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  1. Am looking for the front bumper brackets for my '35 Hup 527T. Please contact me at steve62008@gmail.com with price, condition, etc. Thanks!
  2. I am looking for a set of brackets for the front bumper on my '35 527T. I believe these are the same brackets for other models with the two piece bumpers that form a slight "V" shape where they join. Anyone out there have these? I would also be interested in borrowing a set to use as a pattern to fabricate a set for myself. Any help would be much appreciated. Steve
  3. just getting my 35 527T running again after 10 years or so in storage. A few steps into the ordeal,, I replaced the dead battery. Excited to start 'er up, turned the key, pressed the starter button...nuttin. Got out the voltage tester and started tracing wires. All hot under the hood, so I started under the dash. Being extremely tight (honestly not too fat!) so I removed the front seat...surprise, surprise!!! Another battery under the floorboard! Say what????? Tested the voltage and, you're right...zippo. Just made it back from purchasing another battery...about $250 spent on batteries alone...grrr. Anyway, why two batteries? I know Hup's were noted for their reliability and all, but...??? Anyway, gonna hook up the new one tomorrow and see if I get fire! Is this model just a weird one, or is this more common that I knew? Steve
  4. going thru the tasks to finally get my 527T running. This a.m. I installed a spanking new battery, climbed in and gave the key a turn...nothing! Key kind of free-wheels (no spring tension for instance). Looked for a floor starter button...nothing again. Before I start examining the wiring and such...does someone know how this car is supposed to be started?
  5. I bought two brackets some time ago, but they are not the right ones. Does anyone have the correct brackets? Or can you point me to a potential source? Thanks to all! Steve
  6. I am in need of a wire wheel for my '35 Hupmobile 527T...anyone out there have one to sell? Condition not particularly important, as long as tire will hold air and hubcap can be installed.
  7. I've found a great resource, not only for hard to find parts, but for technical information....contact Dave Romani at studiehupp<wbr style="color: rgb(119, 119, 119); font-family: 'normal arial', sans-serif; font-size: 12.222222328186px;">@aol.com
  8. Great Pictures! Started me wondering...it appears from the pictures that the front and rear bumpers and spare tire cover from 418's and 518's might be able to fit my 35 527T...so I'm expanding my search to obtain bumpers from anyone who has same from a 418 or 518. Production volume in those years might provide a better source for parts. Anyone have these parts for sale, or can anyone suggest whom I might contact? Thanks, Steve
  9. got the email and replied via gmail. Just in case...These look like the right ones. I only need one, but will purchase two if necessary. Email me with details regarding payment (prefer check or paypal...posting credit card info here or via email can be scary). Thanks, Steve
  10. I read that a gentleman in Auburn, IN had purchased a warehouse full of NOS Hup parts. I tried to email him HupmobileGraham@aol.com, but got a kick-back as an unknown address. Further research revealed that the gentleman passed away in 2013. Anyone know a good email address or website to get info, or did this enterprise die with the owner? Thanks, Steve
  11. I need only one for my 35 527T, but am willing to buy both and resell one. Respond here or via my email: steve62008@gmail.com Thanks, Steve.
  12. Is there a reference publication that details the part numbers by year/model for Hup maintenance items (oil filter, spark plug, recommended oil type/viscosity, wiper blade, etc., etc., etc.)? Thanks, Steve.
  13. I own a 35 Hup 527T (vin T6315) with R/H drive, produced for Australian market. Can anyone help me find a source on how many of the 500+ 1935 527T's were built for Australian market? Thanks, Steve
  14. I have hubcaps that fit the artillery wheel. I don't have any other parts and am looking for a few things myself (bumpers, headlight bezels, spare tire cover). I ordered these hubcaps by mistake. I have wire wheels with a smaller hubcap. If you're interested in these, send me your email address (this site won't let me upload higher res pics)
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