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  1. I haven’t posted here for a long time since I shared my car and her story at the HETclub forum. If people here are still interested I can share those stories here too.
  2. It’s been a while again. I’ve decided to sell my dream car because I drive her too little. She needs a better home. I did however finally finish the radio today: and I made a lengthy video of her this weekend:
  3. This weekend the test installation with the new 6x9” speaker and noise isolator was successful. I call this radio project practically done. Only a permanent installation is necessary. https://youtu.be/q1jZCx0vElI (I also have a video with more befitting music; Wayne Hancock, but I thought YouTube would probably copyright strike that immediately because the audio is too good 😂) I also need to install some rubber against the rain because the doors are letting in all the water. I’m not planning to drive in the rain much but rain can come unexpectedly in this country
  4. I’ve been busy trying to quiet Rhodora down (wind noise) around the windows, sills and torn rubbers. I also test fitted the car radio project, temporary with the speaker for my ‘49 Buick. I put a 10kOhm potmeter with switch function in the front face and wired it up. It all works like a charm except for ignition noise entering the system. I’ll try a noise filter on the power side and if that doesn’t work I’ll go through the ignition system itself. Here’s the test fit system hooked up, playing a drum computer sample so YT will not silence it:
  5. Since the car radio in Rosetta is becoming a sort of running gag (every time I’m close to finishing it something happens - this summer the amps broke down and the new ones never came - still waiting!) so I decided to repurpose the lot and give Rhodora some sounds. I bought other amps that have no volume control and a custom Bluetooth receiver named Rhodora. The rest is the same setup I made for Rosetta including the bespoke speaker cabinet I built. Since Rhodora has the grille aimed at the window in stead of to the front seat I have to get a new speaker too. The test s
  6. The axle is non stock (Dana 44) and the suspension are bags, next time I have to remove the shock for better clearance. That’s what my mechanic that installed the new bags told me after I told him about the ordeal 😅 The shocks prevented further lowering (although the bags were pretty stretched already too).
  7. Today I got my birthday gift from my girlfriend: a pinstripe for Rhodora by my favorite pinstriper. It was quite a drive (140 mile round trip) but it sure was worth it! Now everywhere I go I will have to explain (gladly) the story behind Rhodora.
  8. Yesterday I got her a new inner tube and some interior work. The wheel and rim is too wide to fit in between the axle and body, that was a bit of a struggle. Back seat removed. Testing out if this sound (and heat) insulation material works.
  9. I did some work today on her. I want to make a new interior but first I need to put some durable paint on the metal. I’ve chosen (a kind of) hammerite which has been proven to work if it’s applied correctly. I’ve planned to do that tomorrow but today I wanted to get her home and do some non-paint insulation. When I got to her garage she had a flat rear tire so I needed a foot pump to get her up to level. After that I decided to put a layer of boiled linseed oil on her body as it should help her age better in our sometimes humid climate. It started to rain today so I could put it t
  10. I haven’t been posting for a while but lots has happened to Rhodora. The suspension was too harsh; no travel in the front and no spring effect in the back. So we changed the front springs (Camaro) and shocks (I believe the same height as a Volvo “Amazon” p121), and in the back some normal airbags with actual travel and comfort. It sits higher in the front so it is a real tail dragger now and in the back it will also not go as low as before. Some people said I am crazy to heighten a lowered car but comfort on long hauls is more important than a little loss of stance imho
  11. Thanks Neil, the Hudson was never intended but sometimes you cannot pass up a unique opportunity when you stumble upon it. The ‘49 Buick Super is my personal favorite but my other unicorn is a 1942 Buick Roadmaster Sedanet but that’s a real rare one. I’m currently working on the radio wiring now and decided to use the dial so it doesn’t look so empty behind the glass (and more original). I also placed a light diffuser (frost filter from my theater days) in front of the LED. The LED now turns on with the original volume potmeter (the on-off-switch). The parts radio I bo
  12. This is the dream car of my girlfriend. I learned to love the quirky design too. It’s like a unicorn though; they’re hard to find and yours is perfect in every way. My name is Wilfred but friends called me Wilf and the Sedanet part comes from my personal unicorn - which I own: a 1949 Buick Super Sedanet.
  13. It may have been a little quiet here because I bought something else but she is still my big love and I am currently trying to finish that old project: radio. Recap: a cheap gutted radio was a donor for a new build, the inner workings made out of modern stuff (Bluetooth receiver, DSP, class D amp, stereo speaker, custom speaker box, LED backlight). I made some boxes to put in the pcb’s and test fitted the front with LED installed. The led strip I bought was a small test piece but I liked it enough to install it for this beta version. It’s 2700K, 12V but I added a 7809 t
  14. Friday and Saturday I drove the first legal miles through The Netherlands and beyond. On Friday I took it to work and Saturday to Kustom Kulture Forever where I won a prize!
  15. Hi Jon, Thanks so much for your reply! Last weekend we went to a car show with our ‘64 Dart convertible just to sell it but when a ‘51,Hudson Hornet Club Coupe drove up on the terrain I went to check it out. The owner was just ready with restoration, he started in 2013 and boy did it look nice! He told me the exact same thing. So now hearing it from you too I really should go and register there too. This week we went to the Dutch DMV to get the papers. Although it didn’t need inspection because Swedish papers are EU papers, which means they are easily transferrable, we did check ev
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