building. One of them is from Wilmington, they are about 5 spots from the men's restroom. If you plan to go on Saturday, try to get there before 9:00. By 10:00 there is a line to get in. Many vendors leave Saturday or at least by 2:00. The exit on I-75 is number 59. The meet is on the north side but south is a flee market called Granpa's Garage specializing automotive, plane, and train things. I plan to attend on Friday, maybe also on Saturday. Have Fun
  14. Go to the Springfield, OH swap meet Labor Day weekend and there will be 4 or 5 vendors. Fri, Sat Sun but closed on Monday. have fun
  15. Unlike a model A, you will have to search for some parts. ' If you haven't gone to Hershey in October, this will be the time of your life. If you can get lodging in easy driving distance, I suggest you take Wed, Thur, & Fri to make Chrysler contacts. Charlotte in April is smaller by also good for parts. I have a friend who has restored several cars of the 60's & 70's, then he spent 3 plus years doing a 1923 Paige touring car. With the exception of the fame, everything came home in a pickup. There were a few critical parts missing causing delays in completing. Most he found, and a coupe had to be made. The car has it's Junior, Senior, and preservation awards and looks wonderful. I believe parts for your Chrysler will be easier to find. You can probably take 2 or 3 years to have a showroom condition car. Best of luck & have fun.
  16. [h=2]The ebay link is: Buick : Other 8-57 in Buick | eBay Motors[/h][h=2]-------------------------------------------------------------------- All buy/sell forums have rules when posting items. Please read the following guide which include requirements including Price & location. This is not an auction forum like ebay, we expect a price. Without a price, this is an incomplete ad and may be deleted without notice. PLEASE READ-GUIDE TO BUICK - BUY/SELL[/h] GUIDE TO BUICK - BUY/SELL Sell and ask for help in finding Buick cars, parts, memorabilia etc here. If it's not Buick bodied or at least has a Buick engine in it, it doesn't belong here!! Please, please, please include the following information: - Year (Include in title and description) - Make/Model (Include in title and description) - Price - Description - Location - City, State and Country - (Include in title and description) - Contact Information: We recommend you ask interested parties to use either Private Message or the hidden eMail that you have listed in your profile. Listing an email or phone number in your ad may get you on a Spam Robots mail list. It is your choice however. - EBAY or Craigslist URL if also listed on EBAY/CL - Note - We are fine with that, however, only users who have introduced themselves and have 5 or more BCA forum posts may post a reference to their own eBay or CL ad. Want to place a commercial ad? Use the AACA Commercial Advertisement Forum for that. Incomplete, overly commercial, or non-Buick automotive related postings may be deleted without notice! Please do not post opinions of prices being asked or the condition of a For Sale item etc, it will only lead to bickering and hurt feelings. Again, use PM's to communicate with the seller or others about such information. If you want to know how much something is worth or how much to ask for something, post it in the Buick-General Fourm If the items sells, please return to the For Sale ad and post that it has been sold and also add SOLD to the Subject line Reminder: All advertisers in the Buy/Sell Forum must choose either For Sale or Want To Buy from the "Prefix" menu, and include a description of the item in the subject line.
  17. In June I was in SW IND on a Hupmobile car tour. Tuesday evening we had high winds and a tornado watch. It actually passed 30 miles south of us. Wednesday, we traveled by school bus due to an abundance of gravel roads. In the afternoon we had a 2 inch down burst in less than 2 hours. We actually had 3 3/4 inches in 48 hours. Thursday morning the 31 would not start and everything under the hood was soaked. After everything was wiped down and dried, it had no spark at the plugs. Problem was identified that the insolation on the condenser wire was warn off due to rubbing against the dist. cap. The fix was to add electrical tape around the wire. The problem didn't surface as long as it was dry. Of course, I had run the battery down but it started with a 40 foot push from 4 men. For the record, I didn't find the problem or suggest the fix, this was done by knowledgeable people. The fix only took 30 minutes and I would never found it. After a day or so, it would have dried out and started on it's own.
  18. In 1941, all oil was non detergent. If your engine has not been rebuilt, stick with non-detergent. Why, Detergent oil will clean the engine and all the crud will come loose. Things like increased oil usage will occur. Plus the crud can get stuck in oil lines causing other problems. My first car was a 1953 Chevy and I promptly used 30 weight detergent and the above happened. If the engine has been rebuilt in the last 10,000 miles or so, it should be ok to use detergent oil. If you don't know about the rebuild, stick with non-detergent oil. The detergent will allow the engine to go many more miles, like 20 or 30 thousand, before you need to clean it out and rebuild it. Just change oil every 1,000 miles or so or at least every fall. I am sure someone will correct me, please enlighten us.
  19. Go to this link of a couple a years ago. He started with a simple project of a 1929 Hupmobile. It evolved into a full fledged effort with beautiful results. He documented almost all of his efforts as he progressed. Go to the forum and enjoy the progression of his project.
  20. Always walk before you run. Start with a car that runs, if it doesn't run there are many many reasons and big bucks. Finding missing parts for most old cars can take a very long time and cost big bucks. Just finding missing bumpers and getting them chromed will create a major sticker shock. The more exotic the vehicle, the higher the car & parts will cost. An excellent option is start with a Ford Model T or a Model A. There are many cars available that have been started & not finished. Parts are easily found as there are many parts shops specializing in T's & A's not to mention catalog companies. There are also an abundance of books and manuals to assist you. There are an abundance of experts to tap and there will be a local club to tour with. If you want to do a Model A, join the local club and they will help you find a good car for a reasonable price. I can't speak for all clubs but the Dayton, OH Model A club people are as good as any club anywhere. For the record, I do not own a Model A but I purchased my 1931 car restored. The previous owner took a real discount to sell his.
  21. Most wheel pullers have 16 threads to the inch. They are measured as '2 2/3 inches, 2 7/16, 2 9/16, 2 5/8, 2 3/4, etc. I have seen them as large as 3 3/8 inches. Find some one with a set of calipers' and get the exact measurements. Visually, the 2 7/16 look the same as 2 1/2 but they are not interchangeable. Try posting the sizes in the General Discussion Forum to contact a larger number of members.
  22. These may not be your problem but they were mine. -------------------------------------------------------- I had the problem of the engine dying when I stopped quickly and by increasing the idle, I had a temporary fix. This progressed and got worse to the point of just slowing down on an interstate ramp and it would die. Also the engine lost power accelerating up a hill. The problem was the exhaust valves were not closing completely. The problem was identified by doing a compression check. Three of the 6 cylinders were very low. Had a cylinder checkdone on all 6 to find the problem was not rings but the valves. -------------------------------------------------------- I had another car with the valves adjusted too close. The car ran good when cold but after a mile it lost power to the point it would not pull ahill. The exhaust valves over 2 years were burnt and had to be replaced. The valves are no longer quiet but have a light tap.
  23. We have a wealth of experienced people with excellent questions and advise on this forum. Remember, for every "don't" rule, someone has successfully broken it. Three years ago I went to the 75th event in Louisville about 175 miles away. I didn't have a tow vehicle and investigated using a Uhaull truck and 4 wheel trailer. The cost was prohibitive and I elected to drive. I drove my 1931 6 cyl Hupmobile on 2 lane roads at 50 mile per hour down and back. I had no problems other than the low gas millage. I made two stops during the 4 and 1/2 hour trip as I just needed to get out and stand up. In the early 50's, most cars traveled at 60 to 65 miles an hour and 50 should not stress the car at all. My experience on I-81 was very heavy traffic at about 70 MPH or so, not good. Plan on a 6 hour or so trip on back roads, your friends will be in awe and trully believe you are crazy. If your car becomes disabled, the 200 mile AAA limit should get you home. A local car owner here blew a rod in Madison WI and brought the car 450 miles home in the back of a 24 ft Uhaul. He hired roll backs to put the car in out of the truck. I use AAA and the 100 miles is the loaded rate in Ohio. Be aware, our AAA office has a 4 service call limit per year. In 2005, I needed them 5 times and was charged for the 5th service call. It was not a tow but my battery exploded in my S-10. Drive the trip and enjoy yourself
  24. These car are gone. This was a true barn find of about 25 cars after sitting 15 years. The owner's son came in from 800 miles away and sold the cars on a single bid and auctioned everything else. This happened several years ago and none of the vehicles have surfaced locally. The cars were not junked but hauled off. Every once in a while I just feel like crying-in-my-beer about lost opportunities.
  25. Try "Trim Parts" in Lebanon Ohio just north of Cincinnati. Trim Parts