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  1. Packard mechanical fuel pump for 1930 / 1931.
  2. livlovlafdream, send me your phone number by PM or post it here and I will call you. They are booked up and you must use my name to reserve the room.
  3. Room is no longer available, ignore this post.
  4. A Buick Skylark but how many know of the 1940, 1941 Hupmobile Skylark.
  5. Grampa's Garage If you are coming across Ohio on I-70, there is a NEW FLEA MARKET dedicated to old car items and model trains. They also have several antique cars for sale. It is about a 15 to 30 minute stop as they have only been open since the middle of June. It is located near Springfield OH at exit 59 and the cross highway is route 41. Turn south on 41 and left at Titus Rd, first road to left, and left at first driveway. It is next to the interstate. If you get past the gas station on 41, turn around.
  6. The on you have is a commercial version sold to many different companies. It may have been a very early version but the official Post Office version was a fiberglass body with a cab and box integrated into one unit. The photo is a rough example of the Post Office version. You should contact the Cushman club to establish the value and post it on the Buy/sell forum or on ebay.
  7. Check out if you can't purchase wheels, this company can build your wheels. Dayton Wire Wheels 115 Compark Rd, Dayton Ohio 45459 The following is the link to their web page. Dayton Wire Wheels They are the premier company, in the states, if you want top quality wire wheels. They ship outside of the USA. The are about 3 kilometers from my home, send me a PM with any questions. We are in the Eastern Time Zone, same as New York, you should call between 8:30 AM & 4:00 PM. Jack
  8. In 1960, I drove a Cushman Scooter that looked identical to your photos. The differential is a Crosley and I believe the three speed transmission is also Crosley. I believe the engine is from an Eagle model. I drove the Cushman as an Ice Cream vehicle on the streets. It had an enclosed insulated box about 3 foot high cooled by dry ice. It weighed about 1,000 pounds but would run close to 40 mph. Mine had an electric starter but had a kick starter on the side next to the shifter. I have no idea what it is worth. Post your city & state, a Cushman collector my live close to you.
  9. Go the thread "1927-Huppmobile-6-engine" thread, The torque is indicated as 65 to 70 pounds. http://forums.aaca.org/f208/1927-huppmobile-6-engine-262457.html Hupmobile used a positive ground system.
  10. It is unfortunate that the Hershey Region defines rules to make the Fall event better and safer but fails to enforce them. The flee market regulations for Fall Hershey can be found at the following link. Hershey Region AACA: Fall Meet Vendors & Registration Item 2. states that all parts and vehicles to be sold must be at least 10 years old. It is not always easy to identify parts that are 9 and not 10 years old. I would think the Club Marshal can recognize a 5 year old car. Item 4. should apply to the sections, usually found in the chocolate fields, used solely for parking vendor cars o
  11. Put an ad in the Parts Locator under "Need" to get running boards assistance to make them. My guess is you may have to frabricate them. You can go to Amazon.com & purchase the book: The Hupmobile Story: From Beginning To End [Hardcover] Amazon.com: The Hupmobile Story: From Beginning To End (9781932439137): Bill Cuthbert: Books It tells the history the Hupp Co including information on the 1930 Hupmobile. As for color, the 1931 model S came in one of four colors, Black with gray interior, maroon with a rose interior , dark blue with dark blue, or dark green etc, but all came with black fend
  12. If you go to Switchboard.com and enter "Collingwood" as the last name in Findley OH you will get the names & phone numbers for 12 people. You should get a hit on one of them when you tell them what you are doing.
  13. How to clean a 1930's rubberized steering wheel I have a 31 Hupmobile with a steering wheel that feels like hard rubber. There is a layer of grudge all over the wheel. When damp from high moisture, it is sticky and will come off onto my hands. It will leave a black mark on cloth, like my pants, when rubbed against. Has anyone else had this problem & what fixed the problem?
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  15. It will help if you post your location, city state or zip code. Provide your list of items wanted and/or the items you really need. Are you checking your PM for contacts. Are you willing to post your phone number or email address? Is your lark a 2 or 4 door, what engine do you have, photos will help.
  16. Top 10 Jag.pdf If you send me a PM telling me your email address & which photo(s) you want, I will email you a JPG, PDF, or WORD format photo file.
  17. Thank you for the excellent advice. I will be picking up the Model-T bolts this morning.
  18. Purchase a Hemming's Magazine. In the back 10 or 20 pages, you should find 3 or more companies selling tires. Just my opinion, try to avoid Chines built tires. American built tires would be my first choice. However, I had 700/19 tires built in New Zealand and got 14 years and 18,000 miles. The tires still had fair tread but I purchased new because of the age. The new tires came from Cooker Tires. Their tubes came from china and are leaking air at about 2 to 3 pounds a week. The car has split rim wood wheels, it is a real pain to swap tubs, and I just live with adding air. Be careful about mo
  19. I need a source for the lag bolts used on a wood wheel to bolt the wood spokes to the brake drum. The original bolt is 2" long by 3/8". The 1st inch is not threaded as shown. The round head is 1/4 inch high and 11/16 wide. What I have found is 2" long by 3/8" but the bolt is threaded to the whole way. The head is 1/4 high but is 3/4 inch wide. ---------------------------------------------------- The original nut is 3/4 inch across and 5/16 inch thick. The current nut available is 5/16 across and will require a washer. ----------------------------------------------------- My concern is the t
  20. With the great weather, we were with about 150 cars from SW Ohio 25 miles north of Fairfield at Germantown's monthly free car show. They close off 8 blocks and the associated parking lots with a band playing non rock music. Maybe the cars you didn't see were in Germantown. On Sunday, August 26th, our club will touring in your area. This is an invitation to come tour with us as a guest. We will be meeting at the PNC Bank just west of Exit 21, Dayton/Cincinnati Rd off I-75. Plan to arrive at 1:30 and we will leave at 1:45 after a short drivers's meeting. Check out our news letter at the fo
  21. I have new flaps (liners) for 19 inch wood wheels. send me a PM with your phone number if you want them. I am in just off I-75 just north of Cincinnati.
  22. Got a 62 Valiant in 1965 with 22,000 miles on gravel roads in Iowa. It was a 2 door, small 6 cyl and a manual shift, just a basic car. After 83,000 miles and 7 years, the body had rust holes due to winter weather. I sold it to my then 21 year old brother and he added another 25,000 miles in 12 months. He put Buick coil springs under the back and raised the front to stop dragging the gas tank when he went to river to fish. He even put a trailer hitch on it and towed a 1,600 pound fold down camper 300 miles from Minneapolis to Des Moines. After all this, he sold the engine & transmissi
  23. Most hotels within 20 miles of Hershey will be booked up by now. Your best bet is to go to the north side of Harrisburg off of I-81. Book a room now and check for availability starting about the 1st of October. With luck, you can get a closer hotel when someone cancels. Plan on paying in the range of 150% of a normal room rate for Thursday through Friday night. You should plan on driving 30 to 40 minutes daily. If you are real lucky, some one will have a room or extra bed to share. There is no admission fee but parking will cost about $12 daily. Best parking is attained by arriving abo
  24. Go to a book store and purchase a magazine called "OLD CARS REPORT, Price Guide". These are estimates of a car's value based on prices reported for cars recently sold. These prices can be a little high as the market for antique cars is falling off. It is still better than nothing. About page 6 or so, they classify cars with a general condition to indicate an approximate value. The magazine gives a range starting at $800 for a car only good for parts to $16,000 for a car in new show room condition. Another way to estimate value is to check EBAY to see what cars sell and the price. Just cl
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